It can be incredibly daunting to begin the interior design process for your new home. New homeowners have to go through not only the fun, but the serious task of picking furniture that not only expresses their personal style, but that also invites comfort and cosiness. Your furniture should be a balance between aesthetics and functionality, and most importantly you need sustainable pieces that don’t break the bank. Read this article to see how you can fill your space with durable, stylish pieces when you invest in 5Star furniture specials.


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A Beginner’s Guide to Decorating


Pretty soon, you’re going to have a warm, welcoming space to come home today every day, but right now you need to get pragmatic about the decorating scheme. Interior design requires a vision for the end product and an eye for details. Below is a list of tips to consider when you’re browsing through furniture and planning your redecoration strategies.


Identify the Function of the Space


Before you begin to purchase the furniture you need, you should identify the type of space you’re working with because it determines the mood you’ll want to project through your furniture choices. If it’s a bedroom, you’ll need furniture for relaxation and peaceful sleep. If it’s a lounge, you’ll want furniture that is comfortable for visitors and adaptable to events, with ample seating. If it’s a kitchen, you’ll want plenty of storage space and easy-to-clean countertops.


Make A Shopping List With Details Of the Furniture You Need


It’s easy to get overwhelmed by options, and confused about all of the small details. There’s a world of furniture, decorations and ornaments that you can fill your space with. But if you want to be efficient, you should start with the basics and the essentials. Write a list of everything you’ll need to make your space sufficient for habitation.


Take the Relevant Measurements Before Purchasing Furniture


Before you buy anything, it is very important to understand the dimensions of your space. It would be terrible to pick out the perfect sofa, only to find that it takes up too much space in the room and it isn’t proportionate with the coffee table. So do yourself a favour, and keep a list of relevant measurements. This way, you’ll know exactly what proportion of space to cover.


Create a Blueprint




A lot of people struggle to visualise a space when they’re redecorating. A blueprint, or a basic floorplan sketch, will help you to imagine what the space will look like and how the room will function. By creating a blueprint, you’re also providing a visual guide that will help you to keep in mind a strategy for the interiors, and ultimately help you determine which specials will match your plans best.


Compare Price Ranges


Don’t succumb to impulse buying – do your research before you commit because it’s a huge administrative cost to repair and return furniture if you don’t like it. You need to buy furniture that lasts and, with all of the items on your list, you have to keep a budget in mind. Without a budget, you could end up overspending in one room and underspending in another. Look out for furniture specials that offer quality deals – such as the furniture specials at 5Star Furniture.


Determine A Design Scheme Beforehand


You don’t want to cause yourself any confusion in the early phases of home decoration. This is why it’s important to uphold a clear vision and plan of action – so that your home can look cohesive and well-curated. Something as small as knowing your colour scheme can make it so much easier to purchase furniture efficiently. Make sure to put together a mood board that reflects your style, preferences, colours, fabrics, textures and references so that you can look back on it when you’re feeling indecisive.


Play Around With Colour and Texture


Adding more colour and texture to a space can create depth and warmth if you balance it well with the natural light. However, too much of it can really create an overstimulating experience that could cause anxiousness. As a rule of thumb, it’s always best to pick neutral colours for larger surfaces, and then to introduce colour through accented decor and ornaments.


Incorporating artwork will also add colour and personality to any space. Pick your colour scheme according to the type of room. Colour can also reflect the mood, so it will be useful for setting the atmosphere and ambience in your space. For example, blue is a great colour to use in a bathroom.


The Laws of Feng Shui




Feng Shui is an interior design philosophy based around the Chinese philosophy of Taoism. It aims to create harmony between a person and their living space, by nurturing free-flowing energy through the considered placement of furniture. Feng Shui is a detailed philosophy, but we’re going to outline some basic guiding principles for any beginner who would like to integrate elements of feng shui into their home using 5Star Furniture specials.


Determine which direction your front-door faces.


You have to observe the orientation of your house and the direction in which it is situated within the existing environment. The direction will affect how much sunlight and energy your home receives, which is an important factor if you want to maintain good lighting in your home and abundant warmth. If you’re sitting on the shadier side of the hill, you would need more insulation for heat and more artificial lighting. If you’re on the sunnier side, you should make use of glass and big windows.


Follow the Principles Behind The Bagua


Feng Shui practitioners generally follow the Bagua, also known as an energy map, when creating a floor plan. The Bagua establishes clear delineations between the kind of fabric, elements and colours that can be used in different areas of the house according to their function. The Bagua separates 8 key areas: career, spiritual growth, healthy, money, fame, love/marriage, creativity, and helpful people. If you’re interested in following the Bagua, you can read about it here – otherwise, you can follow similar principles by clearly delineating spaces according to colour, the elements (fire, water, earth, metal, air) and the type of activities which it is purposed for.


Replace Clutter With Organic Elements


Stimulate chi by maintaining a tidy and orderly space. Remove clutter from your space so that visitors, air and light can move through the space freely. Keep your designs minimalist, and remember to include organic elements such as plants, wood, and candles. Look out for furniture specials that are made with the same materials and elements that match Bagua’s guiding map.


Separate Your Work And Rest Areas


Working and resting in the same area can be stressful, as you have mental associations with specific environments. Working where you sleep might prevent you from feeling relaxed in your comfort zone, triggering thoughts about your schedule. Keep a clear boundary between the areas if you want to stabilise your energy.


Complement your new Items from 5Star Furniture Specials with Some Finishing Touches




To top it all off, we put together a list of guiding rules that will help you to decorate your space in a functional yet stylish way. Once you’ve made all of your design plans, you can begin to look through the extensive online catalogue of options you have from 5Star furniture specials. While you do this, you should keep in mind some of the tips we’ve shared, and start thinking about the bigger picture and overall mood that you would like to reflect through your home.




You can have more decorating freedom if you purchase neutral furniture. This way, you can introduce colour and quirk with decorations that are easy to replace or move. If you want to change it later, you won’t have to buy brand new furniture. The smaller details – such as the artwork, pillows, photographs and plants – will tie the space together and make it your own.


Introduce Art


Bring your personality into the space by incorporating your favourite artworks. They do not necessarily have to mimic the same colour scheme as the rest of the house, and thus they are a nice way to embolden the space and break any repetition. Artworks can be an incredible source of design inspiration, and when used as visual anchors or statement pieces they tend to set the tone for a space’s mood.


Find Cohesion Across the Rooms


It is important to delineate each space according to its functional value, and it is also important to create unique designs in each room. However, there should be a common factor or design element that appears throughout the different rooms. This will increase the sense of continuity and flow throughout your home. Implement this by buying furniture specials that have similar styles and finishes.


Beware of Fleeting Trends


Steer away from fleeting pop-culture trends. Furniture is expensive, so you’ll have to buy pieces that can last through any fad. When looking through the furniture specials available to you, consider which pieces are of the best quality for the most reasonable price. Finding high-quality pieces with timeless elegance should be prioritised.


Use Lighting Carefully


While a lot of thought must go into your selection of furniture specials, lighting can also truly affect the mood of your space, and your ability to carry out tasks within the space. In a work-oriented environment like a kitchen, you’ll want bright, maybe even fluorescent lighting so that you can work efficiently. In a bedroom or lounge, it might be worth it to invest in dimmers that can change according to the occasion. Introducing extra lighting through lamps and candles creates romance and brings charm to any area.


Prioritise Seating and Storage


In keeping with the basic rules of functionality, it is a very smart idea to invest in plenty of chairs and lots of storage space. Having additional storage will prevent clutter from distracting you on your countertops and floors. It will also prove helpful if there are multiple family members who need their own storage options. Having lots of seating is equally important if you enjoy hosting events, dinners or gatherings from your home.


Enjoy Redecorating Your Homes with 5 Star Furniture Specials




5 Star furniture will make your home redecoration schemes so much easier with their wide availability of quality, affordable stock. Their furniture specials are a safe option for any buyer who cares about buying timeless, durable pieces that are locally manufactured. Buyers can expect to receive excellent customer services and delivery services when they make use of 5Star Furniture’s online store, which is a great option for anyone who is redecorating.


If you keep all of the basic decorating principles listed above in mind when you’re shopping for furniture, then you’ll be able to implement a wonderful design scheme. Reflect your personal style AND add value to your home by prioritising function, sustainability and comfort with 5 Star furniture specials. Find what you need online, cross-check it with your budget and shopping list, then simply add to your cart and wait patiently as your vision comes to life.



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