Do you cringe every time you see your college couch in your new home? Have you moved past your floral pattern obsession towards desiring a sleek leather couch? Whatever your reason for needing a new couch, you firstly need to get rid of your old couch. We have created a quick and simple guide for selling your old couch. Choose between the wide range of cheap couches for sale at 5Star Furniture to replace your sold couch with a new, affordable couch.





Why Are You Selling?


The reason why you are selling your couch can be important for potential buyers, therefore, it is best to have a prepared answer before you start trying to sell.


Outdated: You may have recently inherited a couch from a family member and the pink floral Boudeuse couch is clashing with your minimalist lounge. An outdated couch can quickly throw the style of your lounge and is an excellent reason to sell.


Not Big Enough: Have you recently moved homes and your couch, which fit snuggly in your apartment lounge, looks lost in your new home? Or has your family grown and you are now needing some more space on the couch? As we move through different phases of our lives, the size of the couch we need changes. When this happens, it is time to sell the old couch to make space for a better-suited couch.


Damages: Your couch may have seen better days, and its tatty disrepair is bringing down the aesthetic of your home. You need a fresh, functional couch to keep your space looking to your high standard. It is important to evaluate the extent of the damages on the couch before you try to sell it because if you do not want a broken couch, chances are that other people will not either.


A New Couch Caught Your Eye: Perhaps you caught wind of the cheap couches for sale at 5Star Furniture, and out of curiosity you went online to check the couches out. Now you cannot get the (couch name) out of your head, and you feel it is time to swap out the old for something new.




Before You Sell:


Follow these quick tips before you start stelling your old couch to ensure that you sell your couch quickly and smoothly.




Would you want the couch you have just purchased from an online post to arrive covered in dog hair and suspicious stains? When it comes to selling any second-hand furniture, the golden rule is to sell it in the condition you would want to receive it in.


We recommend giving your couch a thorough clean before you sell your couch. Wipe down the leather seats, use a professional cleaning product on the couch cushions, and vacuum the crumbs out from the couch crevices. You may just find that missing remote or a few spare coins in the cleaning process.






You should never be selling a couch that is broken beyond repair. If there are any small issues with the couch, such as a popped cushion cover which can be easily resewn or some missing stuffing out of the cushion, then we recommend doing these small repairs.


If your couch needs repair but you do not have the time or money to make these repairs, make the potential buyer aware of the condition that they are buying the couch in.


Determine Value:


Before you sell the couch, you need to determine the value of the couch. We recommend finding the price of new couches that are similar to your couch to make sure that you are not charging the same price as a new couch. You can also look online to see the prices of other similar couches so that you can have a competitive value.


Price Fairly:


One way to quickly deter potential buyers is by trying to sell your old couch for an exorbitant fee. Make sure that the price you decide on for your old couch is in line with the value. You would not want people choosing between the cheap couches for sale at 5Star Furniture over your expensive second-hand couch.


Prepare to Negotiate:


You may have correctly valued your couch and included a fair price tag, but people are often looking for a better sale when it comes to buying a second-hand couch. This is where you need to brush up on your negotiation skills.


Firstly, you need to determine if you are willing to negotiate. Your old couch may have multiple interested buyers and be priced fairly, therefore in this instance, you would not need to negotiate.


If you have only had one nibble of interest and the person is asking you to take the price down by an acceptable amount, then you could consider negotiating. Your choice is between making the sale or holding out for another buyer at the risk that no one else will show any interest.


Time to Sell:


We have created a guide on the different ways you can sell your old couch.


Post Online:


One of the fastest ways to sell your old couch is to sell your couch online. There are multiple online options for selling second-hand couches, such as Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree, that can make selling your couch quick and effortless.


We have created some tips for selling your old couch online.


1) Great Quality Photos:


Firstly, you need to include images of your couch in your online post. People like to see exactly what they are buying before they show you any interest.


The type of photo you post is also critical towards ensuring that you sell your old couch. Posting a quick snapshot of your couch in a dimly lit room with your cat lounging on the couch cushions or posting a stock picture of your couch from the shop’s website are not the pictures people want to see.


To take a great photo that will capture everyone’s eye, make sure you remove any clutter, take photos of all angles of the couch, and take the photos in the daylight.




2) Description:


It is important to include a relevant description alongside your posted picture of your couch.


Couch Details: We recommend including the size, colour, and material of the couch.


Location: Do not post your address online, but include a general location so that people who are interested know if they will be able to collect the couch themselves or have to use a delivery service.


Reason for Selling: You can also include your reason for selling which may help buyers assess whether you are selling due to damages or simply because you have moved homes.


How to Act: Tell your potential buyers how they need to act. Should they contact you on your phone number or only on the online platform? Do they need to collect the item themselves? This information is critical as it prevents any of your time from being wasted and speeds up the selling process.


There are certain risks involved when you sell online. You may have to deal with time-wasters or risk your post becoming lost amongst the other items for sale. You are also going to have to deal with a stranger arriving at your home to either view or collect the couch.


3) Be Honest about the Condition:


You need to be honest about the condition of your couch in your online post. If there are any minor scratches, tears, or stains, include these in the description and the photos. You do not want someone to arrive and be angry or disappointed about the condition of your couch because you “forgot to mention” any issues.


Garage Sale:


If you live in a safe and well-connected community, you may consider having a good old-fashioned garage sale. Choosing to host a garage sale to sell your old couch has pros and cons.


  • Garage sales are a fun way to spend your Saturday afternoon getting to know your neighbours.
  • A garage sale is a great opportunity to do some decluttering and sell other items alongside your old couch.
  • Your potential buyers can see the couch in person and make an informed purchase.


  • There is a risk involved in inviting strangers to your home.
  • You may face scathing or snarky remarks about your old couch.
  • It can be a waste of time and energy if no one arrives at your garage sale.




Target Students:


If you live near a university, you have a world of potential buyers at your fingertips. Students are always looking for cheap, second-hand couches to put into their apartments or digs. It is important to remember that students are a specific market; they mostly go for cheaper couches that are easy to clean (the spilled beer off).


Phone a Friend:


Do you have a friend that gushes over your couch every time they visit? Or a friend that has recently moved homes and needs to fill up some space with a new couch? Phoning your friends is a quick and easy way to first check out potential buyers without the risks of posting online or a garage sale. Even if your friends do not need a new couch, they may know someone that will be willing to take it off you.


Find a New Couch at 5Star Furniture With Our Cheap Couches for Sale:


After you have sold your old couch, it is time to start hunting for a new couch. 5Star Furniture has a wide range of cheap couches for sale. It is easy to find the perfect new couch for your home at an affordable rate at 5Star Furniture.


The cheap couches for sale at 5Star Furniture come in a variety of sizes, materials, and designs. Whether you are looking for comfortable cheap couches for sale to sink into after your long workdays or a couch with a new style to add a different design touch to your lounge, you will easily find what you are looking for with the cheap couches for sale at 5Star Furniture.





When you hear cheap couches for sale, do you immediately think that cheap couches for sale mean low quality? Luckily at 5Star Furniture, you get to enjoy both the affordability of the cheap couches for sale as well as the quality of an exceptional standard. 5Star Furniture prides itself on finding high-quality furniture from either local or international manufacturers for a value that will suit your budget.


Once you have found the perfect couch out of the range of cheap couches for sale, you may start worrying about organising transport for the couch. 5Star Furniture offers delivery for all our furniture items with a trusted local delivery service. Your couch will arrive at your house in perfect condition and eager to become a part of your home.


Sell your old couch with our quick guide and easily find a new couch at 5Star Furniture with the cheap couches for sale.



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