Lay by


How does a lay-by work?

  • To start a lay-by you need to pay a deposit of 10%. Example: If the item costs R1 000, you need to pay R100;
  • The rest of the amount will be payable over a 3, 6, 9 or 12 month period;
  • Once the full amount is paid, then you can make arrangement to pick up your furniture.

Benefits of a lay-by

  • Your pay NO interest!;
  • The price you see is the price that you pay;
  • You can lay-by your furniture while you are building your house and collect it when you are ready.

What 2 things do I need to open a lay-by?

  • Your deposit money;
  • A valid cell-phone number.

Can I open a lay-by if I am black listed?

  • Yes!!
  • NO credit check for a lay-by;
  • NO id needed.

Can make my deposit and payments online?

  • YES!!;
  • When you selected the products that you want to buy and check-out, we will give you the lay-by option;
  • After paying the full amount you can collect your lay-by at one of our walk in stores (Midrand or Gezina, Pretoria.

Terms and conditions

  • Your lay-by should be paid monthly (every month);
  • If you do not payment for two consecutive months, the lay-by will be cancelled;
  • Upon cancellation, 90% of amount paid will be refunded with in-store-goods. The refund is valid for a 6 month period.



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Have no transport? No problem. Delivery or Courier Charges range from R250-R3000, depending on your location and product Size. Please make contact with us via whats-app, e-mail or telephone and we will be able to assist!