Buy Furniture Online: Preparing the Dining Room For Festivities


Give your dining room some festive cheer while you buy furniture online. Regardless of what you celebrate, the festive season is one of the most anticipated times of the year. It is the time when we all enjoy gathering with our closest loved ones and celebrating. We enjoy showing each other our gratitude for one another through the provision of gifts and laughter.


However, there is always an unspoken focal point during any party or gathering to which all guests are unintentionally, yet magnetically pulled. The dining room is where the magic happens, so naturally, you’re going to want to make it look good during times of festivities. Through this article, we urge you to embrace your inner interior decorator as you buy your furniture online to augment your dining room with festive cheer.




Why Buy Your Furniture Online?


There is nothing more aggravating than dragging yourself all the way down to a furniture store just to walk around for ages and then find nothing you like. Now, a dining room is a very special place in a home as that is where you and your family will enjoy evening dinners, early morning breakfasts, or possibly lunch.


So, it makes sense that you would want something specific to be the centrepiece of your dining room rather than just settling for the easiest and most available option. Thus, buying your furniture online is not only easy but also a considerate option when decorating your dining room.


To start our article let us look at some of the key benefits of buying your furniture online.


Do it from home


First up on our list, buying your furniture online provides you with the CBB (cannot-be-bothered) factor we all enjoy. Buying online means you won’t have the get out of your pyjamas let alone leave the house. You can order everything you need from the comfort of your couch.


Reviews and feedback


Then there are also the reviews and feedback sections. Perhaps you are a tiny bit hesitant about purchasing a product, this is understandable and completely normal, which is why with online furniture stores there is a review and feedback section available. At 5 Star Furniture, we not only want you to take our word for our products being the best and most affordable on the market, but we would also like you to take our customer’s word for it. Because if you cannot trust our buyers, how can you trust our products?


Everything you need in one place


Even though we might be indecisive at times, we all enjoy options. Just like you have the option of gammon or chicken at Christmas feasts, we provide you with the option of dining tables and chairs or couches and sofas. So, unless you know of a physical furniture store which provides you with every single furniture piece available for your consumption, buying furniture online will be in your best interest.


Flexible delivery


When you buy your furniture online you are spared the hassle of having to go down to the store to pick out, collect, and transport your furniture home. Instead, our flexible, fast and affordable delivery options provide you with the liberty and leisure of having your furniture come to you!


Avoid crowds


Avoid those trampling holiday crowds. Around a certain time of year, the stores are filled with people doing rushed festive shopping all at once. The crowds can be deafening and suffocating all at once making it rather hard for you to focus on what it is you are there to buy as the crowds may cloud your judgement with annoyance.


No need, no buy


Goodbye to unnecessary buys! Picture this, you are walking in the store minding your business when suddenly one of the salespeople stops you as they endlessly try to get you to buy something you most likely are not interested in. Annoying right? Well, avoid all that when you buy your furniture online because if you do not want it, you do not have to buy it!


No eyeballing measurements


No more wild guesses when it comes to the measurements. When you buy your furniture online you have all the time in the world to move back and forth between the space where your new furniture will be placed to get your measurements perfectly right. This helps you avoid waiting on return procedures if the furniture you have purchased does not fit into your desired space.




Festive Dining Room Ideas


The food is not the only thing which should be tasty this festive season. Your décor and furniture in the dining room should also meet exceptional expectations. Whether you are planning to have an intimate gathering of friends and family or a large extravaganza, make sure your dining room looks the part!


There are a large variety of ideas when it comes to deciding on the theme you want your dining room to elicit during Christmas. A rare yet warm theme to be evoked in Christmas dining room decorating is the rustic theme. For an intimate Christmas gathering between family members, a rustic theme for dining is the perfect pairing as it provides a calm and comforting feel to the room.


To embrace the rustic theme look at purchasing a dark-washed wooden dining table. They elicit the feel of Christmas by spicing up the table with a few strategically placed bottled candles or lanterns accompanied by some decorative leaves woven between the candle pieces. To further this warm naturistic look place a dark beige table runner with some copper plates for decorative and dining purposes.


Looking for something more sophisticated? Then perhaps white and navy is the theme most suited for your dining desires. There is some sort of timeless perfection attached to the navy and white combination of Christmas. As elegantly and timeless as this theme is, the incorporation of it into your dining room will be an easy transition.


Let us start the decorating process with the placement of a light wood table accompanied by white chairs. Along with this, you will do well to place a few glass bowls filled with silver and navy Christmas balls along the length of the table. Do not be shy as there are no decorating limits, so go ahead and add a navy waxed candle onto a white worn-out wooden candle stick.


A fun activity or rather surprise to be added to the Christmas dining table is table gifts. Along each plate leave a small yet thoughtful gift for your guests. This will not only embrace the Christmas spirit but also show them you are grateful for their presence and care for them dearly.


Another great theme for Christmas dining with close family is ‘quirky’. Christmas is all about standing out in the corniest and quirkiest ways from ugly sweaters to crazy funky socks. Sometimes, warmth, celebration and laughs can be communicated through the most mismatched and unexpected ideas.


Traditional Christmas décor embraces mismatch, so why should you not? Start by adding a dark wooden dining table with red chairs into your dining space. Then add some random Christmas clutter to the table such as Santa figures and snow globes. Finish the look off with a dark green table runner along with green wax candles and a few scattered strings of lights and cranberry-popcorn strings.


The great thing about decorating for the festive holidays is that your imagination can run free and wild. Try to embrace your quirkiest, most creative, and brightest side when you are getting your dining room ready for Christmas.




5 Star Furniture Store


By this point, you are likely to already have an idea of what you would like your dining room to look and feel like this festive season. However, you are probably still hesitant when it comes to the point where you need to buy furniture online from the 5 Star furniture store.


This is quite all right as it is our mere humanistic impulse to be apprehensive when it comes to unbelievable online deals. Let us put you at ease by informing you of the many ways in which 5 Star Furniture can cater to your furniture needs.


This is not our first rodeo around the block when it comes to the manufacturing and selling of furniture. Our company has been in the furniture game for 16 years! We strive to provide our consumers with quality and affordable products. Therefore, we go out of our way to look for suitable small-business suppliers that will enable us to provide consumers with the best furniture at the best prices.


Just because you buy furniture online does not mean that you cannot return it. If the furniture does not meet your standards, you are not required to keep it, in fact, we have a reasonably great return policy.


When the package purchased is still in the original packaging you have the opportunity to return the item within a seven-day period. The return cost is however the responsibility of the account holder or the purchasing client. The delivery fee however is non-refundable as we make use of independent delivery companies.


We have showrooms in Midrand and Pretoria. So, if you are interested in viewing some furniture in person you can have a glance at our website to check out the locations of our in person-stores. This may assist you before you buy furniture online.


Not interested in travelling to a physical store? This is what the entire article has been about, you do not have to take the time to travel and shop in person. So, if you would like more info about the convenience of being in your own home, then guess what? You can drop us a WhatsApp, or email us whatever you need. We have got you covered.


Now that you know the perks of our services just go on and head on over to the website and buy your furniture online. Our service and products will help you sleigh this festive season by helping you prepare your dining room to the best and most creative of your capabilities! Take the power in your hands and buy furniture online this festive season by blowing everyone away with your décor and dining layout!



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