Buying a couch for your first apartment or new family home is an exciting step. Couches are essential pieces of lounge furniture, but they can also be a fairly steep initial investment. Making sure that you spend your money on a couch provided by the best supplier is important. To help you in your couch purchase, we have highlighted a few of the essential questions to ask your chosen furniture supplier before you swipe your card. With 5Star Furniture, you can trust that we are the right furniture supplier for cheap corner couches for sale or any other couch that suits your lifestyle and budget.


Questions to Ask Your Furniture Supplier Before You Buy The Couch:


Buying a new couch is a big deal, which means that you should always take the time to investigate different furniture suppliers before purchasing a specific couch. To make sure that you are choosing the best furniture supplier for your couch, we have outlined 10 important questions to ask before you buy the couch. These questions are designed to help you make sure that your chosen furniture supplier of couches is best for you.




1) What materials is this couch available in?


In addition to style and size, the material of your selected couch is important. Different materials have different maintenance needs, which can drastically impact your lifestyle. You should enquire with your furniture supplier which material is best suited to your lifestyle and if they have the couches available in those specific materials.




5Star Furniture boasts an extensive range of couches in various materials suited to any lifestyle requirements. We will happily offer you advice on the best-suited material for your needs and guide you towards our couches available in those materials. From colourful velvets to easy-to-clean faux suedes to durable linen fabrics, we have the exact material that will suit your maintenance and lifestyle needs.


2) Where do your source your couches from?


Knowing where your couch was produced can drastically impact your decision on whether or not to make the purchase. You may be a huge advocate for supporting local, so purchasing a couch that has been imported may not match your values. Before you buy the couch, ask the furniture supplier whether they manufacture locally or source from local or international manufacturers.


5Star Furniture sources couches from mostly small, local manufacturers. We strive to uphold a proudly South African supply of couches. We select our manufacturers based on the quality, style, comfort, and affordability of the couches that they produce.


3) How long does it take to receive a couch that is “available on order”?


If you are shopping online and come across a couch you love but it is only “available on order”, you will need to enquire how long this waiting period is. It would be highly inconvenient if you purchased the couch to only then find out that it will arrive in over a month. Enquiring about the waiting period will help you determine if the furniture supplier you are considering matches your schedule for when you ideally need the couch.




The waiting period for couches “available on order” at 5Star Furniture is 2-4 weeks. Once your couch is ready, we will inform you that it is ready for delivery or collection. We strive to keep this time as short as possible so that we can get your couch to you quickly.


4) Is there a guarantee for your couches?


A guarantee is essential when purchasing a couch. As you will be investing a fair amount of your money into your couch, you need to be assured that the couch you are purchasing will last for at least a few years. A guarantee is your assurance that if the quality does not last as long as you would expect, you can take recourse with your selected furniture supplier.


At 5Star Furniture, we offer a guarantee for all of our couches. The specific guarantee time depends on the specific couch you have selected, but you can generally expect a 3-year guarantee. Our guarantee is an assurance of our quality and a demonstration that we value you choosing us as your furniture supplier.


5) Do I need to collect the couch or will you deliver it?


Before you purchase your new couch, you must ask your chosen furniture supplier if they can deliver the couch or if you will need to collect it. If you need to collect the couch yourself, you may need to borrow a car or hire a delivery van to make this possible. Couches are also heavy, so you may need to recruit some friends or family members to help you get your couch from the vehicle and into your home. This can be extra time, effort, and expenses, which can make your selected furniture supplier less desirable.


With 5Star Furniture, you do not need to worry about how your couch will get from the showroom and into your lounge. We offer a trusted delivery service that will bring your new couch to your home. We additionally deliver our couches fully assembled, so that you can immediately start enjoying your new couch.




6) Is there a delivery cost?


Once you have determined that your selected furniture supplier can deliver to your home, you then need to enquire how much of an extra cost this will be. If their delivery fee far exceeds the distance or the value of your selected couch, you may need to consider a different furniture supplier or one that is closer to your location.


From our cheap corner couches for sale to our affordable delivery costs, 5Star Furniture is constantly striving to save you money. For our delivery service, we select independent delivery companies with the most affordable rates. In general, you can expect an estimated delivery cost of R12,50 per kilometre from our Midrand and Pretoria-based stores. If you would prefer to collect yourself to reduce costs, we will happily assist you to load and safely fasten your couch to your vehicle.


7) Do you offer a customisation service for your couches?


If there are a few things you would want to be changed about your potential new couch, it is worthwhile to enquire with your selected furniture supplier if they offer a customisation service. Having your couch customised to the desired material or having specific finishing details added can be time-consuming and require effort if you have to take the couch to an upholsterer. It will be easier for you to have it done with your chosen furniture supplier that offers a customisation service.


At 5Star Furniture, you can have your couches customised with our customisation service. As we are a small furniture supplier, we strive to accommodate your needs with any changes to couch material colours or sizes. You are welcome to ask us about your customisation requests and we will happily strive to meet your needs.


8) What is your return policy?


Whether you are buying a couch or a dining table set or a side table, it is always important to be clear on the return policy before purchasing with your selected furniture supplier. If you have purchased a furniture piece and the incorrect item arrives or there are damages, you need to be able to have the furniture piece replaced, repaired, or your money returned by your selected furniture supplier.


5Star Furniture offers a return policy for all our furniture pieces. If your purchased couch arrives damaged or faulty, we will immediately make a plan to repair or exchange your couch. We strive to ensure that you are always satisfied with our furniture and our service when you choose 5Star Furniture as your furniture supplier.


9) Do you offer lay-by?


Purchasing a couch can be expensive, especially if you have your heart set on a large real leather lounge suite. You may be forced to purchase the couch on lay-by, which means you will need to enquire whether or not your selected furniture supplier offers this payment option.


At 5Star Furniture, you have the option to purchase any of our furniture pieces, including our cheap corner couches for sale, on lay-by. To purchase on lay-by, you will need to pay an initial deposit of 10%. You can then choose between a 3, 6, 9, or 12-month repayment plan that suits your budget. Once you have paid in full, you are free to collect your couch or we will deliver it to your home.


There are numerous benefits to our lay-by system. When you purchase on lay-by, we will not charge you any additional interest. We will not perform a credit check on you and we will not request your ID. All we need from you is the deposit and for you to have valid contact details, and within a few months, the new couch will be fully yours!


10) Do you have any matching single-seaters or other lounge furniture?


You may have a large lounge space to fill and are eager to find a matching lounge suite set and lounge furniture that will tie the space together. It can be difficult matching a large corner couch with similar single-seaters if you are looking for each of these seating pieces at different stores. To make your life easier, you should enquire if your selected furniture supplier offers a full lounge furniture array before you purchase your couch.


At 5Star Furniture, we have all your lounge furniture needs covered. From cheap corner couches for sale to coffee tables to TV cabinets, you can furnish your entire lounge from the available lounge furniture. We additionally have lounge suite sets and matching single-seaters so that you can have a seamless style in your lounge. We strive to make furnishing your home effortless by covering all of your furniture needs.




5Star Furniture Cheap Corner Couches for Sale:


5Star Furniture provides an extensive range of cheap corner couches for sale. You can find cheap corner couches for sale that are produced by high-quality local manufacturers in a variety of styles, materials, and sizes. With 5Star Furniture, we offer the highest standard of cheap corner couches for sale whilst still ensuring our corner couches are friendly to your budget.


In addition to our cheap corner couches for sale, we stock a diverse array of couches, single-seaters, lounge suite sets, and sleeper couches. We continuously update our available couches on our online store and in our storerooms so that you can always find the perfect couch for your needs. We make buying couches efficient and effortless so that you always enjoy the experience when you choose 5Star Furniture as your furniture supplier.


Find affordable cheap corner couches for sale and the best client-orientated service at 5Star Furniture.



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