Using furniture specials to transform your home

The utter joy and excitement that comes along with redesigning or beginning to design your home cannot be understated, and is a process that should be fulfilled with the utmost care and consideration. In just a few minutes of reading, find out how you can use furniture specials to revolutionise your space.



The ABCs of furniture specials



Prices, style and careful planning are necessary aspects to be taken into account, and making use of the myriad of furniture specials available online and in-store can make the world of difference during your journey of creation.



Furniture specials are a great way to stick to your budget while creating your dream space. This does not mean that you will have to compromise quality in the process, however, contrary to popular belief. Most of the times, furniture specials are not so much about getting rid of a product, but a means to instill trust and reliability between a furniture store and its customers.







Furniture specials often become available at certain times of the year, namely public holidays and the festive seasons. Valentine’s Day, Christmas and New Years, and not to mention Black Friday are some of the periods in which stores offer unbelievable furniture specials.



Make a note in your calendar to begin your search during these times if you’re looking to save some money. Furniture specials often take the form of several pieces in a catalogue being sold as one with a lowered price, meaning that with a keen eye, you can score an entire lounge suite, for example, at a scandalously low price.



More often than not, such specials are usually found online. In recent years the world of online shopping has exploded, allowing people from all wakes of life and locations to have access to all the products the world has to offer – a good sign for your furniture specials hunting process.



Shopping for furniture specials online



Online furniture stores are not only easy to navigate, but arguably much more advantageous to utilise than stepping foot in-store, for numerous reasons. Online, products can be found via search bars, catalogues and filters – making your shopping process for furniture specials even easier.



Not to mention, it can be done in bed with your favourite hot beverage, at any time, to your leisure. Saying goodbye to overcrowded stores and long car drives and that annoying salesperson has never felt better.



Online stores are also more likely to offer furniture specials, as they are designed to attract customers using various marketing strategies in order to stand out from other websites. This means that there are competitive specials, meaning that you will not be limited in choice.



In this way, you will also be able to compare prices of items with the greatest of ease, making use of multiple tabs to ensure that you have thoroughly checked out your options, and at the end of the day can rest easy knowing you have made an informed choice.



Something to remember however, is that unlike physical stores, the online shopping world can be deceiving in terms of tangible reliability – meaning that some sites you may stumble upon if you find yourself far down the rabbit hole of furniture specials, might not be trustworthy.



Luckily, there are several ways to check for a site’s legitimacy.



• Ensure that there is either a lock symbol in the URL bar, OR that there is an S in the https:// – which stands for secure.

• Search the site for customer reviews and ratings to see if it has been used by others.

• Try out your hand as a detective with a quick internet search.

• Make use of the customer care portal and do not be shy to give the contact number a call to be extra sure.


Using furniture specials to renew your home



Now that you’ve done your research, you have some very important decisions to make in terms of how you wish to design your home, or simply give it a long-overdue makeover. In order to assist you with making the best out of furniture specials, the following tips are recommended:



Work that open plan using furniture specials


The increasingly common open plan design of homes can lead to challenges regarding furniture choices. With such large spaces, it can be tempting to either clutter up your home, or on the other hand, leave gaping spaces and creating an empty void.



Neither are desirable. As a solution, think about using furniture to section off your spaces. Open plan homes can be divided into separate areas using different pieces of furniture, in ways you may not have imagined could be possible.



A great and simple way to do this would be making use of furniture specials that include L-shaped seating. You can’t go wrong with a beautiful, and affordable L-shaped couch, inviting guests to take a comfortable seat as you are entertaining them, as well as providing your home with a classy and modern vibe.






Placing an area rug near the couch, and a coffee table or some other anchor piece on top would be the cherry of a great new design.



Avoid crazy clashes with furniture specials


Sometimes our imaginations can run wild, and you may be tempted to buy that vibrantly patterned couch, as well as zebra strip pillows to complement it. This, in most cases, is ill advised, especially when buying online.



Colour and pattern clashes are the easiest way to ruin your space, unless you are well-versed in the art of design and have a particular idea in mind. If you are unsure, know that more is less – especially if you are new to furniture shopping.



This does not mean that you have to settle for dull or plain. Think about combining one exciting aspect with a neutral colour. For example, if your space comprises of neutral colours and curtains, think of taking the leap to make use of furniture specials offering a vibrant piece.



Your vibrant purchase will serve as an anchor piece in your neutral space, not only becoming a conversation starter, but also a delicious view for the eyes.



If your space is surrounded by patterned or mural wallpaper, rather settle for a plain piece. Pastel coloured pieces can make for great additions in this case, adding to the space but not overwhelming it. If you still wish to be racy but not extreme, find some vibrant cushions – while still making sure they do not offset the walls and become a sight for sore eyes.



DIY days



In our uncertain times, exacerbated by the global Covid-19 pandemic, many people would choose to remain home to the best of their ability. While frustrating, you could use this time to take on some DIY projects to add some colour to your home and complement your exciting piece you found while shopping for furniture specials, without a cost.



Some examples of projects that you and your family can take on are:



• Tie-dye

• Macramé

• Knitting

• Ceramics

• Quilting

• Bunting





Not only will these projects instill you with satisfaction and a sense of creativity, but can also be a great way to bond with your family and take a breather from a high stress job, or the pandemic blues. Old-fashioned crafts are known to have a positive and relieving effect on anxieties and depressive disorders, too.


Combining your creations with items you find while shopping for furniture specials can truly improve the general aesthetic of your home.



Going natural



These days, people are straying from simpler, factory made shiny woods and materials, and leaning towards an appreciation for hand-made pieces. This could be a symptom of highly technologically dependent lifestyles. Either way, there is a renewed fascination of handmade, strongly textured furniture.



Rustic-looking wood, more imperfect materials and wicker pieces are making a comeback, and for good reason. These pieces provide homes with exciting auras that make visiting them, and existing within them, an enjoyable experience.



Unfortunately, hand crafted pieces are not so cheap and are not typically included in furniture specials. However, if you make dedicated use of furniture specials decorating and furnishing other spaces in your home, you can save and spoil yourself with a unique and attention-drawing authentic piece.



Bringing the outdoors in to complement furniture specials



Houseplants are not only enjoyed because of their aesthetically pleasing properties and what they do for a space, but also in terms of what they can do for our mental wellbeing. Indoor plants encourage mindfulness, a way in which you can relax by tending to them each day and watching their growth.






Taking time to separate yourself from your thoughts is essentially the practice of mindfulness, allowing you to step away from your stresses and anxieties. Few people understand the way in which a home’s design and the presence of certain elements, such as flowers and plants inside can have a huge effect on your psyche.



The Journal of Physiological Anthropology published a 2015 study that highlighted how interaction with indoor plants can literally reduce psychological and physiological stress by suppressing autonomic nervous system activity (the part of the body that regulates things like your digestion, heart rate and respiratory rate.)



Besides all this, indoor plants freshen the air and brighten a room, making them a great addition next to your brand new piece you found while searching for furniture specials.



Something old may be something new



Humans in general tend to be hoarders. We don’t like to be parted with our belongings, even when we outgrow them. This means that we often store items away like dragons do with gold. Exploring the boxes in the garage or attic can prove to be a most exciting activity, and one may find things they have not seen since they were children.



In doing so, it is highly likely that you find an interesting decoration, ornament or even painting that can, with a good wash or dusting off, add a fresh look to your space. Do not be discouraged by its age. Given a new chance, it could be the best thing to spruce up your space, with absolutely no cost to you.


Using furniture specials and this method of reusing old items, you can expect to save a lot in the long run.


Use lighting to your advantage when you buy furniture specials



There is no better way to celebrate your win from those furniture specials than to position it in a positive light, literally. Whether you make use of the natural light through a window, or a light in your home, you can create a truly exciting space.



Beware however, of placing a piece made of material in the direct sunlight, even if it shines through a window. Some materials such as linen, rayon and cotton. So be sure to do your research before you place your piece in prolonged natural light.



Moving that rarely used lamp from its old and forgotten corner to next to your new chair can make the world of difference, creating a beautiful reading spot, your new favourite hangout.



If you have the means, think about positioning a low-hanging light or lamp that illuminated the entire couch in the dim afternoon or evening. You would be surprised to see the gorgeous light and shadow effect it may create, bringing an exciting aspect to your space at nightfall.



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