Whether fluffy, furry, feathered or scaly, we all have room in our homes for pets of a certain kind. Living alongside animals is one of life’s greatest joys – yet unfortunately our homes are not the natural habitats in which these animals thrive in the wild. We must therefore make provisions to ensure the safety of our pets as they live alongside us, and this has a lot to do with how we furnish and look after our homes. Find out, in just a few minutes of reading, a few ways in which you can pet-proof your home using an online furniture store.




What does an online furniture store have to do with pet-proofing your home?


When we first think of bringing animals into our home, the mess or damage they can wreak on our furniture is often the last thing on our minds. This is understandable, as the joy pets bring far surpasses the negative aspects of their presence in our homes. While we cannot completely refurbish our homes to accommodate our pets, there are a few basic measures to take that can ensure their safety as well as prevent us from having to replace chairs, couches and curtains every few months due to excited claws and teeth. Looking out for specific characteristics in furniture when you peruse an online furniture store can save you a heap of cash in the long-run as well as provide safer alternatives in your home to keep your pet as healthy as can be.


Couches from online furniture store : Do-Nots to pet-proof your home


When you check out an online store in search of couches or chairs for your home – as well as coverings – the pets in your space should always be a consideration. There are specific materials that are certainly not suitable for teeth, claws, beaks and droppings. Silk, for example is a complete no-no if you have furry friends that may access the piece. Silk is extremely delicate and highly susceptible to wear and tear, meaning that when exposed to animals it will not last long (while looking good at least).


Nylon is another bad idea when pets are involved. The fact that it is stretchy makes it a fan-favourite for cats and dogs who enjoy chewing (most of them do). The stretchy material is fun to play with and a magnet for naughty and curious fur-children. Surprisingly, even cotton should be avoided, as is the case with most natural fibres which easily show signs of wear and tear. If your animals enjoy perusing the garden and picking up dirt, rather opt for couches or chairs in a darker or patterned material, as they are less likely to show scuffs and signs of dirt – and in the same sense, choosing a material akin to your pet’s coat is a good way to avoid having to frequently vacuum.


While synthetic fibres are not always the most aesthetic option, they are arguably the most suitable to withstand the rough-housing of your beloved animals. They are more durable than materials made from natural fibres and are easily cleaned with soap and water. Using slipcovers over your material furniture is also an option, if you are not easily frustrated with having to constantly tuck and re-tuck the folds after every use.


Dog-proof your home with an online furniture store


All dog owners will come to know, sooner or later, that their dog can and will get into almost everything – and escape through the smallest opening. Contrary to popular belief, there are more things dangerous to dogs than simply food, toxic plants and chemicals. There are dangers lurking throughout your home, from your kitchen, to your bathroom and right back through to your bedroom.




Dogs love to chew. Shoes, towels, socks and pretty much anything they can get their paws on and sink their teeth into. It is a natural instinct and is to be expected. You may not be aware, however, of the danger of frequently chewing on material. When chewing on towels in particular, dogs often swallow fibres, if not a whole face cloth while they are at it. This can have terrible effects on their gastrointestinal health and result in recurring vet bills.


Strongly consider shopping for storage facilities from an online furniture store such as 5Star Furniture to place inside your home for your towels and material items. This will keep them out of your dog’s way, and keep your dogs out of harm’s way. Naturally, there are other harmful items that should always be stored away tightly, such as:


  • Detergents
  • Dental floss
  • Medication
  • Cleansers
  • Vitamins
  • Sprays


Dogs are also susceptible to poisoning from food items that may be found around your kitchen. As a rule of thumb, dogs should not be encouraged to hang around the kitchen, especially during meal preparation. This is easier said than done, of course, as they are drawn to the smell of good food (or just food in general). If at all possible, install a gate or barrier that you can easily step over or access in your kitchen doorway to deter them.


Bird-proofing your home with an online furniture store


Picture this, you have a flying three-year old who is determined to get into every tight space and corner that they can. Now you may understand what it is like to own a bird, and the trouble they may cause in your home. Of course, the trouble is worth the reward of the special bond shared between you and your feathered friend. There are, of course, many alterations that can be made to bird-proof your home, but the following are a good few with which to start:


First and foremost, if you decide to keep your bird’s wings un-clipped, you must realise that your bird constantly runs the risk of flying into window panes. Like birds in the wild that crash into your windows and sliding glass doors, pet birds cannot understand the notion of glass and the risk it poses. Flying into glass can cause shock, mild or severe injury and death. With this in mind, consider purchasing curtains or blinds from your online furniture store to pull over your windows and glass doors while your birds are out of their cage.




Birds, despite having protective feathers, are susceptible to becoming ill if the temperature in your home is not regulated, especially during winter if you live in an area that becomes extremely cold. Consider purchasing heating devices for your home from your online store. However, be aware that your best bet are oil bar heaters, which do not typically emit harmful chemicals like blow-heaters. On this topic, however, it is important to do more research before bringing a heating device into your home and making the correct choice from your online furniture store.


When summer rolls around, on the other hand, we are tempted to go all out with ceiling fans and air conditioners. Both can be deadly to birds. While ceiling fans pose an obvious risk to flighted birds, being in the direct draft of an aircon can easily indispose your feathered pet. As a safer alternative to keep you cool, look for a fan with a covering on from your online furniture store. When you do so, make sure that the cover does not rotate, or that the blades are close to the grate and could injure your bird’s toes should they land on it.


Storage, as earlier discussed, is also extremely necessary if you have feathered friends in your home. This is particularly applicable to your kitchen space, as there are a plethora of foods and ingredients that are deadly to your bird, namely:


  • Avocados
  • Salt
  • Onions
  • Coffee grinds
  • Chocolate
  • Xylitol


Ensuring that you have enough storage facilities to store the above food items and ingredients is essential. If, however, your bird manages to eat any of the above, rush them to your closest vet immediately.



Be highly aware that there are a number of common household plants and flowers that are toxic to your bird. Surprisingly, succulents, lilies and amaryllis are a few that pose a major risk and that you may routinely have in your home. If your birds are flighted and free to roam around your home without constant vigilance, you may need to forgo certain plants.


Ensure that you never leave a body of water in a sink, bath or a container open in your home. Open water is one of the leading causes of death in pet birds around the globe.


Bunny-proofing your home with an online furniture store


Possibly the most overlooked pets, rabbits make excellent companions. They are often bought without consideration of their needs as presents around Easter time, only to be returned or dumped due to their particular needs. There is one particular way an online furniture store can help you to bunny-proof your home: through providing TV cabinets. Bunnies are avid cable and cord chewers, and can bite through them faster than you have time to react.




Phone chargers, WIFI cords and TV cables are not safe if your bunny roams free throughout your room or house (which is the ideal and should be encouraged at all costs). When you buy a TV cabinet from an online furniture store, ensure that your chosen piece has the facilities to store your cables and a hole to connect them flush against the wall. Bunnies are also expert at finding tunnels and crevices, so you need to ensure that your chosen TV cabinet is effective in keeping their teeth away from your important cables. Not only will failure to do so put a hole in your pocket when you need to replace destroyed cables, but your rabbits may receive a nasty and unexpected electrical shock as they bite down.




Cat-proofing your home with an online furniture store


Cats, being the most elusive and independent pets, can also get into a lot of trouble in the home and ultimately compromise their own safety (and your wallet). Although agile, cats are frequently tying themselves up in blind cords or loops and injuring themselves. Consider buying no-fuss curtains from your online furniture store if they stock them. This will mitigate the above risks.


Rather opt for bedside cabinets or drawers over nightstands when you buy furniture online if you are a cat owner. Cats are curious, and like dogs, they tend to nibble on things they should not. Pills, creams and perfumes that you may leave uncovered on your bedside table can sometimes be toxic to your feline friend, which is why you should always keep them stored when not in use. Similarly, never leave a candle lit and unattended on a bedside table, as cats have a penchant for knocking things off of surfaces – often on purpose.




Always ensure that you keep your wastebaskets, laundry baskets and washing machines closed when not in use. Cats love to curl up in warm and covered spaces, which is a problem for you if you are distracted and in a rush trying to do your laundry or take out the rubbish. This is an accident waiting to happen, and failure to adequately check these spaces can have a tragic result.




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