Furniture Specials: A guide to buying mattresses

Many underestimate the importance of choosing the correct mattress in maintaining health and mental wellbeing. Each individual needs a bed that caters to their needs, which is why making use of furniture specials to buy that special mattress is a great idea. In just a few minutes of reading, find out how to choose the right bed for you and your loved ones.






Using furniture specials to your advantage


Fortunately, if you are looking for a bed, mattresses are some of the most common pieces of furniture to find on sale and in catalogues. This is likely because beds are universal items, and completely necessary in the home.


It is highly likely that within any furniture store you visit, several mattresses will be included in furniture specials and deals. In particular, when shopping for beds, consider purchasing from online furniture stores. Online stores are highly competitive, meaning that they are constantly shifting and lowering their prices to keep up with general trends. An online furniture store is a great place to look for furniture specials that could assist you in finding that perfect bed for a reasonable price.
Buying the correct bed from furniture specials impacts your health


The average person will sleep for about one third of their life. This fact alone shows how important having the correct mattress is in the long term.




In 1953, Aserinsky and Kleitman discovered the science of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, allowing for a better understanding of deep sleep patterns and aspects that may affect it. REM is a unique period if sleep that is accompanied by vivid dreaming.


This discovery lead to the increase in sleep laboratories, whereupon it was discovered that there is a genuine link between certain beds and sleep quality. This research encouraged mattress manufacturers to assess the quality of their products.


Many people with arthritic and similar chronic conditions require very specific support systems when they sleep, in order to prevent pain upon wakening. For these people, and all those who value their physical health, buying the correct mattress is of the utmost importance. Fortunately, your search should not take too long if you utilise the abundant furniture specials that surround you.


How to choose the best bed from furniture specials



Taking the first steps to find the best mattress for you means that you value a good night’s sleep, and for the night owls, a good morning lay-in. Below are some easy steps to ensure you make the savviest purchase possible.


Step 1 – Do sufficient research



Although this article provides a basic framework concerning mattresses, it is always important to do your own, independent research – especially when it comes to the individual characteristics of each type of mattress.




If you enter a store or visit an online site, and are confronted with a great mattress that is included in furniture specials, make sure that you research all the lingo. Words like firm, bouncy, and pillow-top may not mean much to you at first glance.



Don’t be shy to pull out your phone and avoid asking the excitable salesperson what they mean. Because everyone is different and may not necessarily fit into a certain category, it is crucial to research what is required for your own, specific needs. Do not rush this process. In order to feel satisfied in the long run, invest a considerable amount of time in your research activities so that you find the right one.



Step 2 – Check out the return policy



Before clicking that ‘purchase’ button, or swiping your card, make sure you understand the store’s return policy perfectly. Some stores offer money-back guarantees and exchanges, while others simply do not. If this information is not readily available to you, make use of the available customer service options.



Step 3 – Make sure the warranty is to your liking



A perfect mattress should come to you with a decent warranty, and at minimum should cover manufacturing defaults.



Step 4 – Consider furniture specials



While your mental wellness and physical health are extremely important, it is just as important to stick to your budget. When you purchase from furniture specials, you can get a quality product at your budget cost.



This opportunity should not be overlooked. When looking for furniture specials, keep an eye out during the festive season and public holidays, as stores are much likely to put items such as mattresses in furniture specials during these times.


Questions you need to ask yourself


As previously mentioned, you need to ensure that you have listed, and taken into account the individual specifics of your requirements. Such specifics include your height, weight, existing conditions and sleeping position. It is likely that in your search, you will be asked the following questions.


1. What is your ideal bed size?



This is one of the first questions you will be asked, and one you need to ask yourself in preparation. In order to prepare, you need to measure the area in the room you wish your new bed or mattress to be placed. Will the bed be shared by two, or a single individual?



2. What is your budget?



Your budget is something you ought to determine long in advance to your search. As preciously mentioned, buying a mattress via furniture specials can aid you in sticking to this budget and emerging with some extra cash.



Despite this, buying a bed is a long-term decision. You should not compromise on comfort for monetary concerns. If it takes some more time to save for the bed, waiting could be worth your while.



3. What do you need while you sleep?



Everyone needs a bed that makes them anticipate bedtime. If you are dreading hopping into bed, you have a problem. Some aspects to consider are support, comfort and durability.





Modern mattress technology has made it possible for customers to find products that seem to be designed with each individual in mind. Mattresses comprise of certain levels of firmness, and it is up to each customer to decide which level suits them best. Soft mattresses will rank from 1 to 4, medium from 4.5 to around 6.5 up until 10 being very firm.



4. What position do you sleep in?



The firmness of your ideal mattress depends largely on the position in which you usually sleep.



Side sleepers



For those who tend to snooze on their sides, they often move positions throughout the night. Mostly they shift their legs into bent and straight during the duration of their sleep. With this consistent motion, side sleepers are advised to consider a mattress between the 3-6 scale in terms of firmness.



Mattresses with this more medium range support may assist in relieving pressure points along your back and neck. However, it is necessary to factor in the side sleeper’s need for a soft enough mattress that can contour the body’s curves. A mattress that is too firm will not achieve this function, which could result in neck, lower back and shoulder pain.



Back sleepers



Both support and firmness are extremely important for those who are most comfortable sleeping on their backs. If too soft, a mattress can lead to pressure points that may cause pain for the back sleeper.





Furthermore, if the bed does not adequately support the body, spinal alignment may be off, potentially resulting in back problems that could endure in the long-run.



The ideal mattress for the back sleeper is one that grants enough softness to do away with pressure points, and at the time has sufficient support to avoid spinal misalignment (and sinking too far into the depths of the mattress). A recommended level on the scale of firmness is between 4 to 7.



Stomach sleepers



A number one priority for stomach sleepers in the hunt for the perfect mattress is support. When one lays on their stomach, the torso applies the majority of pressure onto the mattress. To avoid sleeping at a strange angle as a result, a mattress that provides the entire body with equal support is required.



In the worst-case scenario, a mattress with too little support will lead to the torso sinking into the mattress and result in the curving of the spine – which will undoubtedly ensure lower back pain after some time.



Those who sleep in this manner need to make sure that they are as flat as possible, and even go so far as to ensure that their pillow is the same. If it is too tall, it could also contribute to spinal misalignment and in turn, pain.



One could therefore safely say that stomach sleepers should seek a mattress that falls between the 5-7 firmness range.



Learning the lingo



While shopping for mattresses and relevant furniture specials, it’s important to know the lingo with which you will be confronted. For your convenience, we have compiled some explanation on a few basic terms that you should know:



• Bounce
• Motion transfer
• Deflection
• Hybrid mattress
• Pillow Top
• Compression






A mattress’s bounce level refers to the response the product has when confronted with pressure. Remember jumping on your mattress as a child? That is certainly one way to test a mattress’s bounce. The bounce is indicative of how the mattress will fair in absorbing and transferring energy back towards the direction from which it came.





A high bounce level means that your bed could be repurposed, much to your horror, as your child’s trampoline.



Motion transfer



This is particularly important for those who will be sharing their bed. Motion transfer refers to the energy that is transferred from one area of the mattress to another. If you have a partner who tosses and turns in their sleep, you will want to consider a mattress with a low motion transfer.



This means that the amount of movement you feel when another moves on the mattress will be lessened, and thus you will not be disturbed. And on the other hand, a higher motion transfer means that you will likely feel every movement your partner makes.






Deflection can be explained using two types of measures that are often referred to when speaking about mattresses, the Indentation Deflection Force (IDF) and the Indentation Load Deflection (ILD). Both these aspects refer to a system of scoring, which rates how firm the foam of the mattress is. The higher the score, the softer the mattress, and vice versa.



Hybrid mattress



This type of mattress consists of various types of foam, with an aim of increasing comfort and support in the product. Furthermore, the hybrid mattress decreases challenges that owners of older mattresses face in terms of sagging and collapsing. Look out for this classification when you search for mattresses on furniture specials.



Pillow top



The pillow top refers to a padded ‘pillow’ layer that is attached to the top of the mattress. For those who suffer from chronic joint paint and other similar conditions, this simple addition can become the difference between a great night’s sleep, and an aching back the next morning.



The pillow top is a relatively new addition to the mattress world, and can even be purchased independently and added on top of the mattress under the sheet.




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