Corner Couches for Sale: Top Tips to Use Your Space Wisely


Finding the perfect corner couch that fits perfectly in your home can be challenging. Luckily, there are many excellent options available from 5 Sat Furniture. The biggest concern for many people is that their new couch will take up too much space in their lounge.


With 5 Star Furniture, you will find various corner couches for sale that are available in different sizes. You will easily be able to find the perfect fit for your lounge when you look through our website. Keep reading to find out the top tips we have to offer on how to use your space wisely.




Corner Couches for Sale: 8 Tips to Use the Space in Your Home Wisely


Are you stumped with how to use the space in your lounge? Having a small lounge can make designing your available space challenging. Thankfully, there are many different ways you can use small spaces optimally. Follow these 8 tips to make your space feel bigger.


  • Buy corner couches for sale with legs. Having furniture with legs will make smaller spaces feel spacious and bring a sense of light into any room. Areas with more floor space available make small spaces look bigger.
  • Make any room feel bigger with wide flooring. Using wide floor planks or large tiles can help create a sense of space. Additionally, incorporating a diamond-shaped rug also creates the illusion of space.
  • Add a focal point to your lounge. This can be done by creating a gallery above your couch with framed photos, pressed flowers and colour samples. This has become a popular way to move the focal point away from small spaces.
  • Hide the corners of the room to create an illusion of space. Taking attention away from corners creates an interesting illusion of space. If people can see corners they can see exactly where rooms end but hiding corners draw attention to the centre of the room.
  • Choose oversized artwork for your small living space. Using one large piece of artwork can make smaller spaces feel less cluttered and overwhelming. Large pieces of artwork can also help tie a room together.
  • Hang flowing curtains. Making use of natural light is very important for small spaces. Moreover, sticking to light colours for window treatments along with natural light creates a sense of space.
  • Incorporating curved edges also creates the same effect. Find curved corner couches for sale on 5 Star Furniture’s website to make the most of the space you have available. This can also be done by having an oval-shaped coffee table that prevents small areas from feeling full and cluttered.
  • Using multifunctional pieces is one of the best ways to save space. Ottomans that can also be used for storage are perfect for small homes with little storage available. These ottomans can also be used as coffee tables.






These tips are the perfect way for you to make the most of the space that you have. You can find the perfect corner couches for sale on 5 Star Furniture’s website as well as matching ottomans. These tips will also help you create a comfortable living space.


What Corner Couches for Sale Would Work Best in Your Lounge?


Having an idea of how you would like to use your living space is important, however, these ideas may not work well in small spaces. If you are looking for cheap couches for sale it can be easy to purchase one that will take over the space you have available.


This is why it is important to look at the necessary dimensions of the couches you like. This will ensure that the couch you purchase will fit into your lounge while also leaving room for extra accessories. There are amazing options available on 5 Star Furniture’s website which include:


  • The Lola corner couch is perfect for small living spaces. These couches provide a lot of comfort. Many of these couches also come with hidden storage compartments to create even more space.
  • The corner lounge suite couch is amazing for smaller homes. This couch can also be converted into a sleeper couch which is ideal for homes without guestrooms. You will get the most out of your lounge and you will have space available for when guests stay over.
  • A modern l-shaped corner couch will add a sleek and modern feel to your living space. This couch is designed to fit into corners which will help create a sense of space by removing focus from corners by bringing focus to the centre of the room.
  • The modular corner lounge suite can easily be moved around to create more space to sit. These couches are always in style so you do not have to be concerned about your lounge going out of fashion.





There are many options available for corner couches for sale available on our website. There are various options to choose from with regard to size, shape and material. Creating the perfect living space will be easy with 5 Star Furniture.


Corner Couches for Sale: About 5 Star Furniture


Our company has been in the furniture industry for over a decade. We have an excellent online furniture store with various options for our customers. We also have one showroom in Midrand and one in Pretoria for customers who would like to view items before purchasing them.


We make use of reliable local courier companies to ensure that our prices remain affordable. The items that we have available on our online store include bedroom, home office, lounge and kitchen furniture.


These items are supplied by South African manufacturers and some items are imported. Our main goal is to provide our customers with furniture that is value for money. Another one of our goals is to help our clients find furniture that is high quality, comfortable and fashionable.


We work hard to make sure that your experience with us is as easy as possible. We know that not all our clients have the necessary transport to move large furniture items or the ability to carry heavy items.





Therefore, we offer our clients great transport services to deliver their items to their door and help them place these items in their homes. We pride ourselves on our turnaround time and do our best to have your order delivered to your home as soon as possible.


Moreover, we have been able to keep our prices affordable by partnering with local and small furniture manufacturers. These manufacturers meet our high-quality standards so we can ensure our customers that they are receiving only the best furniture.


We are extremely proud of the products we sell and believe that our clients will be proud of the products they purchase from us. Buy corner couches for sale from 5 Star Furniture for the best and easiest buying experience.


What is 5 Star Furniture’s Delivery Process?


At 5 Star Furniture, we do our best to keep delivery costs to a minimum, therefore, we use small independent contractors to deliver the products you order. Furniture items that are large and heavy are delivered separately from smaller items.





This does mean that larger items may cost more to deliver than smaller items. Our business is based in Gauteng so in order to keep delivery costs low we will deliver your order from the location that is the closest to your delivery address.


The items that you have purchased will arrive at your door already assembled and we will ensure that each item you order is handled with care. Our delivery cost is estimated at R12,50 per km. This may vary depending on the delivery address.


Additionally, we do offer customers same-day delivery, however, this will depend on the delivery address and the weather. Unfortunately, wet conditions do make the delivery process challenging and therefore, we do not deliver in these conditions.


During month end it is not always possible to do same day delivery as business does get very busy. Furniture that is large and heavy does take longer to be delivered and we ensure that our clients receive their orders in good condition, therefore, it is not always possible to deliver large items on the same day they are purchased.


Furthermore, if customers wish to collect their items to avoid delivery costs or to receive their items sooner this is possible. We do recommend that you bring ropes and blankets with you to ensure your order is secure and protected.


If you are not based in Gauteng that is not a problem as we do offer country-wide delivery. This can be more expensive when ordering large and heavy items. Before placing your order contact us for a quote so that you have all the information about the estimated delivery fee.


Corner Couches for Sale: 5 Star Furniture’s Payment Options


If you are unable to come into one of our locations to pay for your order you can easily pay when your order arrives. All you will need to do is email, call or WhatsApp us with the items you would like to order and we will provide you with a quote with the delivery fee included.





We also make use of different payment methods such as Mobicred, Payflex and Layby. If you decide to use Mobicred all you need to do is create an account before you begin shopping with us. You can also use the account you have created at other participating stores.


Payflex is a payment plan where customers only pay 25% upfront for their orders. You will receive your items and only need to pay at a later stage. There are no extra costs or interest. The payments can be made in three instalments.


Lastly, if you make use of lay bys you only need to pay a 10% deposit on your order. The rest of your order can be paid over 3, 6, 9 or 12-month periods. No interest is added to the amount you pay. Once you have paid for the items in full you can collect your order.


Corner Couches for Sale: 5 Star Furniture’s Return Policy


All our products go through a high-quality control process by our manufacturers. However, if you are not satisfied with your furniture order let us know within seven days of the delivery. We will work hard to replace or repair the order.





When returning or replacing an order the product will need to be in the original packaging and in the same condition it was when received. The cost of the return will be on the client. If our manufacturer is unable to replace or repair the product the customer will receive a full refund.


Only the products ordered can be refunded, the delivery fee is nonrefundable. On the other hand, if orders are cancelled there will be a 7% admin fee. We work hard to ensure that all our customers are satisfied with the products they receive.



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