Living in a rental home does not mean you have to avoid decorating the space to reflect your design style and personality. Find the perfect furniture for design and functionality in your rental home on the 5Star online furniture store. Use our easy, affordable, and quick decorative tips to make your rental house feel like home.


5Star Online Furniture Store:


5Star Furniture supplies furniture for all your needs on our online furniture store. Whether you are furnishing a bedroom or kitchen, 5Star Furniture has a variety of furniture pieces for your whole home.


5Star Furniture is located in Gauteng and has showrooms in Pretoria and Midrand. 5Star Furniture created the online furniture store so that the whole of South Africa can have access to our affordable furniture.


The 5Star online furniture store allows you to peruse all the 5Star Furniture pieces from the comfort of your home. Buying furniture online saves you money as you do not need to organise transport to a showroom to see the available furniture. You are also able to compare furniture prices and see furniture specials on the 5Star online furniture store.


Purchasing your furniture from the 5Star Furniture online furniture store saves you time. Within minutes you can have your furniture selected and ordered on the online furniture store. 5Star Furniture uses a local delivery service to get your furniture to you quickly and efficiently.


5Star Furniture is a proudly South African company. On the 5Star online furniture store, you have access to a variety of manufactured furniture pieces sourced from various local suppliers. Supporting local is easy on the 5Star online furniture store.


Making a rental house feel like home is easy with the variety of furniture from 5Star Furniture and our decorating tips.




Furnishing Your Rental Home:


Your rental home furniture needs to be functional, comfortable, and stylish. Choosing furniture that will suit your rental home and your budget is easy with the 5Star online furniture store. 57


Cost-effective: Many rental homes come completely unfurnished. This can be a steep initial cost after paying a deposit and the first month’s rent. Choose the 5Star online furniture store for an affordable range of furniture to suit your budget.


Purchase Slowly: Another way to keep your furniture purchases cost-effective is to purchase slowly. Invest in the immediately needed furniture items, like a couch or a bed, and then over time purchase the other furniture items. This will reduce your immediate costs and allow you to splurge on the rest of your furniture items as you buy them. The 5Star online furniture store makes it easy to shop for furniture now and in the future.


Quality Furniture: There is a common misconception that the furniture you purchase for a rental home is temporary. This causes people to buy low-quality, cheap furniture with the aim to sell and replace it when they buy their first home. Buying quality furniture is a once-off payment that can move with you to your next home, and thus save you money in the long term. If you are looking for quality furniture, then 5Star Furniture is for you.


Choose Multi-functional Furniture: Choose furniture pieces for your rental home which can be used in multiple ways. At 5Star Furniture, you will find a range of sleeper couches that are suited to seating and for guests to stay over.


Choose Neutral Furniture: We suggest choosing neutral, classical furniture pieces for your rental home. This allows you to decorate whilst not being tied down to a colour or design style for the future.


Tips for Decorating a Rental Home:


Decorating a rental house is often viewed as an unnecessary expense and difficult to do within lease constraints. We have found some affordable and easy decorating tips that will not affect your deposit.


1) Paint:


Many rental homes are painted in neutral colours to suit a variety of tastes. These neutral colours can be boring or not suit your design style. Painting your rental home in your preferred colour is a fast and easy way to personalise the space.


You can paint the entire home or choose to do a statement wall. Statement walls allow you to opt for a bold colour choice. This will add a burst of colour into your rental space and become a feature of your home. You can then pair your décor to the colour of your statement wall.


Statement walls are also more cost-effective. One wall requires less paint and is, therefore, cheaper than painting the entire home. Painting only one wall also reduces the time and costs at the end of your rental agreement to repaint the walls the original colour.


Paint can also be used to refresh a space. Find out the paint colour from your landlord and add a new layer to your existing painted walls. This helps remove any markings or visible damages from previous tenants and will make the rental home look new. Your landlord may even be willing to fund the repainting as you are improving his property.


Other painting options are the ceiling, cornices, and skirtings. A fresh coat of white paint to these features in a room can make your rental home feel bright, clean, and new.


2) Temporary Wallpaper:


Add your design style to your rental home with temporary wallpaper. Temporary wallpapers are typically self-adhesive and do not require water or paste which means they can be easily added to your walls without leaving glue traces or damaging the walls.


Numerous South African companies provide temporary wallpaper options. Certain companies will allow you to create your own wallpaper design. Find or create a design that transforms the room into a space that feels personalised and designed.


Temporary wallpaper is not only for the walls. Many designers are now adding wallpaper to ceilings. When done correctly, wallpaper on the ceiling can transform a space entirely.


If you are uncertain about adding wallpaper to your rental home, you can always add wallpaper to your furniture. Choose a feature piece, like the Rosy Plasma Cabinet from 5Star Furniture, and place the wallpaper on the back of the cupboard. This will add a decorative element that can move with you.




3) Mirrors:


Mirrors will be your best friend in your rental home. Rental homes can be small and feel cramped and you do not have the option to start tearing down walls or enlarging windows. Selectively placed mirrors can make a room feel larger and brighter.


On the 5Star online furniture store, there is a range of furniture pieces with mirrors built-in. These furniture pieces are multi-functional as they will make the space feel bigger whilst still allowing you to check your outfit in the morning.




4) Versatile Décor:


Keep your décor for your rental home versatile. Choose décor items that will sprues up your place whilst not being only suited to your rental home. You may move one day, and your décor needs to be able to move with you.


Décor can be expensive. For tighter budgets, we suggest finding thrift stores and purchasing décor items that can be upcycled to your specific design style.


5) Smart Storage:


A common problem in rental homes is a lack of storage. Investing in custom built-in cupboards can become expensive and you will have to leave the cupboards in your rental home when you leave.


5Star Furniture has furniture for storage available on the online furniture store. All the 5Star storage options are an investment as they can be taken if you move.




6) Statement Lighting:


Rental homes often come with generic and cheap lighting fixtures. A quick and easy way to update your rental space is by adding statement lighting.


There are numerous lighting options, like sconces or a chandelier, which will add statement lighting to your rental home. Simply choose a statement lighting fixture that suits your design style and budget and get them installed where the existing lights are.


7) Personal Photos:


Make your rental home personal with the addition of photographs of friends and family. If you do not want to drill numerous holes into your rental home’s walls, then opt for photographs in standing frames. Scatter your photographs around your home on the surfaces of your 5Star furniture pieces.


8) Outdoor Living:


Create an outdoor living area in your rental home to extend the space of your home. You do not need to have a garden for outdoor living. If you are renting an apartment with a veranda, add some faux grass and potted plants to create an outdoor feel.


9) New Hardware:


Adding new hardware to the bathroom and kitchen in your rental home is an easy way to change your rental home’s overall look. Many rental homes come with generic hardware which can look cheap and tacky. Simply purchase hardware that will suit your personality and style and swap out the hardware.


Keep the original hardware somewhere safe so that you can easily put it back when you move out.


10) Curtaining:


Adding curtaining to your rental home will make the space feel comfortable and personal. If you are wary of painting or adding temporary wallpaper to your rental home, then curtains can be an easy way to add a pop of colour and texture to your space.


To make a rental home appear bigger, invest in floor-to-ceiling curtains. This will draw the eye upwards and make the room feel more spacious. Floor to ceiling curtains will also add an elegant look to your home.




Before You Start Decorating:


Before you roll up your sleeves and start painting the walls, follow these last few tips to make decorating your rental home easy, stress-free, and affordable.


Before and After Photos: Always take clear, high-quality photographs of your rental home before you move in. Keep these photographs as a record of how your rental home looked before you decorated it so that it is easy to return it to its original look. It is especially important to photograph any existing flaws, such as a cracked tile or chipped wall, to avoid these being taken off your deposit when you move out. Send the before and after photographs to your landlord for their records.


Discuss with Your Landlord: Have an open and honest conversation with your landlord on what decoration ideas they would accept. Some landlords are happy for you to paint and hang photographs while others want you to not alter the space.


Avoid Costs: Decorating is important to make a rental space feel like home, but it can become expensive. Select a few decorating tips from our guide and make those shine in your new home. If you make numerous decorative changes, you may have steep costs when you eventually move out to return the home to its original state.


Furnish your rental home with 5Star Furniture and make the space feel personal with these easy and affordable decorative tips.



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