At the height of almost any holiday season, it becomes increasingly difficult for some of us to hold off from purchasing ourselves any number of the items that we have had our eye on throughout the rest of the year. While the prices that are seen at countless retailers still rarely seem to be reduced by much at all, you can feel at peace knowing that the cheap couches for sales that can be found at 5Star Furniture are more than able to leave you and your wallet in absolute comfort. By taking a moment to read through this brief article, you can become more familiar with only a fraction of many of our different available couches for sale, along with some of our most popular combinations too.




Which Cheap Couches Provide this Festive Season’s Biggest Savings?


Treating oneself to a whole new lounge suite is something that not many tend to take lightly. Options of couches and their companion pieces along with their prices are often taken into consideration over a period of months for some homeowners, as it is widely understood that these pieces of furniture are likely to stay with you and your family over a number of years, and in some cases even decades too. At 5Star Furniture, this is something that we understand to a tee, which is why we provide our beloved clients with only the most pristine and aesthetically pleasing cheap couches for sale that still allow you to keep your savings out of harm’s way.


Here at 5Star, we pride ourselves on not only having been able to consistently supply our customers with items of furniture that are able to fit in with the aesthetic and styles that have already been established within their own homes, but we are even able to help them change said aesthetic should they wish to. This is due to the incredibly wide range of our available cheap couches for sale, each being manufactured by either ourselves or by a variety of well-respected and widely coveted brands from around South Africa. What allows us to stand apart from other physical and online furniture retailers is that our base prices are already far more affordable than can be expected elsewhere.


To start off our search for a sale that would best suit your home, we have a Wing Back Tapestry Single Seater Chair. Coming in three different colours, black, dark grey and grey, this chair comes equipped with upholstered fabric that is incredibly easy to clean and highly resistant to abrasion, and also comes with extra decoration in the form of studs and dark brown legs. Discounted by 40% to allow for up to R1 330 worth of savings, this couch allows you to accommodate homes that are dressed in a more vintage style without having to pay for prices that are just as equally extravagant.


Another one of our cheap couches that can easily fit in with similar aesthetics would be the Rex Two-Seater Couch. Sporting a variety of different colours that include black, black leather-look, brown and grey, this couch comes with armrests that are similarly curved to the previously mentioned Wing Back Single Seater. Likewise, this couch also features studs that help to accentuate the curve without becoming too distracting. This couch is also covered in a soft but tough velvet fabric and two scatter cushions that keep you comfortable while still being incredibly easy to clean. Currently discounted by 20% that allows for savings of up to R600, this option has quickly become one of our hottest cheap couches for sale during this festive season.




For homeowners that are looking to pursue a more modern look within their lounge, or are maybe looking to add to their already established aesthetic, you may want to look towards our Lola Double Seater Divisional Couch. Reasonably priced with an added discount equalling to R299 in savings, this is an entry-level couch that allows you to stay comfy, even on the tightest of budgets. High-quality tapestry has been expertly used to upholster the sofa, adding to the modern look that is set through this couch’s square design. If this seems like a couch you may be interested in, it may also help to know that this couch is available in a variety of colours and fabrics, including black, grey, dark and mid brown, red and blue in tapestry and suede finishes.



Following the modern trend of our last entry, we have Studio 2.5-Seater Couches too, coming in a number of colours that include black, dark grey, grey, dark and light brown, gold, yellow, red, blue, teal, green. These colours can even be bought in fabrics that include velvet, linen and tapestry in order to help provide you with an option that best suits you and your living space. This couch is built with comfort in mind, allowing 2 people to sit with ample space, with an additional 2 loose scatter cushions being added for extra comfort too. Being sold with R400 being discounted off the total price, this is an excellent addition for any homeowner seeking a sleek and modern look for their living room.


For homeowners that have a little bit extra space to work with, we have an extensive selection of cheap L-shaped couches for sale too, coming in a variety of different sizes and colours to help you handpick an option that would help to complete the style you are wishing to achieve within your own home. While a bit pricier than our standard couches in respect to how much larger these options clearly appear to be, the prices that we have placed on our cheap couches for sale still allow you to save far more money than would otherwise be possible when shopping elsewhere, online or otherwise. The high quality and comfort that is seen within our previously mentioned range of discounted couches are even extended towards these L-shaped options, ensuring that you receive the quality comfort that you deserve, no matter the size of the couch that you are looking for.




Starting off with one of our more popular L-shaped cheap couches for sale would have to be the Corner Lounge Suite. Available in either a black, grey, or brown coloured tapestry, this specific couch has become widely coveted across South Africa for not only is its elegant and comfortable design, but also for its ability to open up into a double bed of standard size. This couch has been manufactured to have either variation of this lounge suite be as comfortable to use as is possible, which is why the sofa bed that has been fitted inside is made of high-density foam, providing you with enough support throughout the night without detracting in cosiness.



For homeowners with a bit more of a modern and sleeker interior space within their homes, 5Star Furniture still has you more than covered with our similarly themed cheap couches for sale. Coming in an option of either beige or white leathered coverings, we have the Modern Leather L-Shaped Lounge. This lounge suite has been meticulously and expertly crafted in such a way where comfort and design are able to go hand in hand. Without getting in the way of this suite’s aesthetic appeal, each of the headrests have been designed to be easily adjustable to your exact personal preferences for optimum relaxation without any of the added hassles.


Last but far from least, we have the Blue Corner Lounge, which can be chosen to sport either a dark grey tapestry or a brown suede that comes with a similar look and finish as seen with leather couches. Being large enough to fit 6 people, this couch is able to break up into individual pieces to allow you to alter its design in rooms with practically any size or design. As opposed to many of the other cheap couches for sale that we currently have available, this particular option places a high focus on remaining as functional as possible in a way that only adds to your after-work rest. This can be seen in the couch’s armrests, as they are easily adjustable to suit your sitting position, while also being able to open up to provide you with storage space for TV remotes along with cupholders for your beer or cooldrink!


The cheap couches for sale that have been brought up throughout the course of this article are only the tip of the iceberg, as here at 5Star Furniture, along with the other brands that are available through our website, are constantly working to design new pieces of furniture that are sure to suit virtually any room in your home or apartment. This means that our catalogue is nearly always growing, ensuring that there is always an option available to you that may catch your attention.


In fact, we do not only have a wide variety of cheap couches for sale but a variety of other pieces of furniture as well. By turning towards 5Star Furniture as opposed to any of our competitors, you can expect to start saving hefty amounts of your hard-earned cash on items such as beds of all sizes, office or study desks, cabinets, kitchen sinks, side tables, ottomans, and far more.
With sales such as this having practically become the norm via our online store, which can be accessed through this very website, it is no wonder as to why 5Star Furniture has become one of the most widely coveted furniture retailers throughout the country. Having opened our first store back in 2005, we have grown to accommodate homeowners from our single store in Pretoria to now being able to provide our services throughout the country. To get started on redoing any room in your house, there may be no better place to be than our online store.




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