Are you planning on redecorating your home but not sure whether to do it yourself or hire an interior decorator? 5Star Furniture understands how important creating a beautiful, unique, and comfortable home is. We have compared DIY decorating with hiring an interior decorator to help you make the decision which best suits you. For any home decorating you can buy furniture online from 5Star Furniture.


5Star Furniture:


5Star Furniture is an online furniture store with showrooms. 5Star Furniture is based in Gauteng and has showrooms in Midrand and Pretoria. If you are not based in Gauteng, you do not have to miss out on the amazing furniture specials at 5Star Furniture. You can buy furniture easily, safely, and quickly from 5Star Furniture for any room in your home or business.


5Star Furniture provides you with quality furniture at the lowest prices possible. This is done by supporting local furniture manufacturers, importing select furniture pieces, and choosing high-quality pieces over expensive brand names. Low prices do not mean sub-standard furniture at 5Star Furniture. If there is an issue with a purchased furniture piece, 5Star Furniture will happily repair or exchange the item until you are satisfied.




5Star Furniture puts you first so that when you buy furniture online you receive quality furniture from a reputable company. We aim to turn your house into a home with beautiful, comfortable, and unique furniture pieces.


Decorating Your Home:


Your home is your space where you come back to after a long workday, kick off your shoes, and escape from your daily responsibilities. It is the place where your family comes together at dinner time, you and your partner make memories, or your pets greet you lovingly at the front door. Your home is an extension of who you are and should be an accurate representation of your personality and lifestyle.


Keeping your home maintained and cared for is important for your health, safety, and value of your home. Once your home has reached great condition, you can consider decorating your home. A decorated home makes your space more beautiful and has other benefits.


Increased Value: Keeping your home maintained and well-decorated increases the value of your property. Even if you are not planning on selling currently, investing the time and energy into making your home beautiful over an extended period reduces the cost of having to do it all at once when you do want to sell.


Functionality: Your decorations do not simply have to be aesthetic. Decorating your home with clever and unique items can improve the functionality of your home. When you decide to decorate a room, you will need to ensure the room is removed from any clutter and is properly organised. This will make it easier to decorate the space and improve the functionality of the room.


Hide Flaws: The secret to any home’s success is selective decorations to cover up certain flaws. A potted plant placed on top of the crack in the floor, a fluffy rug covering the burn mark on the carpet, or a canvas to hide your child’s pen marks on the painted wall are but a few ways clever decorating can help keep your home looking flawless.


Designated Spaces: Decorations can help define a room in your home for specific purposes. 5Star Furniture is your go-to when you want to buy furniture online to create rooms with specific uses. A desk, desk chair, study lamp, and colourful stationery organisers will immediately transform an arbitrary corner in your home into a study space.




Having a decorated home is critical to the enjoyment, value, and functionality of your home but who decorates your home is also important. Your home can be decorated by you or by a hired interior decorator. We have compared both so that you can make an informed decision on which will best suit your decorating style, budget, and lifestyle.


Hiring an Interior Decorator:


Decorating your home can feel like an overwhelming challenge. Interior decorators can swoop to the rescue and transform your home into a beautiful and functional space. We have found the top pros and cons of hiring an interior decorator for decorating your home.




Resources: Interior decorators have a plethora of resources and companies to which they are affiliated to. Contractors, wallpaper companies, craftsmen, and every other type of industry which you did not think of as necessary for decorating your home. A professional interior decorator will only use reliable, dependable, and quality resources as ultimately your finished home will be a representation of their interior decorating company.


Time-saving: While we may have the know-how and design style to create a perfectly decorated home, we may not have the time that is needed to get the desired result. Hiring an interior decorator will save you time and effort while you still get to enjoy a decorated home.


Decorating Knowledge: Interior decorators will be up-to-date with the latest decorating trends, decorating faux pas, and money-saving tips and tricks to make your home feel like a million bucks on a budget.




Cost: Hiring an interior decorator will be an additional cost to decorating your home. Certain interior decorators will add a mark-up to the decorating items they suggest for your home. This will then make your home decorating more expensive than if you had done it yourself. You will need to check this with the interior decorator you choose as some interior decorators save you money by getting items at a discounted rate from suppliers.


Different Style: It can be difficult to find an interior decorator which can capture your style whilst still pushing you outside of your comfort zone. If you are the type of person who struggles with voicing your opinion or confronting an issue, you may end up with zebra print on the ceiling and your interior decorator thinking you love it.


Lacks a Personalised Touch: Interior decorators are often focused on transforming your home and making it as aesthetically pleasing and as functional as possible. This may result in your home looking look like a magazine but cause you to struggle to find any of your character or unique history in the space.




Decorating Yourself:


There is nothing more satisfying than your friends and family swooning over your decorated home and shocking them with the fact that you did it all yourself! This satisfaction comes with pros and cons, so it is up to you to decide if decorating your home yourself is worth the challenge.




Bigger Budget: Without the extra cost of hiring an interior decorator you will have a bigger budget to work with when decorating your home. This can leave extra cash to splash out on items that originally would have been too expensive to consider. A bigger budget also means you can decorate more rooms in your home at once rather than splitting your decorating projects over a few months.


Unique Touch: Do you love faux fur, disco balls, or plants hanging from the ceiling? Your home is your space to express your unique creativity. There will be no one holding you back from how you decorate your home. This will give your space a personalised feeling and allow your visitors a sneak-peak into your character.


Creative Outlet: Decorating your home can be a fun and exciting project which allows you to let loose your inner creativity. Often our work lives are devoid of a creative outlet so decorating your home can be a much-needed exercise of your creativity.




Time-consuming: Before you even start decorating you will need a clear design idea. This can take time with you researching (flipping through magazines) and working out a budget. Although buying your furniture online from 5Star Furniture will save you time, there are many other time-consuming elements that go into decorating a home. Paint swatches, fabric patterns, decorating items, and many more things will need your time and attention. This can be unrealistic for a busy lifestyle that meshes work, family time, and socialising.


Resale Difficulty: Although orange wall paint and concrete kitchen countertops are your décor style, they may not be universally applicable. It is always suggested to make your home into your own unique space whilst still keeping consideration that you may not live there forever. Avoid having to spend more money to sell your home just to get it back into a way that more people will value.


Possibly Expensive: You may make decorative decisions that do not suit or fit into your home space. Repairing mistakes and replacing decorative items can become an expense which you did not account for in your budget. This may result in your home feeling unfinished.




Buy Furniture Online:


Whether you decide to decorate your home yourself or hire an interior decorator, 5Star Furniture is here for all your furniture needs. Enjoy many benefits when you buy furniture online.


1) Affordable:


5Star Furniture aims to provide you with affordable furniture for your home or business. The furniture available at 5Star Furniture is both locally sourced and imported which provides you with a variety of styles suited to various budgets. When you buy furniture online from 5Star Furniture you are also able to quickly compare furniture prices and find the perfect furniture piece for your budget.


The affordability of the furniture when you buy furniture online can help keep your home decoration budget intact. With the extra money you save when you buy furniture online from 5Star Furniture, you can afford to hire an interior decorator or decorate an extra room in your home yourself.




2) Time-saving:


When you buy furniture online, you skip out on the tedious and time-consuming process of walking or driving to different shops. At the tips of your fingers is every furniture piece available at 5Star Furniture which saves you time, effort, and transport costs.


Whether you have chosen to decorate your home yourself or hire an interior decorator, time-saving is always important. The least amount of time you deal with having your home interrupted the better.




3) Easier to Decorate:


5Star Furniture has every furniture item available to view on their website alongside the various colours each furniture piece is available in. When you buy furniture online you can immediately see if the piece will suit the way you are decorating your home because you can look at the furniture whilst in your home space. It is easier to blend your furniture into your décor style when you buy furniture online.


Both you and your interior decorator will find it easier to decorate your home when you buy furniture online.




Whether you hire an interior decorator or decorate your home yourself, it is easy to find the best-suited furniture from 5Star Furniture when you buy furniture online.



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