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Delivery fee:

  • We make use of small independent contractors to deliver our products in order to keep prices down;
  • Furniture is bulky and heavy items and other than smaller items usually gets ship item by item. This also means that the shipping cost is much more expensive than small parcels. We are based in Gauteng and items are shipped from the location closest to the delivery address in order to minimise cost.
  • We send assembled goods to you. That requires careful handling to ensure that you receive your items in an (almost) perfect condition.
  • Estimated delivery cost is R12.50 per km.
  • Please contact us for a quote on delivery.

Same-day delivery:

  • Yes, we do offer same-day delivery! Weather permitted – we can unfortunately not handle and deliver furniture in wet conditions;
  • Month-end periods are usually busy and we strive to deliver with 2 to 5 days in this period. Furniture is bulky, heavy and takes time to handle. We will rather take a bit longer in order to get your goods in a good condition with you;
  • Please contact us early to make things easier!

Delivery country-wide?

We do delivery country-wide but please note that furniture is ready expensive to ship (outside of Gauteng) due to the size and the volume thereof.

Things to remember when you pick up yourself:

  • Rope (in order to faster the item on your vehicle);
  • Blankets to prevent your furniture from scratches;
  • We will gladly assist to load and pick-up is entirely FREE!
  • Please allow enough time for us to load and fasten your furniture properly to ensure that your good doesn’t damage.

Tip: Detailed delivery address might lower the price

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Conveniently pay for your products online to make sure you secure them before stock runs out.


We offer various online payment methods, all encrypted and secured by the Payfast payment gateway.


Have no transport? No problem. Delivery or Courier Charges range from R250-R3000, depending on your location and product Size. Please make contact with us via whats-app, e-mail or telephone and we will be able to assist!