Arguably the most well-used space in the home, the living room or lounge serves various functions. Whether it be your spot to unwind, watch TV or catch up with your family after a long day, the living room is a sacred place – and if the kitchen is the heart of a home, the living room is the lungs. But remodelling your lounge does not come cheap – especially when it comes to buying new couches. To help you on your way, in just a few minutes of reading, check out this guide on how to remodel your lounge with the help of cheap couches for sale.




How do cheap couches for sale help you to remodel on a budget?


It is easy to become side-tracked by brand-name couches and seating when looking for ideas on how to remodel your lounge space. Sometimes, we convince ourselves that a certain piece is so worth it, that we end up blowing our budget and doing a half-job on the rest of the space. Fortunately, there is another option. If it is indeed time to swap out those old and outdated couches, stores like 5Star Furniture stock an impressive array of cheap couches for sale that can do wonders in livening up your space.


How to choose from the assortment of cheap couches for sale?


There is something truly exciting about searching for new couches – especially when you realise that these cheap couches for sale are well within your budget range. But how are you supposed to choose a great couch for your lounge (especially if you are shopping online)? The answer is simple: you need to think about what exactly you will require from this couch. Consider asking yourself the following questions:


  1. Who will be using the cheap couches for sale?
  2. Do I have pets that could potentially damage the material?
  3. How much space do I have for the couch?
  4. What overarching design and aesthetic am I going for in my remodelled lounge




Once you have a relatively good idea of your own answers to the above, you have a much better chance of buying cheap couches for sale that will do wonders in revitalising the space.


Some other easy ways to remodel on a budget


Change up your layout


Think back to your childhood and adolescence – how many times did you rearrange your room to keep things exciting and fresh? We often forget the power of layout in determining the aesthetic and general appearance of the living room. Sometimes, all a lounge really needs is a new layout, and doing so is simpler than you can imagine. Before you do moving around, however, think carefully about a new layout. This can save you a painful back after having moved furniture around several times to find your desired combination.


In most living rooms, there will a starting point which you can use as a guiding star when drawing up any plans for an updated space. This point could be a TV, a fireplace or mantlepiece, to name a few examples. Whatever this prominent feature is – if it is unmovable – you will have to adhere to a certain type of layout in your lounge. Think about how strange and pointless it would be to have your seating facing away from a wall-mounted TV or fireplace. Even if you are faced with immovable features, there are ways to get around it if you think creatively about different combinations.


If your central point is a television that can be moved around – you are in luck. You can now analyse the space and decide if it is in the best possible place (and if not, you can move it around). Doing so can make a surprising and noticeable difference to the space. In some cases, many people opt for moving the lounge to an entirely different room in the house, which works especially well if your home is divided into several rooms rather than following an open-plan layout. Before making any large purchases or major changes, consider how rearranging the space could serve to “remodel” your lounge.


A fresh coat of paint


Adding a new coat of paint to a living room space does wonders to liven it up and make it feel new. Paint is also one of the cheapest parts of remodelling a space – and sometimes can be enough altogether. You are not limited to painting every single wall, however, and have the artistic license to play around a bit. Consider painting one accent wall (one wall with a different colour) to give the room a facelift.




Be aware, however, that the colour(s) you choose for your space, in many cases, will have a psychological impact on the room. Different colours draw-out different reactions from our minds – even if we do not consciously recognise it. Colour is more than a simple visual experience, it has the ability to seriously affect emotion and mood and is often considered as a means of communicating personality within a space. While any reaction to colour is subjective, the following guide is a brief run-down on what the different colours signify and encourage in our minds:




Red is considered to be the colour of energy, confidence and excitement – one of the most psychologically invigorating colours out there. If painting your lounge red blows your hair back, you are likely an outgoing, passionate and energetic individual.




On the other side of the coin, blue promotes feelings of calm and peace. Perhaps this has to do with the fact that it mimics the sky and notions of “heaven”. Regardless, if you are looking to make your lounge space truly zen, blue is the way to go.




Optimism, happiness and inspiration are a few words that sum up the sentiments the colour yellow promotes in a space. What better way to communicate a happy home than with a sunny yellow? Some people are deterred by its brightness and may even go as far as to say that it is obnoxiously bright. However, a pale yellow can do wonders in invigorating a space without being so overwhelming to the eye.




Many are of the belief that the colour purple is an ingredient in stimulating imagination. It is well-known to be a royal and luxurious colour, which for ages represented wealth. People who enjoy the colour purple tend to be wise, romantic and creative in nature. Painting your walls lilac, for example, can create a truly serene space.




When our eyes settle upon the colour green in an indoor setting, we immediately think about nature. The colour is known to be harmonious and relaxing, which is why it is a popular choice for lounges, especially in the case of accent walls. A great shade of green that works well in living rooms is lime.




Painting a space white will give off a clean and refreshing aesthetic to your living room. Because it reflects light so effectively, it will also do wonders in brightening up the room as well as making it appear more spacious in many cases. Contemporary styles depend on white – where warmer shades make the room feel more cosy, for example. To mitigate the risk of a room seeming too cold and clinical as a result of white walls, ramp up your decoration or ensure that you have a pop of colour in the space, whether that be in the form of a luxurious carpet, chair piece or colourful cheap couches for sale.




Elegant and classic, grey goes well with most colours and pieces of furniture. Grey promotes feelings of discipline and serenity.




Although a rather brave choice, black paint is known to stimulate feelngs of mysetery, power and intrigue. As is the case with white, ensure that you do not overdo the solid colour (by ensuring you have a diverse range of decoration and colourful points of interest.)


Give flooring some TLC


When remodelling your living room, you need not rip up your flooring in a despearate attempt to renew the space. There are certainly other ways to achieve this without a massive dent in your budget. If your floor is looking incredibly tired, a new varnish or finish will do wonders for tiles, wood or vinyl flooring. If you are sitting with a boring, concrete-like floor, you can install laminates on top as an affordable option. Why not bring in a new carpet, as well?




This can go a long way in making the space cosier and more inviting (especially during winter when flooring can get a bit chilly on our bare feet). You need not splurge on a luxurious Persian carpet, however. You can buy affordable carpets with excellent quality from various local furniture stores near you or alternatively order them online through an online furniture store.


Give existing furniture a makeover


Instead of purchasing an all-new assortment of furniture pieces alongside your new cheap couches for sale, consider revamping your existing living room furniture, such as coffee tables, side tables and shelves. Over time, surfaces become nicked and dull, which is why a fresh coat of varnish or even paint can be an amazing alternative to spending money on new pieces. In many cases, you can have fun sanding down wooden furniture before applying varnish or a finish. The same applies for painting pieces a new colour.




A lounge cannot be a lively space if it goes undecorated. Whether your decorations consist of paintings, vases or ornaments, it does not go unnoticed by family members and anyone who steps foot in the space. Consider adding some new blankets, throws or scatter pillows to your cheap couches for sale, or place some picture frames about. Installing a tapestry on the wall is also a fabulous way to pull a room together and create an interesting accent wall with minimum effort.


Another cost-effective and beautiful way to accessorise your living room and give it that fresh new look it deserves is by adding some plants to the space. It has been scientifically proven that plants can play a therapeutic role in the home, whether that be from living amidst them or taking care of them. Either way, bringing some nature indoors is a great solution to any tired-looking space in your home.


Consider your lighting


Perhaps your living room is too dark and dingy, or alternatively it is so bright that you develop a headache as soon as you walk in. Lighting plays a massive role in the aesthetic of a living room, which is why it must be considered in great detail. Aspects such as lighting colour options, location of fixtures and small accessories such as candles or fairy lights all go a long way in contributing to a space and its vibe.


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