Cheap Couches For Sale: Lounging In Comfort And Affordability


Are you looking for cheap couches for sale? Do you want to enjoy comfort in your living room without breaking your wallet? When you begin your journey of finding affordable couches, you will discover pretty quickly that it can be somewhat of a difficult process. Luckily, there are more options nowadays. There are many direct-to-consumer companies such as 5 Star Furniture, who offer reasonable prices for furniture and cheap couches for sale.


The following article will provide you with a list of styles of various affordable couch styles for you to choose from if you want to revamp your living room. There is a range of different couches which at times can feel overwhelming, thus you need to have a better understanding of what is out there before you make your purchase. If you are interested in the various types and styles of cheap couches for sale, then keep reading to learn more about the top 12 types of cheap couches for sale these days.


The Loveseat




The Loveseat is a lovely square arm couch big enough for two people, thus providing a comfortable, snug space for two love birds. The Loveseat can be found in two forms; one form- has been referred to as the “British two-seaters”. Usually, the couch has two upholstered seats.


The second form of the loveseat has been referred to as the “tete-a-tete”- popularised in the Victorian era, kissing bench, gossip’s chair, conversation bench, or courting bench. A Loveseat is any type of two-seat furniture whereby the seats have been arranged to form an S-shape, this is done so that the two individuals can have a conversation whilst still looking at each other and maintaining a humble distance from each other. If you are looking for cheap couches for sale, the loveseat is one type to store in your memory.


The Alessio Sofa


This couch stands out from most couches as it has a more traditional design compared to other cheap couches for sale. A survey was conducted whereby they showed that over 850 of their survey panellists chose to buy this couch, and was rated very highly with regards to feel, style, and comfort.


Reviewers have stated that the couch has cushions which are on the firmer side, some have even gone as far as to describe them as too firm. However, others have felt that they do offer incredible support once they have been broken into with time. The polyester covers are remover and washing machine friendly. Another pro includes; two throw pillows at no additional cost.


The Modular


A modular couch is composed of various ‘modules.’ You have the option of buying modules separately or together. On top of that, these modules can be arranged to make sure the couch fits into your living space perfectly depending on your needs. These types of couches are suitable for individuals who desire a bespoke aesthetic in their living room, or those who are required to fill out a large surface area in their home.


Modular couches provide the flexibility for people to create combinations which are unique to suit your needs. So, if you are looking to buy a unique, flexible, and give bespoke aesthetic at an affordable price, look out for modular couches when looking for cheap couches for sale. Other benefits include; 2-3-seater designs, ease of transport and lift, versatility, and the removal of sections which do not fit into your space.


The Lawson



cheap-couches-for-sale-lawson-chair-ink-black-and-white-doodle-drawing (1)-min


Due to the Lawson seating system having shaped lines which are fluid and equilibrium with soft volumes, because of this, the Lawson seating system can explore various types of chairs, thus providing creative solutions that force out the standard style boundaries, these range from small armchairs to bigger chairs, including couches.


The design of the Lawson includes a look which is based on the juxtaposition of materials: on one side of the couch, there is leather, which merges with the curve of the backrest, resulting in the armrest and the cushions on the other side being covered with fabric, which gives of an haute couture feel.


Couches and armchairs rest on metal feet with a polished Pewter or chrome finish, a jewel detail that provides an element of sophistication to the furniture. Every piece can be utilised in a large range of elements within the Lawson family including an armchair that has legs either covered in leather or Moka-coloured wood, this detail can also be found in the lounge and dining chair made in the Lawson range.


The Chesterfield



The Chesterfield is a timeless couch which has yet to go out of fashion. This is because it has stayed charming and sophisticated. The Chesterfield is composed of arms that are aligned with the back, upholstered seats which are decorated with big covered buttons, and the trim is finished in a nail head design.


Regardless of where your Chesterfield couch is situated, be it in your home or an office, these couches are typically created and crafted using either velvet or leather. The Chesterfield attracts the spotlight, which it deserves, as these couches are always cloaked in luxurious materials such as lustrous velvet or lavish leather. Individuals who are looking to add a little bit of grandeur into their houses can find cheap couches for sale in the Chesterfield design at 5 Star Furniture.


The Sleeper Couch


cheap-couches-for-sale-full-size-pull-out-sofa-sleeper-light-brown-fabric (1)-min


Do you enjoy hosting events with a lot of guests? Do people often end up staying the night at your place after a party? Then investing in a sleeper couch is something you should consider. Sleeper couches can transform into a comfortable bed whenever you pull out the seat.


A sleeper and a couch are space savers specifically when there are no guest bedrooms and do not take up too much space in the living room either. Additionally, sleeper couches come in various colours, shapes, and sizes. Regardless of the shapes and sizes, the couch is an amazing addition for guests to relax when they visit. For an affordable and great couch to invest in, consider a sleeper couch when you are looking for cheap couches for sale.


The Sectional Couch


If you are looking for a couch that is not linear, Sectional couches have you covered! These couches are shaped in L-shape which creates a lovely seating arrangement for your family and friends to interact with one another, as well as lounge together. L-shaped couches are convenient especially if you want to stretch your legs out and lie down.


The L-shape also has enough space for two people to lie down and stretch their legs out. Otherwise, the couch has enough space to cater to up to 4 people comfortably.


It should be noted however that Sectional couches are not the same as Modular couches. Sectional couches are normally made up of two configurations. At times you can even remove the extended L-foot section of the couch, but usually, the frame of the sectional couch is fixed.


Chaise Lounge


cheap-couches-for-sale-chaise-longue (1)-min


Most couches allow you to rest comfortably, but if you are on the hunt for a piece of furniture that is original and allows you to recline in style then consider buying the Chaise Lounge when looking at cheap couches for sale. This design is characteristic of a type of leisure furniture, with a stature that mimics a lengthened armchair. During the Rococo period, this piece of furniture was quite popular.


Nowadays this type of furniture is undergoing a revival. This piece of furniture has been typically associated with housewives and its elegance enables individuals to experience a sense of relaxation. The Chaise Lounge is often featured in interior design magazines, as it is a form of furniture that you should contemplate when looking for furniture to purchase. Fortunately, Chaise Lounge couches are available if you are seeking to buy cheap couches for sale.




cheap-couches-for-sale-daybed (1)-min


The DayBed has also been referred to as a Divan, it was first spotted in Peria, New Zealand. This is a form of a couch that does not have a backrest making them space conscious, as they tend to take up less space. However, despite the lack of a headrest, these couches do tend to be extremely comfortable.


It is an open-ended design of a couch, and as a result, it makes it very suitable to function as a bed as well. The Divan can also be matched up with scatter cushions making them quite similar to chaise lounges. If the situation calls for it daybeds can also be utilised as beds.




If you are looking for a more minimalistic style for your living room then low-seated couches are perfect for you. Usually, these couches feature low backs and puffed-up, comfortable pillows that connect to the base of the couch. These couches were in fashion during the 1950s and 60s, and have begun to resurface as popular couches for millennials.


Tuxedo Couch


The Tuxedo Couch design has been seen as the product of the Art Deco era, and similar to the formal attire, termed after Tuxedo Park, New York, these couches are elegant and smart. The distinguishing characteristic of these couches is their high arms that rest at the same level as the back of the couch, as well as a geometric and clean-lined style. The arms and the back of the couch typically rest higher than the majority of other styles of couches. This couch is perfect if you are looking to have a more formal look in your room.




Bridgewater couches assist to create an atmosphere which is friendly and casual within a room. The design of these couches is classic and simple, and by definition, they have low arms and a low profile which are placed back from the front of the couch. Typically, Bridgewater couches include a loose seat and back cushions, and the arms of the couch are typically lower than the back of the couch.


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