Redecorate Your Home For The New Year with 5Star Furniture Specials!


Does your home seem boring, worn-in, perhaps a little out of date? Well, redecorating your interiors and replacing your furniture is a great way to rejuvenate your environment and yourself. The New Year has ushered in a whole new era of interior decor, and there is a plethora of gorgeous new furniture trends that are making us swoon. If you’d like to align your home to the latest styles and fashion, then read this article discover what’s chic for 2022.


2020 and 2021 were rough years. Hosts and socialites became homebodies and couch potatoes. Our bedrooms became our offices, our dining rooms became board rooms, our living rooms became the gym, and our kitchens were never busier. And while the home is usually the safe space, national lockdowns certainly transformed our homes into busy little hubs.


After so much time spent indoors, it’s not unusual to feel as though the same four walls are starting to deplete your energy or make you a little claustrophobic. If that’s the case for you, then it’s likely that you’re en-route to a renovation or home makeover of sorts. This is a big project, so it’s important to know what you’re in for before you start purchasing pillows and ordering furniture specials. There are a lot of important decisions to make, so you can’t be too compulsive about your shopping.


Furniture is often expensive, so it’s important to look for affordable pieces and furniture specials that will not only suit your budget but also your style. Longevity is equally as important because we only get the chance to redecorate once in a blue moon. To satisfy both your budget and your vision, 5Star Furniture specials are the way to go.


5Star Furniture is a trusted retailer of many furniture pieces in any style you can imagine. From beds to couches to kitchen cabinetry, 5Star furniture stocks a huge range of options, and their online sales and delivery options make it easy to envision and execute your home interior updates. But for some, it can be a little overwhelming trying to choose the right pieces for your space. Fortunately, we’re about to dive into some of the most important interior design trends for 2022 and this will be a great way to synergise your plan of action with the latest fashion and affordable furniture specials.


Nostalgia meets modernism in the catalogues this year, with retro furniture shapes mixed in with neutral colour palettes, we’re prioritising practicality and comfort. So, it’s time to update your space and make room for a little bit of growth. We’re going to turn our homes into havens, while still leaving room for entertainment and glamour. Read the information below to see how 5Star furniture specials can be executed in the trendiest ways.


Retro and Vintage Inspired Furniture Is Making A Comeback


Take inspiration from the past and look out for those old-school retro styles. With more and more people thrifting and antiquing from charity stores, hospices and second-hand stores, we’ve seen a lot of old fashion trends from the 50s, 60s, and 70s come back to the stage. Consequently, we’re seeing unique collaborations between old and new. There’s a certain cosiness about these vintage and antique pieces – they feel like found treasure, or inherited heirlooms.


These unique vintage-style pieces add an element of surprise. Think art deco – colour palettes filled with pastel pinks, blues and greens, ribboning and fluting, archways and geometric lines as well as textural elements like fringe. But don’t feel that you need to get the oldest pieces and incorporate them into your space. You can find the same look at affordable rates with 5Star furniture specials.


  • Savanna Pleated Couch – 2 seater sofa in Grey Velvet. Buy it for R4 499.
  • Patio set 3 piece – Artificial rattan in white – Glass tabletop. Save R499 and buy it today for only R1 800!




Add Dimension and Visual Interest with Layered Patterns and Bold Wallpaper.


After the popularity of minimalism, people are leaning back towards more layered looks. Maximalism is on the rise, with more people taking eclectic approaches to use bold patterned wallpapers and layered patterns. This is then coupled with large art pieces, bright pops of colour and plants to add height variations. These draw the eye all over and make the space a little more interesting.


What’s more, you can balance the visual patterns with textural elements. Plushy fabrics similar to mohair, velvet or faux sheepskin, leather accents, resin, stone and crystals are great textural elements to integrate into your space. They create a sumptuous and inviting ambience as opposed to the bare freshness of minimalist spaces. This is also a great way to introduce your personality to the room, allowing you to externalise your visions in a palpable way.


  • Studio Couch – 2.5 Seater: Green Velvet. Save R100 and get it today for only R2 599!


Bring Natural Elements Into Your Space With Earthy Tones, Sunlight and Foliage.




Over the last few years, we’ve definitely seen the outside inside trend proliferate everywhere. We all got super invested in cultivating our gardens and veggie patches, so it’s only natural that we start to draw more of those organic elements into our living spaces. Introduce colour into your home with a couple of plants like delicious monsters, palms and succulents. Complement these green details with brown, earthy tones.


To keep the plants healthy and boost your Vitamin D levels, you can also introduce more natural lighting through sunlight and sunshine. Know the orientation of your room or living area, and work that sunlight into the space as if it were another light fixture. Take note of where the light hits best, and use that to spotlight your most prized pieces of art or your glossiest ceramics. Alternatively, place a sunbed there or a cosy couch so you can bask in the afternoon light.


Also, consider introducing more wood into your space. A lot of mid-century modern homes and contemporary spaces favoured marble and shine, but today we’re seeing pine, oak and matt finish trend more. Don’t be afraid to play around with your cabinetry either! Check out the 5Star Furniture Specials below that cater to this rustic trend.


  • 2 Door Wardrobe – Walnut. Save R800 and buy it for only R2 699.
  • 2 Door Wardrobe – Grey. Save R99 and buy it for only R1 300.
  • 6 Door Wardrobe – Cream/ light brown. Save R300 and buy it for only R4 299.


Round It Out With Curvaceous Lines and Smooth Edges.


As a continuation of and elaboration on the trend in organic colours, lighting arrangements and inside plants, we’re also seeing that furniture with rounded edges and natural shapes are becoming increasingly more popular. Imagine amoebic shapes, but now it’s the frame for your living room sofa or your coffee table.


Although the sharpness of mid-century modern designs and Scandinavian interiors will always be in style, more and more people are leaning towards to softness of curvaceous furniture. Moving away from the masculinity of interior design trends, now we’re favouring feminine spaces where soft, textural and neutral tones are complemented by round edges and welcoming comfy furniture.


This kind of curvaceous furniture allows homeowners to enjoy the natural elements that occur in nature to enter into their interior spaces. This brings a comfortable pragmatism to the space, allowing guests and residents to sink into the calm environment. 5Star furniture specials offer a variety of curvy pieces.


The shapely curvaceousness of these lines and silhouettes creates a sense of fluidity in the home, preventing harsh delineations that disjoin space. Instead, focus on fostering a connection between form and function. Rather than feeling like you’re in a corporate office block, you can now experience your home as a smooth, soft, elemental space that feels one with nature.


furniture-specials-Screenshot (90)-min


  • Round style glass coffee table CTH213 – Black and white. Save R700 and buy it today for only R2 699!
  • Blended Black Glass Coffee Table. Buy it for R2 999!
  • Round-arm Chesterfield 2 divisional/ seater couch – Cream velvet. Save R900 and buy it for only R5 699!
  • Sleeper couch – Grey tapestry – double bed size. Save R350 and get it today for only R2 349!


furniture-specials-Screenshot (91)-min


Prioritise Comfort and Pragmatism In 2022.


In keeping with the merging of form and function, it’s vital to create a safe space in your home using snug, relaxing furniture. Ditch the uncomfortable chair or the springy bed. Your home is your everyday basecamp. If you’re going to rest and relax here after a long day of hard work, chores and general administration or errands, then it needs to be pleasant and safe.


Don’t be afraid to invest in plush, soft furniture. With 5Star furniture specials you can enjoy the ultimate homey furniture in the form of a new bed. So many of us forget that beds need to be replaced every couple of years, because after a while they tend to lose their elasticity and shape, making it difficult to sleep and rest peacefully, or even painful for your lower back.


When you’re not well-rested, it’s impossible to work productively and effectively. So do yourself a favour, and update your nest with a comfy new mattress. Luckily, with 5Star furniture specials you can easily acquire a new piece of heaven with a large range of comfy beds. Take a look over the list below, and invest in your own cloud nine with 5star furniture specials and beds for sale.


5Star furniture specials even cater to your little ones, as there are single bed options as well as double and queen beds. These cushy mattress and base sets are perfect for a kids bedroom or even the guest bedroom and main bedroom. Not to mention that there’s a large variety of different ranges to pick from.


  • Double bed with pillow-top – Medium firmness – Base and mattress included. Range: Quality Rest. Save R200 and buy it for only R3 099!
  • Extra high queen bed – Medium firmness- Base and mattress included. Range: Makulu. Save R200 and buy it for only R4 399!
  • Double bed – Medium firmness with innerspring – Base and mattress included. Range: Siesta. Save R200 and buy it for only R2 499!
  • Extra high double bed – Medium firmness -Base and mattress included. Range: Makulu. Save R300 and buy it for only R3 999!
  • ¾ bed – Medium firmness with innerspring – Base and mattress included. Range: Siesta. Save R150 and buy it for only R2 349!
  • Single bed – Medium firmness with innerspring – Base and mattress included. Range: Siesta. Save R100 and buy it for only R2 199!
  • ¾ bed with pillow-top – Medium firmness – Base and mattress included. Range: Quality Rest. Save R150 and buy it today for only R2 849!
  • Linen storage box upholstered in grey Tapestry. Save R550 and buy it today for only R1 499!


Use these tips and tricks to uplift your mood and spirits! Invest in affordable, stylish pieces from 5Star furniture specials, and actualise your interior design dreams. stay on the pulse of 2022 trends by ordering 5Star furniture specials online today.




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