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Baby showers are an excellent way to help expecting parents acquire some of the needed items for their baby. A baby shower is also an opportunity for you to show your love, support, and excitement for the new baby in your family or friendship circle. From gifts for a family member to your best friend to your work colleague, you will find the perfect baby shower gift in our categorised guide. When looking for the perfect furniture piece as a gift for the baby nursery, you will find a wide variety of high-quality and comfortable furniture pieces at 5Star Furniture’s online furniture store.




Gifts for a Baby Shower:


Finding the perfect baby shower gift can be difficult if you have never been to a baby shower before or have not had a child of your own. You need to ensure that your gift will be practical and relieve some of the stress for the parents-to-be. To make finding the perfect gift easier, we have created a categorised guide so that you can find the baby shower gift suited to the expecting parent’s needs and your budget.


1) Furniture for the Nursery:


One of the major concerns for most parents-to-be is the nursery. The baby nursery is a fundamental space to get ready for the arrival of the new baby, but the expenses of these essential furniture pieces can be a financial stress for the parents. If you are attending a baby shower for a family member, you can consider gifting them a furniture piece that they will find useful and appreciate. We have briefly outlined the four essential furniture pieces for a baby nursery.


Crib: Babies have a lot of growing to do, which means that they will need a comfortable and safe space to sleep. A crib is a specifically designed sleeping space for babies that keeps them enclosed in the space to prevent any falls and will have a breathable bed base to keep them safe while they sleep. A crib will become essential from around 3 months and can be used up to 3 years, making a crib a gift that will be truly appreciated by the parents-to-be.


Storage: Babies may be small, but they require a lot of gear. From clothing to blankets to toys to products, the parents-to-be will need a lot of storage in the nursery to keep everything organised. Dressers with lots of drawers are a perfect gift for a nursery.


Changing Table: A changing table will be an ultimate nursery furniture gift. From changing nappies to dressing their baby, parents-to-be will find that they spend many hours at a changing table. The changing table you choose needs to be spacious so that the parents-to-be can place their baby on it and have nappies, creams, wipes, and clean clothes within easy reach.


Nursing Chair: A nursing chair will be a highly valued gift for the parents-to-be. The mom-to-be will need a nursing chair in the nursery to feed the baby or for either of the parents to hold the baby while it falls asleep. A nursing chair gift will also allow the parents-to-be to relax and spend time comfortably in the nursery with their baby.




2) Baby Travel Items:


Whether it is visiting friends and family with the new baby, getting the grocery shopping done, or walking along the promenade, the parents-to-be will need baby travel items. Gifting baby travelling items will make leaving the house with the baby less stressful for the new parents. We have listed the essential items to keep the baby safe whilst travelling and to make the parents’ lives easier when going places with their baby.


Car Seat: The first trip home from the hospital is an exciting moment for new parents. Allow the parents-to-be to be prepared for this moment, and every other trip in the car, by gifting them a car seat for their new baby.


Stroller: A stroller is essential for any new parents and will be used for years, making a stroller a critical gift. There are various types of strollers, such as all-purpose strollers or travel strollers with various attachments suited to different types of travel, so you can find a stroller perfectly suited to the parent’s lifestyle.


Diaper Bag: Every parent that is travelling with a baby will need a diaper bag. Spare nappies, bottles, cleaning products, dummies, and toys can easily be stored in the diaper bag for the parent’s convenience. You can find a wide variety of styles to match the bag to the personality of the parents-to-be, making this both a personalised and useful gift for travelling with a baby.




3) Baby Care Products:


Baby care products are an easy gift to match with your relationship with the parents-to-be and your budget. You can find a wide variety of baby care products to create a beautiful gift for a baby shower. You can also join a few friends together to create a large hamper that includes all the essential items, which we have created a brief list of below.


  • Nappies.
  • Bathing products, including baby washing soap and baby hair wash.
  • Baby first aid kit.
  • Nappy rash cream.
  • Unscented baby wipes.
  • Washcloths.
  • Brush and comb.
  • Teething gel.
  • Baby lotion.
  • Baby thermometer.
  • Baby powder.
  • Nail care set.
  • Hooded baby towels.
  • Pacifier.
  • Bibs.




4) Useful Equipment:


If you are looking for a gift that will help the expecting parents adjust to being new parents, then you can find a wide range of useful equipment pieces that will do just that. Useful equipment pieces help new parents feel relaxed as they can monitor their baby more effectively or allow their baby to sleep uninterrupted. Help make being a parent easier by gifting the parents-to-be with either of these two useful pieces of equipment.


Baby Monitor: Many parents love having a baby monitor so that they can keep an eye or ear on their baby while it is asleep or in the nursery. You can gift either an audio or video baby monitor to provide the parents with peace of mind.


White Noise Machine: White noise machines can be a magical gift that helps keep the baby asleep and allow the parents to rest their exhausted bodies. White noise machines will produce a white noise that will cancel out any other noises that can disturb the baby while it is asleep.


5) Clothing:


Clothing is a popular present at baby showers. You can choose between practical baby clothing pieces, such as baby grows or jerseys, to fun clothing items, such as branded shoes or dress-up items for photographing the baby. When gifting clothing, consider purchasing a variety of sizes so that the parents-to-be are sorted with clothing for the next few months. Clothing is a perfect gift for a friend’s baby shower or colleague’s baby shower as it is a useful gift that can be tailored to your specific budget.




6) Gifts for the Parents-to-Be:


Baby showers are as much about the parents as they are about the baby. You want to make the parents feel spoiled and cared for during this exciting and potentially stressful time in their life. If you are looking for useful gifts to gift to the parents-to-be, we have you covered with this brief guide.


Books: If you are attending a baby shower for first-time parents and it is early on in the pregnancy, books are an exceptional gift. Many parents find comfort in reading informative books about pregnancy and caring for a newborn. If you are not a parent yourself, ask other parents what books they recommend to find a book the parents-to-be will find useful.


Milestone Markers: The perfect gift to add to another bigger gift is milestone markers. Baby milestone markers are numbered boards that signify each month the baby has grown or other milestone moments, such as when the baby first smiled or waved. The parents can snap a picture of their baby next to the milestone marker and keep the memory cherished forever.


Nursery Décor: Every parent wants to provide a nursery for their baby that is both practical and beautiful. Gifting parents-to-be with nursery décor will allow them to create a space that is personalised and meaningful for their new baby. Find out what theme they have decided on for their nursery first, and then you can gift them with themed décor that will suit the space.




Furniture Nursery Gifts from 5Star Furniture Online Furniture Store:


When you need a quick and convenient online furniture store for furniture nursery gifts, 5Star Furniture has you covered. We supply a wide variety of high-quality furniture that will make for a durable and long-lasting gift for expecting parents. We have briefly outlined a few of our furniture pieces on our online furniture store that will be the perfect gift for a baby shower.


Single-seaters: When looking for a comfortable nursing chair for a nursery, we have a wide variety of perfectly suited single-seaters in our online furniture store. From spacious studio chairs with wide armrests for superb comfort to easy-to-clean suede wing back chairs to functional seaters in statement designs, you can find a comfortable and stylish nursing chair gift with 5Star Furniture.


Side Tables: Every nursing chair needs a small side table for placing down the bottle, having a cloth easily accessible, or keeping a book nearby for the parent to read if the baby has fallen asleep in their arms. In our lounge range on our online furniture store, you can find a variety of side tables that will be a practical gift alongside the nursing chair for your upcoming baby shower.


Dressers and Storage: Provide the parents-to-be with a functional gift with the dressers and storage pieces available on our online furniture store. We have dressers and storage pieces in various colours and sizes suited to the storage needs of the nursery.




Animal Ottomans: Finding a fun and useful nursery furniture gift is easy with our animal ottomans. Perfectly suited to an animal-themed room, our animal ottomans will be a designer touch and be the perfect footrest for weary parents.


Gifting furniture can be a hassle unless you choose furniture from our online furniture store. Our online furniture store is simple to use with all of our furniture options and their available sizes and colours conveniently listed. You can effortlessly find and purchase the single-seater, side table, animal ottoman, or storage piece for the upcoming baby shower on our online furniture store.


Another bonus to our online furniture store is that we will deliver your purchased furniture for you. You can surprise the parents-to-be at the baby shower with a 5Star Furniture delivery to their home with the fully intact furniture pieces. For a show-stopping nursery furniture gift, our online furniture store is the way to go.


Find the perfect nursery furniture gift at 5Star Furniture’s online furniture store.


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