The buy furniture online guide to surviving summer 2022


February has arrived, arguably the hottest month of the year. The days are longer, the nights warmer and those with access to a swimming pool are certainly flaunting it off to those of us who do not. Summer, however, is nowhere close to ending, and if you have found yourself cursing your furniture and home surroundings for just being “too hot” then you have found yourself reading the perfect blog. From the best types of outdoor furniture of 2022, hot new summer design trends as well as tips on how to get your poolside area looking as good as possible, spend a few minutes checking out 5Star Furniture’s buy furniture online guide to surviving summer 2022.




Cool as a cotton couch


When the heat begins to overwhelm us outdoors, sometimes all that we can do is flee inside and relax on the couch. But what if your couch is hot too? Many of us are unaware that couches can be made from materials that have insulating or cooling properties. During summer, it can be helpful to know what kind of fabrics work best for the heat, allowing you to remain cool and comfortable during the hottest of days. For your convenience, we have compiled a brief guide on choosing the best materials to keep your furniture cool when you buy furniture online.


There are several materials that do not tend to absorb too much heat, making them perfect fabrics to cover your couches with if you find them to be too stifling during summer. These include polyester and cotton. The most important thing to remember that heavy wool fabrics typically hold onto heat (and can be quite scratchy too), so try to steer away from them while making changes this summer. Choosing pillows filled with conjugated polyester fibre is another wise choice should you wish to keep your couch as cool as possible while you rest upon it, so keep this in mind when you buy furniture online.




There are a few other ways that you can keep your couch in prime cooling condition, such as:


Keep your couch out of direct light


Whether you have to move your couch away from a window, or inside altogether, keeping your couch out of the sun is always helpful should you wish it to remain cool. Stopping direct light from reaching your couch will also prevent discoloration or damage over time.


If all else fails, select a lighter colour


If you cannot keep your couch out of the sun for a portion of the day, it is important to select a lighter colour fabric, since this will reflect light away from them. Obviously, a dark couch that receives direct light will absorb a lot of heat, which you will undoubtedly feel the second you sit down – even hours after the sun rays have left its surface.


Keeping your home cool


Not all of us get to enjoy the luxuries of air conditioning, which means that the inside of our homes can reach terribly hot temperatures. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to keep your house cool this summer – while respecting the environment at the same time. Check out these 10 tips that will help you keep the inside of your home cool:


Keep your blinds closed


On the hottest of days, opt to keep your blinds closed. This is particularly important if you have north and west-facing windows. An even better solution would be to invest in block-out curtains which prevent heat from entering your home through your windows. It may be a bit dark and dreary inside, but at least you might feel cooler.


Adjust your ceiling fans


Oftentimes it feels like our ceiling fans are doing nothing but pushing the hot air around our homes, rather than doing anything to cool them down. In many cases, we are unaware that our fans are turning clockwise – where they actually need to be rotating counter-clockwise to make any significant difference. It may very well be time to adjust your ceiling fans. Should they rotate counter-clockwise in summer, the air will be pushed straight down to create a cooling effect.




Seal gaps and close doors


Sometimes we fool ourselves into thinking there will be a cool breeze outside during the hottest days. More often than not, this is not the case, and opening up your doors and windows during the day will usher in the sweltering heat and warm breeze. To keep hot air out of your home during the day, close the doors to rooms that you are not using, in order to keep the cool air where you need it the most. Sealing the gaps around windows and doors is also helpful to keep the cool air inside.


Let the air in at night


Once the sweltering sun has dropped below the horizon, it usually cools down quite significantly and a pleasantly cool breeze often picks up. This is the time to open up your doors and windows to invite the breeze into your home. Make sure that you open enough doors and windows to create a “through-breeze”, which blows from one side of your home through to the other for a better cooling effect.


Change your lightbulbs


Surprisingly, lightbulbs can also be to blame for making your home hotter. Incandescent lightbulbs are truly guilty of this crime, so if you have any in your home, it may be time to phase them out.


Keep up with the 2022 garden furniture trends when you buy furniture online


With the ringing in of each new year, so too come a whole new range of summer furniture trends and tips. Homeowners around the country – and world – must ask the internet, straightforward design or intricate flourishes? Rich colours or pastels? Modern metals or natural materials? Fortunately for you, your questions can end here, as we have gathered the most prominent garden furniture trends of 2022, to keep in mind when you buy furniture online for your garden this summer.


Recycled materials are very much in World issues, like climate change and resource scarcity are not new to us. But each day these problems frame public discourse and increase in momentum. The furniture industry has responded to the planet’s cry for help, in placing much more emphasis on environmental awareness and sustainability. As a result, more and more garden furniture is being created out of recycled materials, such as tropical wood like acacia and teak – which is commonly extracted from old houses or boats. Who doesn’t like furniture that has a real story to it?


Despite this, plastic is experiencing a “green renaissance,” meaning that when it comes to garden furniture, furniture made entirely out of plastic is sitting at the top of the list this year. The fact that plastic furniture is resistant to wear and tear, as well as sun damage, means that it is always a good addition to your garden and a great investment. When you buy furniture online, remember the read the product information, and you may very well find that a piece in which you are interested is actually made from recyclable materials!


The revival of haptic textures and coarsely woven fabrics when you buy furniture online


If you are looking to give your patio a comforting, and eye-catching flair, textile is the way to go in 2022. This summer, we have seen a massive rise in popularity for more coarsely-woven outdoor fabric covers. Not only do these covers look more intriguing than your traditional cotton covers, but they also feel great to touch and lounge upon – bringing in another interesting dimension. When shopping to buy furniture online, keep a look out for outdoor furniture pieces with haptic textures.




Did someone say “unconventional table frames?”


Gone are the days of four legs and one surface when it comes to outdoor tables. This year, the world seems to have had enough of conventional tables and chairs, and is paying closer attention to extravagant table frames. From minimalist column frames in the middle of the table, to industrial skid frames with enthralling cross structures, there is a lot to choose from. When you buy furniture online with us at 5Star Furniture, take a look at our 3 Piece Outdoor Garden Set, which is the perfect example of an unconventional garden table frame.


This gorgeous set is suitable for any garden or patio, and consists of 2 bucket-style chairs and small table with a circular, glass top. Weaved out of strong resin plastic, it is resistant to wear and tear and can withstand all sorts of outdoor weather. Should you choose to order a delivery when you buy furniture online, this set will arrive at your home already assembled.




On the matter of lighting


Picture yourself sitting outside on a cool summer’s eve, enjoying the occasional breeze and sighing with the relief that the heat of the day has passed and left with the sun. What could be better than lounging around outside long into the night with family or friends? Most people agree that the only answer here is “nothing.” However, in order to enjoy such a night, it is essential that you have appropriate outdoor lighting. Sitting in the dark is no fun, and we South Africans experience that phenomenon enough thanks to loadshedding.


When it comes to outdoor lighting, you have the opportunity to create not only truly useful light, but also atmospheric lighting in your garden or on your patio. Whether you do this by hanging lamps, lanterns or fairy lights is completely up to you – but the difference each of those fixtures make is undeniable! Especially popular this summer are modern, uncomplicated lighting fixtures made of die-cast aluminium or stainless steel. More romantic alternatives that are also rising in popularity this year are vintage lights such as LED filament lamps in lightbulb optics, so keep a look out for similar fixtures when you buy furniture online.




Keep Bohemian Rhapsody in mind when you buy furniture online


Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? This summer, strong tones and ethnic patterns are back in. Boho chic has, for a few years now, been creeping evermore tangibly into the top garden trends. Boho chic encourages strong autumn colours and interesting fabrics and patterns, often showcased on pillows, accessories like hammocks and hanging chairs as well as cushions.


More unconventional, “folkloric” furniture is definitely starting to grace the gardens of more and more South Africans this year, and the trend does not look to be slowing down any time soon. Consider teak or rattan furniture pieces for your garden or patio – just make sure that they have received the correct finishes or treatments to make them suitable for outdoors use.




Finding great pieces this summer when you buy furniture online from 5Star Furniture


As one of South Africa’s most trusted online furniture stores, we at 5Star Furniture stock a wide variety of items and sets that in many cases cannot be found when you shop in-store. Surviving this summer is about more than sticking to 2022’s design trends, however. It is important to fill your home with what makes you comfortable, rather than adhering strictly to the norms of the design world. Whatever your furniture needs, though, know that we at 5Star Furniture have it all when you buy furniture online.



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