Having a decorative style in your home helps you maintain a cohesive aesthetic whilst ensuring that all your 5Star Furniture purchases will work well in your space. We explore the key characteristics of popular decorative styles and show you how you can buy furniture online from 5Star Furniture to echo these styles in your home.


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Making a house a home is what 5Star Furniture is here for. If you are looking to create a home with a decorative style that suits your unique tastes, we offer a wide range of furniture pieces to suit any decorative and functional requirements.


Top Ten Decorative Styles:


Explore our top ten decorative styles and see how you can incorporate them into your home when you buy furniture online from 5Star Furniture.


1) Traditional:


A traditional decorative style has influences from 18th and 19th century Europe. The key design aesthetic to a traditional decorative style is elegance.


Elegance is achieved in a traditionally decorated home through classical finishes and elaborate furnishings. Crown mouldings, wood panelling, intricate tile designs, and luxurious details are key characteristics of a traditional decorative style.


You can typically find an assortment of antique, dark-toned wooden furniture pieces in a traditionally decorated home. All traditional wooden furniture pieces have curved lines and ornate details with historical references.


The colour palette for a traditional-style home is a range of neutral colours. We recommend choosing between colours like cream, taupe, dove grey, or tan for your walls. This colour palette will then allow for your ornate furnishings to be the star of your home.


If you are looking to add a traditional element to your lounge area, then 5Star Furniture has you covered. The 5Star Furniture single-seater Wing-back Chair is a furniture piece that reflects traditional characteristics. From the neutral tapestry upholstery to the additional decorative studs to the curved deep brown legs, this chair is the ideal touch in your traditionally styled lounge.




2) Rustic:


Rustic homes combine raw, chipped, and worn to create the perfect shabby chic decorating style. In a rustic decorated home, natural elements are the key style materials.


Rustic homes are characterised by numerous wooden features. You will typically find wooden panelling, wooden ceilings, wooden furniture, and exposed ceiling beams in a rustic home. The use of reclaimed wood is also popular, where the different histories, grains, and stains of the wood are celebrated.


Another raw, natural material that characterises rustic homes is the use of exposed stone. Large, textured stones in earthy tones can be found as feature walls in rustic-styled homes. No rustic-styled home is complete without a large, stone-clad wood-burning fireplace.


A rustic decorative style is ideally suited to someone who enjoys crafts. Rustic homes are usually a treasure trove of sentimental, homemade decorative pieces which further add to the personalised feel of the space.


The colour palette of a rustic home is often deep, warm, natural colours. Browns, reds, greens, and beiges work well in a rustic home as these best showcase the natural wood and stone elements.


When styling your rustic home, aim for cosy, warm, and inviting decorative furnishings and finishes. You can buy furniture online from 5Star Furniture to suit your rustic decorative style.




3) Mid-Century Modern:


Mid-century modern decorative style popped up in the 1950s and is still staking a claim in contemporary design. Mid-century modern uniquely blends nostalgic, retro design with modern touches.


Mid-century modern is against the conventions of a traditional decorative style. Mid-century modern moved away from excessively decorative finishes and focuses rather on functionality, lifestyle, and family living.


Furniture with crisp lines, the addition of wood details, and pops of bold colours are synonymous with a mid-century modern decorative style.


Mid-century modern is an easy design style to incorporate into a dining room in your home. In an ode to the mid-century modern glass table, we recommend the 5Star Furniture Black Glass Table for your mid-century modern-inspired dining room. Now all you need is a cocktail shaker and some martini glasses!




4) Mediterranean:


If your home has arched doorways, columns, and large windows which let in the natural sunlight, then you should consider a Mediterranean decorative style.


Texture, depth, and curves are important features in any decorative finishes or furnishings in a Mediterranean-style home. Tapestries hanging on the wall, large terracotta pottery, exposed brick, and interesting uses of metal are signature Mediterranean decorative touches.


Mediterranean decorated homes celebrate earthy tones in their colour palette. You can also expect to find pops of aqua blue and uses of colourful ceramic patterned tiles.


Furniture used in Mediterranean-style homes are typically larger, sturdier pieces. You can buy furniture online from 5Star Furniture that will reflect this Mediterranean style.


5) Art Deco:


Art Deco rose to popularity in the 1920s and 1930s in America and Europe. Art deco is bold, sensuous, and celebrates symmetrical motifs.




The rise of wealth in these first-world countries at this time meant that all furnishings and furniture pieces were high-end. The use of precious metals, such as chrome, stainless steel, or gold, in furniture pieces is popular in art deco-decorated homes.


Geometric patterns, streamline furniture, moody colour schemes, and herringbone floor patterns are all typical features of an Art Deco decorated home. If you love The Great Gatsby, you will love an Art Deco decorative style.


Art Deco is a fun decorative style to incorporate into a bedroom. We love the use of the 5Star Furniture Sam Upholstered Headboard in blue velvet for an Art Deco flair. Velvet was an extremely popular material during the Art Deco period and the deep blue is a glamorous touch for any Art Deco-inspired bedroom.




6) Bohemian:


Bohemian-inspired homes are popular decorative choices as the style is personalised, carefree, and eclectic. Bohemian decorative styles also allow for each room in your home to be entirely different which allows for greater decorative experimentation.


The bohemian decorative style is rich in colours, patterns, textures, and global influence. When transforming your home into a bohemian oasis, you can flow in whatever decorative direction you feel best suits you and the space.


Bohemian decorative styles tend to use earthy, metallic, and jewel-inspired colours. These colours are then layered and interwoven to create warm-toned environments. Different patterns are also mixed in unusual ways to create an extraordinary design.


Bohemian furnishings tend to step outside of convention. Carpets can hang on the walls, beds can have no base, and your dining room can consist of cushions on the floor around a low coffee table. Decorative pieces tend to be sourced from markets or international travels.


The bohemian decorative style is ultimately centred on creating a relaxed, comfortable home. Cushions, throws, and soft drapes are used to soften the space and make you want to curl up with a book. You can buy furniture online from 5Star Furniture which will blend well into the bohemian style of comfort and unique design.


7) Scandinavian:


Scandinavian decorated homes are signified by light, bright rooms which create a peaceful feeling throughout the entire home. Scandinavian decorative styles are characterised by clean aesthetics, functionality, and minimalism.


Scandinavian homes include subtle, simple, and symmetric furnishings. Scandinavian homes also tend to bring nature indoors, so you will find many decorative pieces are inspired by natural settings.




White is the predominant colour choice in a Scandinavian decorative design. The white is then warmed up with the addition of light-coloured wooden furniture. When selecting furniture for your Scandinavian home, focus on comfort and functionality.


Scandinavian decorative style can be easily blended into your kitchen. The focus on light, bright, and clean creates the perfect design focus for the heart of the home. At 5Star Furniture, you can buy furniture online for your kitchen. We recommend the Vitap Kitchen Unit for a Scandinavian style. The clean lines and light wood tones of this functional kitchen piece will pair perfectly with the white colouring of a Scandinavian kitchen.




8) Farmhouse:


Farmhouse decorative style is a refined rustic design. The characteristic rustic qualities of using natural elements, such as wood and stone, are paired with a bright white colour palette and cosy finishes.


Farmhouse decorated homes will often include wide plank wooden flooring, a fireplace, exposed beams, and a large kitchen fitted with the iconic farmhouse sink. Decorations are often vintage, hand-made, have floral elements, and demonstrate aspects of the home-owners heritage.


Farmhouse decorated homes have separate, intimately designed rooms, as a lounge specifically for family use and a formal lounge for guests. If you have an open-plan home but still want to create a farmhouse feel, you can use selective furniture pieces to create designated spaces. At 5Star Furniture, you can buy furniture online to make every space feel purposeful and perfectly designed.


9) Industrial:


The industrial decorative style is characterised by a raw, unfinished look and an open-plan design. All decorative choices in an industrial home take inspiration from urban settings.


Industrial decorative design became popular in the 1990s after people started converting old warehouses into homes. Rather than covering up the brick and hiding the exposed pipes and electrical wires, these aspects became critical in the industrial design aesthetic.


Industrial decorated homes are based around a grey colour palette. This is achieved through having concrete floors, numerous metal finishes, and exposed vents. Dark wood furniture pieces are then brought in to add warm touches to this cool and trendy design style.


The industrial style is ideally suited to an at-home office space. You can create an industrial-inspired home office with the 5Star Furniture Computer Desk in brown. This piece echoes the industrial celebration of combining metal and wood.




10) Minimalism:


Minimalism encapsulates “less is more”. In a minimally designed home, you will find simplistic furniture pieces, subtle finishes, and a few artistic decorative pieces.


Minimalism colour palette is based on black, white, grey, and a signature pop of colour. Fundamental design elements are glass, wood, and metals which are all designed around clean lines and stark shapes. Every piece in a minimalist home is carefully selected and purposeful.


Purchasing the correct furniture for a minimalist home is critical to eluding the functional and clean design. At 5Star Furniture, it is as simple as minimalism to find the ideal furniture pieces for your decorative style. We focus on providing you with unique, functional furniture pieces making it easy to find furniture for your minimalist home.




Buy furniture online from 5Star Furniture when incorporating your favourite decorative style into your home.


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