In a fast-paced, ever-changing world, design trends seem to shift and evolve more frequently than ever before. While there is no shame in forfeiting keeping up with the latest trends in home furnishing and décor with the intention of saving money, there is a way that you can do both and find a happy compromise. In a few minutes of reading, find out how you can buy cheap couches for sale and keep up with the latest couch trends of 2021.




The basics of cheap couches for sale


Making the decision to buy a new couch can be a daunting one. With the online world providing an endless variety of choice in colours, shapes and materials, we are spoiled for choice. Sometimes this can be overwhelming, especially if you are unsure about the direction of design you wish to follow with your new couch.


Buying cheap couches for sale has long been associated with the notion that you are settling for lesser quality in order to save a few bucks in the short term. However, this is not the case. With the expansion of the online shopping world, as well as online furniture stores over the past decade, quality has increased while prices have remained approachable, in order to build trust between customers and stores.


As if this weren’t enough, most stores have high standards when it comes to guarantees and warranties put in place to ensure that in the circumstance of dissatisfaction with a product, customers can get their money back with little effort on their behalf.




Follow the top 2021 trends with cheap couches for sale


There is a notably increasing desire to move away from formal, “strict stripe” styled cheap couches for sale this year. We no longer need to concern ourselves with matching couches and chairs, but can rather express our creative selves in different manners with odds and ends we find appealing.


Achieve the bold and beautiful with cheap couches for sale


Coming in hot at (arguably) number 1 place, the “bold” look is one not soon to be forgotten. Colours are one of the first thing visitors notice when entering your home, and are largely responsible for the vibe and aura the interior of your home exudes. For this reason, bold, bright and beautiful couches are taking the forefront of this year’s style trends.




Strong and warm colours like paprika and red are great ways to make a statement with your couch. On the other hand, more subdued colours such as navy paired with lighter colours such as cream and white in the surrounding room still make an impact, but a calmer one.


If you do decide to go bold, shopping online may very well be your best bet. The competitive nature of online furniture stores means that great products are being pumped out at a fast rate with affordable price tags attached to them. There are a greater variety of colours offered, and one need not worry if they are missing out on a potential option in a showroom simply because a physical store has run out of stock.


Velvet is in


Leading industry decorators are making the case that velvet as a material is making a huge comeback. Homeowners alike are becoming more adventurous and brave when it comes to experimenting with different materials. Velvet, being one of them. Velvet as a material for cheap couches for sale looks wonderful in matte with colours such as teal and different shades of greens.


However, with velvet comes great responsibility. It is advisable to keep most materials, velvet included, out of direct sunlight. Failure to do so could result in rapid deterioration. Of interest, however, is that recent-day velvet often comes equipped with easy-clean technology, making it more of a suitable long term material for your couch.




Look out for fantastic fluting in cheap couches for sale


Drawing from Art Deco influences, the curved lines and detail required to make fluted couches is very much in. This versatile trend leads to a lavish and luxurious couch design suitable for the most ambitious, and even beginner, at home designers this year. A fluting pattern is not limited to one specific shape or material in a couch, meaning that you need not compromise your favourite shapes because you love the look.


All natural


Bringing the outdoors in has become a progressively popular design choice for homeowners over the last few years. This is not limited to bedecking each surface with a pot plant, or hanging plants with macramé from the walls. Introducing certain coloured couches can also assist in the creation of this aesthetic.


Choosing a mossy green colour for your couch is a step in the right direction in creating your indoor, natural oasis. Natural beiges, browns and creams can also go a long way in maintaining a natural aesthetic. Do not forget to look out for leaf patterned couch prints either, as these add a beautiful element of intricate design to this trend.


Intertwined with many if not all 2021 design trends is the straying away from formal structure. Experts have said that there has been a large shift against the former, in favour of informal and more eclectic pieces of furniture.


Instead of matching seating, for example, homeowners have begun experimenting more with pliable seating set ups, such as remarkably different chairs and couches scattered around the home with no specific pattern in mind. These varied shapes and materials flood the home with personality and original thought, as opposed to a home steeped in tradition.


‘Round about right


Taking the design world by storm is the curved sofa style, which borrows ideas from the past and applies them to the present. This retro style brings in a new type of structure to the home, a less formal and structured one. Instead, it favours a quirky aesthetic that has the potential to bring newfound character to your home and space.




The kidney bean couch is a great example. This interestingly shaped couch is certainly making a comeback in some of the more affluent homes. This type of sofa carries roots of Art Deco and Hollywood Regency wherever it goes, and serves as a great conversation starter for all those who enter your home and are luckily enough to take a seat. Having a kidney bean couch in your home is taking a step in the right direction in keeping up with 2021’s hottest couch designs.


In favour of a bean bag


Oftentimes outright replacing a couch with a large bean bag is a great way to bring a strong accent item to the room. This is without even considering how comfortable and luxurious it is to lounge on a beanbag with your favourite book, or binge-watching your beloved Netflix series with your loved one. Bean bags also fit in with the general trend of straying away from the formal archetypal lounge structures.




Decorating your cheap couches for sale


While these new trends are designs to be reckoned with, preferring more traditional cheap couches for sale is nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes, buying a plain and durable couch can have far reaching advantages. There is no limit to what one can do with a neutral coloured and shaped couch.


Consider adding different coloured throws or blankets to your piece to enhance its aesthetic, or a set of large, bright accent pillows to draw the eye and enhance the space, while at the same time maintaining a look of classic sophistication. Having a neutral coloured couch also means that you can change the room around it to your heart’s every whim and desire, without having to fuss about refurbish it to ensure its colours don’t clash with your new room design or aesthetic.


Tips on avoiding disappointment when you buy cheap couches for sale


An unfortune reality that oftentimes comes hand in hand with buying online is that what we see is not always what we get. A store with misleading images and sketchy guarantees and return policies can make you rue the day you ever decided to shop online. However, there are a few ways to ensure that you shop smart and avoid dissatisfaction.


Ensure that the online store is a legitimate one


The web is full of scams intended to trick online customers out of their money. Sometimes, scam artists go the full mile to create elaborate websites to further manipulate buyers. Never fear, however, as there are ways to ensure that the online store in question is real.


  • Check if there is a lock symbol in your search bar when you are on the website. This means that the site is secured.


  • Another way to check whether a site is secured is to look for the S in https:// which literally stands for ‘secure.’




  • Check if there are customer reviews, and if there are, go through them to ascertain the general level of satisfaction with products and overall service.


  • Check if there are multiple payment options, such as PayFast or PayPal, to name two. If this is the case, it means that the likelihood of the business being legitimate is much higher.


  • Ensure that there is a customer portal or functioning call line.


Read, and re-read the product descriptions


A sure way to avoid disappointment when your product arrives is to ensure that you had each detail of it in mind when you made the purchase. From sizing, colour, material and build, you need to be familiar with the couches you are planning to bring into your home, especially if you are purchasing them online.


Do not be shy to take out a tape measure and establish the dimensions of the area in which you plan to introduce your new couch. At the same time, look up any terms or jargon found in the product information that you are unsure about so as to avoid miscommunication. Furthermore, be sure to check out which guarantees are available with each product.


There are few things worse than purchasing something with the incorrect presumption that it can be returned with a cash-back scenario, only to find out that it is not the case.


Look to Pinterest for design ideas


Let’s face it, we are not all design gurus. When confronted with a budget and an open space, design ideas do not come easy to all of us. Interior decorators are expensive at best, and sometimes it doesn’t feel great letting someone else take the reins on our personal space. Thankfully, the modern era of social media allows for the widespread sharing of ideas, designs and home decoration.




Pinterest and Tumblr for example, offer users millions of design ideas and suggestions, where one can draw on several design set-ups for inspiration and guidance. Following design blogs is also a great way to stay up to date with furniture trends to ensure you are not left in the past.


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