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If you are looking for the easiest way to spruce up your home, or searching for that new piece of furniture you have been dreaming about, you have found yourself in the right place. There is a reason why the online furniture store industry is ever evolving and becoming increasingly popular.



In just a few minutes of reading, find out why shopping online for furniture is so popular, as well as learn a few neat tricks about decorating.



Why choose to shop at an online furniture store?



Unlike a trip to your local furniture store, you are more likely to find a wider, more diverse and affordable selection of exciting pieces. Find what you like in your own time, without long queues and impatient salespeople to sway your decisions.



Taking several hours out of your day to traipse around a store full of expensive price tags can take a toll on a person. Luckily, you now know that an online furniture store serves to provide customers with unique pieces at extremely low costs.



Terms to know when navigating an online furniture store



– Catalogues: a catalogue is a list or compilation of items of interest. When shopping at an online furniture store, make sure to take a scroll through their catalogues for some great deals and ideas.


– Search bar: A search bar provides you with a modern way to direct your search through the use of keywords. For example, if you are searching for a desk, typing “desk” in the bar will save you the effort of scrolling through the website in attempt to find related items.


– Filter: Many online stores make use of filters to narrow down a customer’s search and make for easier shopping. Using the filter option can take minutes off of your search.



online furniture store - catalogue




Online furniture store specials



One of the best aspect of an online furniture store is its likeliness to be having a sale, often at all times of the year. However, there are special occasions and dates to look out for if you are hunting for a great deal.



Holidays like Christmas and New Year are a great time to keep an eye out for huge sales. Many an online furniture store will know that people are preparing to host their families and friends for the festive season, and often need to spruce up the house in order to do so. Often, entire lounge sets and bedroom catalogues drop majorly in price – making this the best time for you to make your move.



Easter, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are some other celebrated days that enjoy great furniture and home decoration specials. One can imagine that an online furniture store is preparing for last minute shoppers to buy something cheaper for their loved ones.



Black Friday sales more often than not top the charts, with massive sales spanning across online stores in anticipation for the huge retail event. Don’t forget to mark this date in your calendar to go furniture hunting.



Online furniture stores are budget-friendly




online furiture store - budget friendly




As you now know, when shopping at an online furniture store, you are likely to find the most affordable pieces. What makes it better is that many stores have detailed payment plans that accommodate those who need to keep to a strict budget.



Whether it be a short payment plan of two months, or a longer plan of 12, your online furniture store should have an option that works for you and your budget.



Shopping in store comes hand in hand with outside pressures. You may be persuaded into buying something at a price outside of your comfort zone and fall victim to impulse buying – something we have all done at some stage in our lives.



Shopping online means that you can easily compare different prices, do your own, independent researching while at the same time sipping on your favourite hot drink in the comfort of your own home. What’s not to like?



Decoration tips to keep in mind



Bring the outdoors, indoors 


If you want to freshen up a room in a natural yet unique way, think about purchasing some indoor plants. If you have a garden, it is likely that you already have some plants that you can remove and pot within your home. While certain plant species are finicky, the result of a green splashed home is well worth the trouble.



Surrounding your new piece that you’ve bought with some fresh plants or shrubs is a great way to make it stand out and look more appealing.



Your outdoor element doesn’t have to be living! Consider bringing inside some aesthetic branches or twigs that you can use as a decorative piece, especially in a dining room setting.



Find accessories where you least expect



It is bound to happen that at some stage, even your most favoured and adored room in the house can become a bit boring after some time. Homes are meant to be redecorated and spruced up as you live in them. However, this redecorating process is easier said than done, when you think of the effort and costs involved when getting started.


Luckily, there is a quick fix to the issue. Sometimes, all you need to do is swap decorations around the house. Whether you are pinching a vase from another room and placing it somewhere new, moving a coffee table from one space to another, or finding some ornaments in storage to place in your lounge.



Although they seem like very small measures, every tiny detail works to freshen up your room’s look and vibe.



Boxes of treasure



Most of us have garages, storerooms or that designated cupboard that we use to store old things. Sometimes, taking the time to go through those dusty items can in fact save you a few bucks in décor shopping.


Taking a few old books, cleaning them up then making a small pile on a coffee table or cabinet can bring a vintage splash into the room.
Old paintings and ornaments can bring joy to a room in need. Keeping old things is always good to an extent, as style and trends come back around after time, meaning that you can use something you loved years ago to revitalize your home.



Updating your headboard



A headboard is one of the most underrated pieces of furniture in terms of its decorative value in a room. Upgrading it can have a huge effect, and can be done in several easy ways. For one, making use of a blanket or piece of fabric or tapestry to drape over the headboard is a good route to go for a unique look.



If you don’t have a headboard, simply take some paint (of course, make sure that you like the colour) and paint it into a reality. You can paint in the traditional shape of a rectangle, or go for a feistier semi-circle or circle shape. This pulls the eye to a focal point in the space and can really revolutionize the room.



A seat with a view



online furniture store - seat with a view



Most of us can’t deny the simple joy of reading next to a window with natural light spilling over the page in front of us. When thinking of ways to spruce up your home, try searching for a comfy chair on your online furniture store of choice and create a window seat.



Here, you can decide what type of chair will best fit the mood of the scene outside the window. A beautiful garden view would go wonderfully with a floral themed chair, while a city view would best be paired with a more modern and neutral coloured piece.



With both of these suggestions, and any you may find online, make sure that the two materials won’t clash. Neutrals are the safest bet in any case, and provide a timeless and classic look.






Pillow talk



Spicing up your room is as easy as searching your online furniture store for some funky, vibrant pillows with which to spruce up your older couch or bed piece. Reupholstering can work out to be highly expensive, whereas purchasing a few new pillows won’t hurt the budget.
If you have a few comfortable pillows that you do not want to part with, try looking for some new pillow covers, with the correct measurements of course, to brighten up your space.
Another option you could try is to look for a brightly coloured throw or blanket to drape over your couch, giving it a fresh, new look.



Bed advice – what really mattress


getting the best out of an online furniture store - buying a mattress



Usually, there are 3 standard types of mattresses, soft, medium and firm. Each has their own unique list of pros and cons that are important to know before making this important purchase from your online furniture store of choice.



 Hard Mattress: pros

• Pressure on the circulatory system is reduced, encouraging better blood flow.

• Because your lower back is fully supported and straight, the body is able to inhale higher amounts of oxygen as you sleep.

• For those with hip and leg injuries/chronic back pain, harder mattresses support the use of props or pillows to elevate areas of concern.

• A neutral spine position is formed, meaning that it is less likely you will awake in pain having slept in a strange position.


At first, customers may dislike the feeling of a harder mattress. However, as time passes, the body naturally becomes more accustomed to the benefits of a firmer mattress.


Hard mattress: Cons


• There are studies suggesting that for people with chronic lower back problems such as rheumatism and arthritis, harder mattresses are not a good option.

• If one has a larger or heavier body type, an indentation may begin to form in the mattress after a while.

• Making the jump from a softer mattress to a harder one can be an uncomfortable, and sometimes even painful process.


Soft Mattress: pros


• For those who are aging, soft mattresses can be kinder on joint pains and aches.

• People with a smaller or lighter body type are likely to enjoy a softer matress, without the risk of losing spinal support.

• Soft mattresses are a great option for those who tend to sleep on their side, or in a fetal position.


Soft Mattress: cons


• Because a softer mattress usually lacks support, the spine can be pushed out of alignment and cause complications later.

• Softer mattresses tend to be more expensive than their harder counterparts.

• Soft mattresses are less durable than firmer ones.


Delivery despairs


Arguably, one of the best parts of furniture shopping at a physical store is the excitement of being able to take your new piece home on the same day. When shopping at an online, you will have to be more patient. Deliveries often take between 2 to 5 working days, and potentially more if you live in a more remote area.



Despite the wait, you will save in petrol costs and effort – and can rest easy knowing that when your piece finally does come, it will arrive scratch and damage free, just like you had hoped.

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