Online Furniture Store: Top Tips For Kitting Out Your Toddlers Bedroom


A comfortable, functional bedroom is something every child needs to succeed in life. Whether you’re preparing a space for your tiny tot or decking out a bedroom for wobbly toddlers, how you choose to design your room can make the world of a difference. In this quick guide, we have listed some of the top tips to keep in mind when kitting out your kid’s bedroom. For affordable furniture, look no further than the 5Star online furniture store. 5Star Furniture has all the furnishing you need to assemble the perfect bedroom for your child.




Top 5 Tips For Furnishing Kids Bedrooms:


A well-thought-out bedroom can become the space your little one needs to flourish and grow. Balancing practicality with the right aesthetic can be a tall order for some parents. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the best tips for furnishing your kid’s bedroom the right way. Get ready to hit the online furniture store with these top 5 tips for furnishing your child’s bedroom.


1)Pick A Theme:


When planning out the perfect bedroom for your child, the best place to start would be to summarize their likes and dislikes. If your toddler is all about dinosaurs, then keep an eye out for all things jurassic-related.


If you’d prefer the bedroom to remain timeless as your child grows and develops then stick with their favorite colours and incorporate a few of their current interest without going too overboard. Your child might be into fairies and mermaids for a year or two, but then switch over to hockey on the fly. So if you’re going to buy the fairy stickers, make sure they can peel off without too much fuss. Here are some key points to consider when planning your theme.




Kids Need Colours: It’s a good idea to be careful when picking your colours. Painting the walls of your toddler’s bedroom bright green might seem like a good idea at first, but odds are they’re going to grow tired of that colour scheme in a few years time. Keeping things bland and beige won’t work either, since growing children need colour around them to help their brains develop. The simplest solution to this problem is to pick a plain colour for the walls and go wild with the colourful, and adjustable, decor.


Patterns and Textures: Patterns also play an important role in developing the minds of our young ones. Recognizing simple patterns build vital foundations for learning later in life. The same goes for texture. Children learn by exploring through sight, sound, and touch. Incorporating simple patterns as well as textured rugs, blankets and curtains will give your tot an immersive experience to stimulate their developing senses.




2)Play Is Important:


Adding in some fun elements to your bedroom design will do wonders for both you and your child in the long run. With seemingly boundless amounts of energy, children love to play. With enough entertainment packed into your child’s very own bedroom, you’ll be able to enjoy a little more downtime while your kid is kept busy. Let your kids burn off the pre-bedtime buzz by filling their bedroom with entertainment like the examples below.


Chalkboard Wall: Most kids are guilty of scribbling on walls. Ditch the crayons and the dreaded permanent markers for chalk instead. Add a chalkboard wall to your toddler’s bedroom and let them develop their motor skills in the comfort of their own room. You’ll also save yourself the trouble of washing doodles off the walls of the rest of your home. Snag some black chalkboard paint and reserve a section of the bedroom for your child’s budding artistry.


Indoor Swing: An indoor sensory swing can be a great addition to your toddler’s bedroom. These fabric swings are easy to install and provide hours of fun for young children all from the safety of their bedroom. Not only is this inclusion entertaining, but it can be very therapeutic and calming for your child as well.


3)Make Space:


Preparing a bedroom for your toddler means finding ways to store all of their things effectively. Being mindful of the space you’re working with when furnishing your child’s bedroom will help you avoid clutter. It could also save you from tripping over toys discarded in the middle of the bedroom. Small room or big, prioritizing space to play will be important to your toddler’s development. Here are some convenient ways to free up space and make the most of the room you’re working with.




Minimize Mess With A Toy Box: A well-placed storage box at the foot of your child’s bed is the perfect way to free up space. It comes with the added benefit of teaching your child the discipline of cleaning up after playtime. When all of their toys are stored in the same box, your tiny tot will know exactly where to put everything when they’re done for the day. 5Star’s online furniture store offers the perfect padded storage boxes for keeping your child’s bedroom in order.


Accessorize Your Wardrobe: When picking out the perfect wardrobe for your child’s bedroom, keep an eye out for spacious designs that can hold multiple crates, boxes, and coathangers. Check out 5Star’s online furniture store for some spacious wardrobes to get started with. You can even install a second set of rails under the first, since your toddler’s clothes probably aren’t long enough to warrant all that leftover space at the bottom.


Double Up With A Bunk Bed: If you’re catering to more than one child, consider investing in a bunk bed from an online furniture store like 5Star Furniture. Stacking one bed on top of the other is a great way to free up space and provide a fun experience for your children at the same time. 5Star Furniture offers a broad variety of bunk beds to fit your ideal bedroom design.




4)Work In A Workspace:


While your toddler might not necessarily need a writing desk just yet, it’s a good idea to set aside a section that will eventually develop into a functional workspace. This preparation can begin with a simple setup of a child-sized chair and table where your toddler can learn to draw and colour. As your child grows, the table can be swapped out for a bigger desk, and homework assignments will then have a set place where they take place. Here are two simple ways to prepare a workspace for your developing child.


Back To School Desk: Adding a simple study desk in your child’s bedroom will help them associate sitting at that desk with learning time. As your child gets older, the desk will prove as a comfortable space where studying and homework get done. There are dozens of child-sized desks available across online furniture stores. It all depends on what design works best with your child.


Creative Tabletop: Adding a table of some kind that will encourage your child to create is useful for flexing their creativity and will help with both emotional and physical development. If you don’t want to get the table messy you could cover it in a plastic sheet to protect it from whatever glue or glitter may be spilled during art projects.


5)Create A Cozy Corner:


At the end of a long day of learning and play, your child’s bedroom should be the sanctuary where they feel comfortable relaxing. Making sure your child’s room is cozy enough to enjoy on a rainy day is vital for ensuring maximum comfort in their own personal space. Sharp edges and sterile designs don’t make for a very welcoming bedroom, so skim through your chosen online furniture store and pick out some comfortable novelties for your child’s benefit. Here are some helpful options to consider.




Bean Bags: A bean bag is not only a comfortable place for your child to kick back and relax, but it could help tie the room together as well. Take a look through your chosen online furniture store and pick out something made of soft fabric for your child to recline when they’re feeling tired.


Young toddlers’ bodies are still developing and a bean bag is a healthy way to encourage good posture in this crucial phase of development. One of the biggest benefits of bean bags, however, is how easy they are to clean.


Plushies And Pillows: Plush toys and soft continental pillows will also help to make your toddler’s bedroom more welcoming and enticing. Plush toys provide a sense of security to young children and are even known to improve language proficiency. When your child is feeling particularly sensitive, they can strike up a conversation with their cuddly plush buddies from the comfort of their cozy domain.




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About 5Star Furniture:


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