Making the best of furniture specials

Making the best of furniture specials



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Buying new furniture can often feel like a daunting task, one where fears of forking out large sums of money are usually realized. But the process doesn’t have to be this way. The online shopping space is packed full of furniture specials, making it easy for customers with high hopes to stick to your budget while still finding that gorgeous piece.


In just a few minutes of reading, find out how to make the best of furniture specials when searching for the piece of your dreams.


Furniture specials online


Without a doubt you will find a vast abundance of furniture specials online, more than most physical stores have on offer. Month-end sales, holiday specials and many, many more opportunities exist for customers to have easy access to affordable furniture.


Shopping online for furniture specials means that you can browse at your own leisure, easily identifying budget-friendly pieces, and efficiently searching for the piece that you are looking for. This, accompanied by the fact that online stores stock huge and unique catalogues, often absent from physical stores, adds to its merits.


Making the best of catalogues, search bars and filters makes for a most relaxing experience, where you will not be overwhelmed by time constraints and the pressure to make a purchase when considering which furniture specials appeal to you.


When to look for furniture specials


Like your favourite clothing brands come out with their seasonal specials, stores often put out furniture specials during specific times of the year. For example, beds and bedding, stoves and heaters are likely to be on sale before the chilly winter months, where customers will need them most.


Before the festive season, dining room and lounge sets are often on special, in anticipation of customers needing these items to entertain guests and family visiting during Christmas and the new year. Being aware of these trends can make your hunt for furniture specials an enjoyable and budget accommodating experience.


Celebrated days like Father’s Day, Easter and Black Friday can yield the most surprising furniture specials, and although it may seem a schlep to wait for these events, your self-restraint will certainly be rewarded.


While purchasing new furniture is undoubtedly exciting, don’t be afraid of being patient and losing out. More often than not, your patience and timing could lead to your finding of a great set of furniture specials that save you money in the long run.


Tips for finding furniture specials



Furniture Specials - Top Tips


• Having a general idea of how certain items tend to be priced can be an invaluable tool in your search for furniture specials. Knowing the difference between an overpriced piece and something more suitable can save you the big bucks.


• Taking the time to compare pricing in several different stores, although it may seem laborious, is a great way to practice smart buying. An easy way to do this is by opening multiple tabs of individual stores, and using your laptop to flip through each stores categories to compare similar items’ prices.


Yes, this will take some time. However, it can save you the disappointment of finding out you have spent an unnecessary amount of money on an item that you could have bought for cheaper and from a better set of furniture specials.


• Searching for furniture during a recession or crash in the market, although morbid, is another way to find great furniture specials. Stores will need to push out products to generate income during the tough time, and these items will undoubtedly have their prices lowered in an attempt to sell.


This is your time to seize the opportunity! If you have saved and have the money to spend, do so at this moment.


Delivering your furniture


Unfortunately, transporting your new piece can be rather expensive. Most online stores do deliver, but through independent contractors and furniture specific courier companies.
If you order from a reputed online site, they will have trusted courier services that they use to transport their goods to customers.



Furniture specials - Delivery


You will have to wait several days for your pieces to arrive, around 2 – 5 days, depending on your location. But the wait is worth the excitement of receiving your new piece, with little effort on your part.


Be safe in your search for furniture specials


There exist an infinite number of false sites and links, designed to trick unsuspecting and inexperienced shoppers online. Thankfully, there are easy ways to avoid their trickery.


Trustworthy sites will likely have an acceptable URL. This means that you will be able to identify the S in the https:// – which stands for secure. More often than not, fake stores will have bizarre URLs that you can identify if you are observant.


If you are unsure, a simple internet search can alleviate your fears. Finding other references of the store are a great way to ensure that it is legitimate, and that other customers have made successful purchases.


Read the customer testimonies! Often you will find Star ratings and customer testimonies under the specific product in which you are interested. Not only does this suggest that the product is legit, but you can also get an idea of whether what you see, is what you will get from the furniture specials at hand.


If you are still unsure, do not hesitate to phone the customer service line, not during your midnight search amidst an insomnia episode, of course. A good online store will have a dedicated customer service team available to you during working hours.


Shop smart!


With so much choice either at your fingertips online, or in surrounding you in-store, it is easy to become overwhelmed and impulse buy. This is a no-no when it comes to sticking to your budget.


Not only that, but impulse buying could lead to you purchasing an item that is not suitable to your home environment. Do you have dogs? Do you have small children with sticky fingers? Will you be having a lot of guests over? These are questions that you need to ask yourself before you are lured into buying a fragile, silk couch that will disintegrate before your eyes!


This is just an example.


This is a list of some of the strongest materials that withstand wear and tear, compiled to help you make an informed decision when it comes to the material of the piece you are interested in buying during your search for furniture specials.


1. Cotton: this material is highly popular with manufacturers and customers alike. We see its durability in the fact that it is used to make the majority of the clothes we wear every day. Not only is it pliable, but also soft and pleasant to the touch. What makes it suitable to family and pet presence is the fact that it is reasonably strong against wear and tear – making it a good option for your home.


However, just be aware that you should not place a piece of furniture of this material in direct sunlight, as it may deteriorate after some time


2. Linen: durable, cool, smooth. This is another good option for a family space, or a piece that will be used by guests and visiting individuals alike. It is likely to last you a long time, and is stronger against the sun than its cotton cousin.


3. Wool: soft, flexible and comforting. This resilient material is also a great option if you are concerned about the effects of time and wear.


4. Polyester: if you are looking for an outdoor piece of furniture, polyester is a good candidate. It is strong against direct sunlight, and is less susceptible to wear and tear. Furthermore, it may make for a good candidate for a piece to place near your braai area, as it is flame resistant.


5. Nylon: as one of the strongest and most resistant materials in terms of wear and tear, nylon is also dirt resistant. This means that it a piece of this material will be a great addition to your home if it will be used every day.


Budgeting when looking for furniture specials



Furniture specials - Budgeting



Finding great furniture specials is key to keeping to your budget. But let’s address the budget issue. Many stigmatize the notion of ‘the budget,’ and believe that sticking to one is indicative of a lack of wealth. This could not be further from the truth. A budget does not distinguish between the wealthy and the less fortunate.


It is simply a means to remain financially savvy. Saving money is to be admired, not scrutinized – which is why you should never let a convincing salesperson sway you on your allotted sum that you are willing to pay. which for most


Although it may seem obvious, budgeting is essential as it aids you in accurately planning, tracking and controlling how much money you spend as well as save in the long-run. Naturally, it is a practice to be admired.


Shopping with the intention of finding furniture specials is a smart and practical way to insure your budgeting plans are not sidetracked by external pressures or the temptations to impulse buy.


Know your colours when looking at furniture specials


Like material, you need to consider colours during your search for furniture specials. Obviously, you wouldn’t mix whites and lighter colours with a busy family and pets. The rule of thumb is to always go for neutral and plain colours if you are unsure.


This is especially wise if you are looking for a piece to place in a room with exciting wallpaper or art. It will ensure that the space doesn’t become too overwhelming.


If you are worried about coming off too boring, you can always spice up your piece by using accent pillows with interesting patterns, or throws to add a more vibrant space.


If you have a neutral room with plainer furniture, a vibrantly coloured piece may actually be just what you need to freshen up the room and give it a revamp.



Furniture specials amidst Covid-19



The spread of the novel coronavirus has had an enormous impact on the entire world’s economy. People are scared to to leave their homes unnecessarily, and are battling financially in various sectors and business markets.


For this reason, furniture stores may be more likely to put out specials and sales. It is not under good circumstances, which makes the whole thing bitter-sweet, but using this opportunity to hunt for the piece you have been daydreaming about may surprise you in a good way.


During this time, it is also recommended that you shop online. The virus can be caught anywhere. Although physical stores are doing their best to adhere to government regulated sanitizing regimes and protocols, there is no assurance that you will remain unscathed.


Online you can shop in the safety of your home, where you will remain risk-free when searching the web for furniture specials. Yes, you may not enjoy the experience of loading your car up with your new piece (although some could argue that this is the worst and most back-breaking part of furniture shopping) but being patient is the best choice for your health in the now, and in the long-run.


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