Welcoming a new addition into the family can be overwhelming enough – and that’s before you even consider the furniture pieces you will need to source for your tiny inhabitant’s nursery. Having a baby does not come without great costs, and excessive prices for designer nursery furniture such as cribs and changing tables can put a serious hole in one’s pocket. However, this is where furniture specials from online stores like 5Star Furniture come in. In just a few minutes reading, learn about how furniture specials can lighten the financial load of getting ready for a new baby – and a few other tips to help you along the way.




5Star Furniture specials


Before delving into the art of nursery creation, you should have some background knowledge of the unbelievable furniture specials and deals offered by our online furniture store. 5Star Furniture, established over 16 years ago, we stock affordable, locally-made furniture pieces that are durable and long-lasting. We have made it our mission to source smaller suppliers so that the furniture you purchase is unique in kind and adds special value to your home. We stock most of the furniture pieces you could desire for your home – at great prices.


When it comes to baby furniture, we do not stock changing tables, cribs or child-care resources. However, there is no need to purchase all the furniture from expensive nursery companies. We have furniture deals on dressers, side tables, chairs, lounge suites (to accommodate the guaranteed influx of guests who wish to meet your new bundle of joy) as well as beds to revamp your spare room (which will undoubtedly be used more frequently).


How to organise your nursery with furniture specials


Having anxieties over what exactly you will need in your new nursery? We have compiled a brief checklist of all the basic items you will require, and have taken special care to indicate which of these items can be purchased through 5Star furniture specials.


A place to lay the little one’s head


The crib or bassinet is arguably the most important piece of furniture in your nursery. This is where your baby will rest, and unfortunately, from where it will wake you from your slumber on multiple occasions at night. Both a detailed crib or a simple bassinet will do – but there are a few differences between the two that you should recognise before you purchase either one. Traditionally, a bassinet is described to as a small bed with freestanding legs while a crib is known to be larger and more appropriate for spacious rooms.




Despite their differences, both share the trait of coming in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and most importantly – prices. Even though you may want to spend as little as possible in preparation for the costly medical expenses, it is important that you purchase a crib or bassinet that is made of high-quality materials and is sturdy in nature. Be aware, however, that many parents dissuade the purchasing of drop-side cribs, as they allegedly do not provide enough support for the baby as it sleeps.


Something to keep the little one warm


A crib or bassinet is almost useless without adequate bedding that will keep your new family member warm and comfortable. Choosing bedding is also a fun part of the nursery process and can be a bonding experience for expecting parents. There is a variety of bedding options from which to choose, such as bumper pads, crib sheets, pillows, blankets and crib skirts. Even if you choose a baby sack to cocoon your baby, this does not mean you cannot purchase and display other types of bedding in the crib – but be sure to remove excess bedding that is not in use.


Don’t forget to find a special cuddly toy to keep your baby company as they sleep. However, be aware that you should not allow your baby to sleep with any soft objects before they are at least 12 months old. Paediatricians argue that having unnecessary items and clutter in the crib when your baby is unsupervised can lead to suffocation and strangulation in rare cases. After their first birthday, the risk of these tragedies decreases significantly – but it is always necessary to conduct thorough research on crib safety before your precious one arrives.


A changing station


You are going to be treated to thousands of dirty diapers in the first 12 months of your baby’s arrival. However, you can take comfort in the fact that you’ll soon be able to change them in record time – provided you have a reliable changing station. Changing stations come in a plethora of shapes, sizes and designs. If you purchase a fully kitted-out station, you can expect it to be quite costly. However, you can always make use of furniture specials to ease this burden – and here’s how:


There are a variety of flat-topped dressers featured in furniture specials, and it is super easy to buy a changing pad separately and attach it to the top of the dresser. This way, you will not be paying a fortune, but you will still receive the same benefits and function. Drawers in a dresser are extremely important, as you will need to fill them with all kinds of ointments, wipes and most importantly – diapers.


A place to store it all


Storage furniture is often the most overlooked furniture when it comes to setting up a nursery. In fact, many new parents only realise they do not have enough of it when baby clothes, blankets and gifts are piling up with nowhere to put them. One way to solve a storage problem before it begins is to purchase a basket or two to place on the floor next to your little one’s crib. Not only is this an attractive decoration, but is also a great place to store all of the bedding and other soft items that are not in use.


Another way to tackle the storage problem is by making use of furniture specials on pieces such as dressers and cupboards. 5Star Furniture offers a plethora of dressers and cupboards, in many different shapes and sizes – many of which are featured in furniture specials. For example, the classic “4 drawers” in white will make an excellent addition to your nursery. Not only are the drawer knobs simple and appealing, but the overall structure of the piece lends itself to simplicity and good design.




The significant drawer space offered by this piece will certainly come handy when you think about how many changes of clothing a little one can go through every day. Despite the rush and stressfulness of having a baby, it is important to ensure that the drawers always remain organised so that you avoid having to toss out entire sections when looking for a specific item. Additionally, smaller items such as socks and bibs should be stored in their own compartments so as not to get lost amongst the bigger items of clothing.


Something for the little one to look at


Choosing a baby mobile or hanging decoration is one of the most exciting parts about getting your little one’s space ready for their arrival. For years, mobiles have been considered an essential item for nurseries around the world – and this is because they are said to soothe and entertain the child when they wake up. There are plenty to choose from! Some comprise of mirrors, lights and calming sounds, while others boast a music feature and moving parts. Whichever you do choose, make sure you do so with love.




A comfortable chair to rest on


Have no illusions that you will miss out on the dreaded sleepless nights that expected parents are frequently warned about. Your new-born is likely to wake you up tearfully on multiple occasions during each evening. You will need to comfort, feed, or change them should you wish to get back to sleep any time soon. On many occasions, getting your baby to fall back asleep again will be a trying task – which is why you need a comfortable place to rest while you attempt to do so.


Comfortable chairs are regularly part of furniture specials, and many can be purchased at exceptionally low prices but still feature high-quality materials and features. 5Star’s Wing Back in grey tapestry is a great example of a combination of comfort and elegance. The chair is the perfect place to wind down after an intense diaper-changing session and begin lulling your child back to sleep. This piece is currently featured in furniture specials, costing R1,999 (at the time of writing) which is a far-cry from its original price of R2,999.




As part of our furniture specials, we offer several payment options to assist anyone with keeping to their budgets. Taking the comfortable and elegant Wing Back as an example, you can choose to pay in instalments between 6 weeks, 3 months or 12 months. Should you choose the latter option, you will only need to pay R183,00 per month. This is an affordable option for a necessary piece of furniture in your nursery.


A place to toss dirty clothes


A wash-basket, or hamper, is a great addition to any bedroom – and a baby’s one in particular. As already mentioned, baby’s often go through several changes of clothing in what feels like no time at all. Should you wish to avoid a pile of dirty baby clothes collecting in the corner, investing in a hamper is a good idea.


A baby monitor


Increasingly becoming more popular around the world, a baby monitor helps soothe the hearts of concerned parents. Having a new-born is scary. They are fragile and altogether helpless, which means that it goes against our nature to leave them unattended, even safely in their crib, for extended periods of time. Monitors function effectively to keep parents in audio contact with their child – wherever they are in the home. Many monitors include both an audio and visual function, which suits some parents better. In the end, all that matters is that you as a parent feel comfortable with leaving your baby in their nursery so that you can get some much needed rest.




Something to chase away the darkness


Even for us adults, waking up pitch darkness can be scary. Imagine how it feels for a tiny tot? Many new parents mitigate this issue by purchasing nightlights – and many claim that it is a nursery essential. Not only will it help to soothe your little one when they wake during the night – but it can make your process of attending to them much easier.


You can use the nightlight to go about changing, feeding and putting your baby back to sleep again. In doing so, you can avoid turning on a bright overhead light that can prevent your little one from falling back asleep so easily.



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