When the clock struck March 2020, the world was turned on its head and everything changed overnight. In 2020, each one of us was forced to spend most of our time within the confines of the walls of our homes. By spending so much time at home, we realize the importance of practicality, the importance of open and wide spaces, the importance of adaptability in our space and the importance of changing the function of your space to suit your needs. Another thing that was developed in many people while spending time at home was a side of creativity that they haven’t seen in years. People have re-learned the zest of life and how to make the best of every moment. These moments include doing DIY projects at home, upcycling vintage furniture, and redecorating interior spaces to make them suitable for work and play. Every year the trends for interior design and furniture adapt and evolve to suit the world that we are living in, and this is truly the case so the furniture trends of 2021 amidst the pandemic. If you are in the process of redesigning your interior space, this is the right article for you. Here follows a few lists and descriptions of the top interior and furniture trends of 2021 to help you keep up with the times even though you might not have stepped foot out of your house in a while. Also included in the lists are options from the 5 Star Furniture store that will help you keep up with the trends of 2021.


Individuality and uniqueness – One of the top trends of 2021 includes the increasing popularity of custom-made and designer items. As this is the era of sustainability and the support of small and local businesses, many households are tending towards buying custom-made pieces especially for their homes, designed and made from native materials. These days, consumers are not only interested in the aesthetics of their pieces, but also in the history of the piece, the sustainability, the re-use of materials, and the story behind each piece of furniture.


Art deco furniture – Why not add a statement to your space by not only using art on the walls but furniture that are pieces of art in themselves. Art deco, established in the late 1920s and early 1930s, is characterised by its rich, bold, and luxurious elements. There are often geometric shapes such as zigzags and Chevrons included in the designs and these two aspects allow art deco furniture to be most modern but also to have the classic feel of old luxurious furniture. If you want to add a little bit of art deco to your space, consider adding touches of ivory, shiny metal accents, bold colours, and eccentric shapes.




Vintage beauties and antiques furniture – Again, because of sustainability becoming a highlight in the world today, lots of people are upcycling old vintage and antique furniture. The craftsmanship of antique furniture is second to none – intricate carvings on wooden pieces and metalwork like you have never seen before. The best thing about up-cycled antique furniture is that, in 2021, each piece that you own will be one of its kind, which helps you add your own personality and rich history into your space. Take a walk around the vintage furniture stores in your area and you might find some out-of-this-world furniture specials. Part of the furniture specials on 5 Star Furniture is this antique-inspired coffee table with engravings on the legs that give you the feel of a piece that you may have found at an antique thrifting store.




The beauty is in the details – Yes, the overall aesthetic of your furniture is what matters, but when you pay attention to the smallest of details, you truly see the real beauty of what is right in front of you. In 2021, people designing interior spaces are paying more attention to detail by selecting materials with different textures, adding intricate stitching into their furniture, and adding special accessories to give their space a more personalised touch.


Maximalism is the new minimalism – If you are someone that likes to incorporate everything that you love into one space, 2021 is the year for you. Take advantage of all the furniture specials in your area and add every contrasting pattern, eclectic print, and bold design that you’ve been loving into your home. To be a maximalist you need to be bold, brave, and willing to take risks when it comes to mixing and matching different patterns and styles. Mix up wall decor with funky accessories and patterned carpets or curtains for a fun twist.


Rustic and comfortable – In 2021, one of the main furniture and home trends includes maximum comfort in one’s own home. A rustic-chic look can be achieved by incorporating different wooden, linen, and earth-inspired textures. Another interesting way to add a rustic feel to your home is to choose wooden furniture that has exposed supports and beams.




Focus on your office space – Because of the fact that we have been forced to move our working life into our homes, there has been an immense focus on designing the office to be a stylish, inspiring, and adaptive space in your home. Furniture specials are popping up everywhere for office furniture. In modern offices, it is also the new trend to include exposed bookshelves and to use your books and other practical items to add interesting decor to your space.


Shape it up – Geometric shapes are a major trend of 2021. Whether it means adding art pieces that include a little bit of geometry into your space or by adding furniture pieces that have a geometric feel in their frame and construct. This desk available on 5 Star Furniture is a part of the furniture specials that you cannot miss out on if you are looking to add geometric inspiration to your home.




Double up on practicality and design aesthetic – Because more people are required to be in one house at once and members of the household are not going out of the house to work, multifunctionality has become a top trend. Having items of furniture in your house that can double up as both a desktop as well as a dining space or having pieces of furniture that can be neatly tucked away when not in use is the new go-to. This sleeper couch available on Five Star Furniture is one of the furniture specials that you cannot miss out on if you are looking for multifunctional pieces.




Use headboards to add a statement – Luxury is one of the main focuses of the furniture trends in 2021 and a headboard is a perfect way to add a bit of luxury to your bedroom and it will allow you to feel like you are sleeping in a hotel every night of the week. Bold headboards are an incredible point of focus for bedroom decor and can be contrasted with the wallpaper behind it to add a bit more of a funky feel. To some, headboards might be an outdated accessory, but in 2021 we are trying to add as much character to our space as possible and a headboard is the perfect way to tie your bedroom together.




Bring nature indoors – The house plant trend started a couple of years ago but is no less important in 2021. Because people are spending so much time indoors, it is important to become revitalized in the space that you are living in by adding as much greenery to your as you can. Indoor plants are becoming even more readily available and can be found by any grocery store, hardware store, or nursery in your area. Capitalize on the furniture specials on 5 Star Furniture so that you have enough storage and shelving for all your new plant babies.


Rock out in the bathroom – In line with bringing the outdoors inside, the bathroom trends of 2021 include the use of materials such as concrete, stone, and granite. Monotone cements add an elegant and timeless feel to a bathroom and the plus side is that they are also extremely easy to keep clean. The stone-like materials can also easily be matched with any of the other trends in 2021 such as the inclusion of metals, geometric styles, and natural woods, all of which can be found under the furniture specials on 5 Star Furniture.


Furniture trends are one thing, but colour trends are a whole different ballgame. If you want to stay trendy in 2021 consider adding some of these colour palettes into your home using the furniture specials available on 5 Star Furniture.


Earth tones for the earth children – Earth tones and textures in your living space add a cozy and fresh feeling. Earth-toned furniture specials help you to find relaxation in your space and can be achieved by combining natural wood, intricate textures such as linens and woolen blankets, muted colours, and again so many plants. By using muted and earthy colours, you can add as many pieces as possible of furniture to your spaces without it becoming visually overwhelming.


The perfect lighting is everything – Light adds magic to a space. In 2021, designers and interior decorators are capitalizing on natural lighting from the outside. Design your space around the interesting patterns created by the light that shines through the trees and onto the walls of your living room. Make these patterns a central feature and place your furniture in the perfect position so that you can take advantage of the afternoon’s golden hour glow.


Feeling a little bit green? – Adding green tones to your interior spaces is a major trend in 2021. This trend allows you to have a fresh feel in your home and to integrate your indoor space with nature outside. Cool green tones can be combined with earthy colours, bold art deco pieces, antique-inspired furniture, and many more of the other trends that are peaking in 2021.


With the furniture specials available on 5 Star Furniture, you can shop in-store and online to make sure that your newly designed spaces keep up with the trends of 2021. If you are designing a new space this year, make sure to give your space a timeless feel that will be elegantly classic for years to come. Design for longevity by choosing pieces of furniture from the available furniture specials on 5 Star Furniture that will look better with age and will last you decades. Remember that, in 2021, we are at the height of the sustainability movement. This means that you want to avoid changing around your space too often to prevent spending money on new furniture all the time. The furniture specials available on 5 Star Furniture are always tempting, but in 2021 living an eco-friendly life is the main trend. Being environmentally friendly and living a sustainable lifestyle does not mean that you cannot have a stylish, comfortable, and inspiring space to live and work in.



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