As we say goodbye to the passing year, it is common to see homeowners across the country wanting to seek out new furniture from an online furniture store in order to update the design schemes seen throughout their homes. Each year, families find themselves stressing over having to drive all over town when searching for furniture with matching designs, adding to the costs, energy, and time that is spent during the whole ordeal, which can often already be quite excessive. By shopping at 5Star Furniture’s online furniture store instead, you can expect to save yourself from all of the above with an abundance of additional benefits too, such as doorstep delivery along with massive sales to welcome the new year.




Some of the Biggest Sales on our Online Furniture Store


For many of us that are looking to completely redesign the aesthetic of our homes, the first thing we tend to look at is the price before we even start looking at the furniture itself. This is because furniture has gotten incredibly expensive in recent times, preventing countless families from being able to update their homes in a way that best suits them. This also makes it far more difficult to encapsulate your family’s overall “vibe” through the medium of furniture, which has oftentimes led homeowners to feel uncomfortable in their own homes.


This is a problem that has become more commonly experienced by families throughout the world since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, as many people were either left jobless or with severely cut salaries with prices across the market seeing an increase at the very same time. Thankfully, as many people are now getting back on their feet thanks to the easing of lockdowns and restrictions within South Africa, it has become far easier for the average person to start spicing their homes up in more drastic ways. In fact, there are countless homeowners that are now actively looking to redesign their homes in lieu of the COVID-19 lockdowns slowly reaching their end as a way to help them move on from past traumas and frustrations that may have occurred.


If you are looking to ease yourself and your home out of the harsher era of lockdowns and into a brighter and more freeing new year, then you should look no further than 5Star’s online furniture store today. This is because we are now hosting a clearance sale that allows you to make the most of your budget without any added hassle on your part. Categorized by room, here are just a few of the biggest sales we have going on here at 5Star Furniture for you to enjoy.




Online furniture store: Living Room essentials


Starting off with one of our biggest sales for this new year season, we have a rectangular oak coffee table with a metal frame. With its already agreeable price being cut down by a 40% discount, this coffee table may be an easy addition to any living room thanks to its handsomely reduced price alongside a simple yet sleek design. With the thick wooden oak board being paired with a stylishly designed yet strong metal frame, it is ensured that this coffee table will remain sturdy while still providing your living room with an attractive centrepiece. This coffee table is also incredibly easy to clean when tidying up your modern or contemporarily designed living room.


If the above-mentioned oak coffee table seems too simple for your liking as a result of more extravagant tastes, then you may instead be interested in our rectangular glass coffee table, which comes included with 4 stools. With a hefty discount of 47% off, this eccentrically designed coffee table should make the perfect fit for homeowners that enjoy providing their living room with more of an artistic flair while still ensuring practicality. In fact, as this coffee table comes with four stools included, it becomes far easier for you to host boardgame or fondue evenings at a moment’s notice without having your guests sit on the floor instead.


Moving on from rectangular designed coffee tables, we have a set of 2 round nesting coffee or side tables that provide a perfect blend of style along with function. With a sizable discount of 19% off, this stunningly designed table set comes with scratch-proof legs and a powder-coated frame that is strong and reliable too. Coming in colour combinations that include a gold metal frame with a solid white marble top, a black metal frame with a white marble top, and then a black metal frame with a black glass top, there is sure to be a design that best suits your home and practical needs.




With our coffee tables out of the way, we now have a wide selection of couches for sale too, each ranging in ther own discounts and styles. Starting off we have a number of Esme corner lounge suites, each of which boasts a modern look while still remaining comfortable for extended sittings. This L-shaped lounge suite comes with six scatter cushions with the same colour included in the price. As this set does consist of two separate couches that are interlinked at the corners, strength and durability are still ensured thanks to there being 4 sturdy legs at the base of each couch. This specific range of Esme lounge suites can be bought in green, blue, grey, and black velvet as well as dark grey and black tapestry too.


Now, what good is a living room if there is not a TV at the centre of it all, especially if there is not a stylishly designed TV cabinet to bring the entire room together? One of our many different options available that fit that very description can be seen in the form of our rustic grey TV cabinet with two-tone finishing. With a discount of R200 off, this cabinet also comes with a single drawer and two doors sporting glass windows to display your various ornaments or movie collections with greater easier and practicality. In-between these two display windows, you will find two exposed shelves, the perfect place for any Blu-ray or gaming system along with their accompanying remotes too.


These are only just a few of the many different sales that are here at 5Star’s online furniture store, with our other pieces providing their own unique styles and additional benefits that can easily fit in or add to your lifestyle. With each of these pieces of furniture being sold at their own discounts that allow for massive savings, you may now find it significantly more affordable to completely redesign the look and feel of your entire living room, without the stress of accidentally burning a hole in your pocket.




Moving on from our ever-growing selection of cheap living room furniture that remains high in quality, we have our just as rapidly increasing supply of affordable bedroom furniture with their own inexpensive prices. The first on our highlighted list of items perfect for your bedroom comes in the form of a two-door wardrobe fitted with a walnut finish. With practicality and convenience as this piece’s main focus, its drawers are not only sizable for sufficient packing space but are also placed on runners that move in and out smoothly and with minimal noise so as to not wake any sleeping partners in the early hours of the morning. The additional legs that prevent any water damage from occurring at the base of this wardrobe as the cherry on top is also a testament to the high-quality workmanship that goes into this proudly South African product, now being sold with an accessible discount of 31% off.


With this sizable closet now allowing you to increase your wardrobe, you would need a mirror that can stand up to the task of providing you with the keen and fashionable eye that is needed when picking your outfit of the day. At 13% off, our online furniture store may have the perfect option for you in the form of our freestanding white 1600×450 mirror. Without any additional support being needed, this mirror can be placed anywhere you find most convenient within your bedroom while emitting a stylish and sophisticated look everywhere it goes. This sophisticated look is held in place thanks to its incredibly sturdy frame and metal stand both remaining strong and durable.




After arriving home from a long and exhausting day of work or activities, it is understandable that you may be wanting to recharge. This can become an even more tiring ordeal if you are without the right bed and mattress but is also an ordeal you can avoid entirely when looking towards any one of our high-quality bed frames. Coming with mattresses included, and at various sizes ranging from single to queen, we are guaranteed to have a mattress that perfectly fits into your bedroom no matter the size and shape.


With an adequate number of legs built into each of these bases for additional support, you can rest assured knowing that the comfort that these beds provide is built on a solid foundation. This comfort, however, is made possible thanks to each bed’s mattress coming with an innerspring system along with additional layers of high-quality foam. Not only will you be guaranteed a night of pure comfort each time you go to bed, no matter which option you choose, but you can also rest easy knowing that your wallet will remain just as comfortable thanks to each of these options coming with their own discounts for even mightier savings.




Why Choose 5Star as Your Online Furniture Store of Choice?


Part of the difficulty that many people find when looking to buy all their furniture for any given room all in one purchase is that furniture stores that provide products that are inconsistent in quality, design, and practicality are all far too common. This is something that our 5Star online furniture store understands deeply and takes to heart, as we aim to provide each and every single one of our clients with a one-stop shop for all their furniture needs, with the added benefit of allowing you to keep your wallet intact while also providing quick and reliable doorstep delivery to the destination of your choice.


To get started with your orders today, all you simply need to do is click on each piece of furniture that you want to purchase across our entire catalogue and place them in your shopping cart. Once you have completed your selection, you then just need to fill in all relevant checkout details before completing your order. If you have any questions or queries regarding our catalogue as well as the countless and ever-growing selection of sales we have on offer, then please do not hesitate to contact us via email, a phone call, through our website directly or even in person at any one of our showrooms in Pretoria and Midrand today.



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