For those fortunate enough to be able to flee to their holiday homes when the going gets rough, we are faced with the dilemma of how to furnish and decorate them. Holiday homes don’t come cheap, which often limits one in terms of how much they can spend on furnishing the empty space. Luckily, when you buy furniture online, you have access to a plethora of affordable pieces, ready for the taking. In just over 5 minutes of reading, learn how to best furnish your holiday homes when you buy furniture online.




Buy furniture online for different holiday locations


Some prefer warm sands and skies. Some prefer mountainous regions or stretches of forests. Wherever your holiday home is based, know that different geographical locations usually require different types of furnishing or decorations.


Buy furniture online for your beach house


Arguably one of the most popular and sought-after holiday locations, beach holiday homes are synonymous with relaxing days on the warm sand and fresh dips in the rolling ocean.


A seat with a view


Most beach homes come accompanied with some sort of balcony facility. If this is the case with your beach holiday home, you have the opportunity to create something wonderful, especially if you are granted an ocean view. Enjoying a warm evening with your family or friends on a balcony depends largely on the quality of your seating.


In order to properly utilise your balcony space to its highest potential, ensure that you take extra care when it comes to furnishing it. While seating often comes at a large price, one can buy furniture online to minimise costs. Many buy into the belief that buying furniture online means settling for lesser quality. This is not the case.




Oftentimes, when buying furniture from fancy stores, the brand name of a piece is what determines its high price, not necessarily the quality. When you buy furniture online, you choose from affordable and reliable pieces that will endure high usage in the long run. Couches are one of the most popular pieces one finds on sale, when they take the leap to buy furniture online, and a necessity for balconies with ample coverage.


For beach homes, a whole range of patterns of colours are suitable, meaning that you can have heaps of fun testing out the reaches of your imagination. Ensure you couple your new couches or chairs with some coffee tables or surfaces, perfect for placing a glass of wine or icy water to combat the heat on your holiday. While there is not much one can do to change the weather, pairing your outdoor furniture with a strong fan can assist in keeping you cool. On summer evenings, it can do wonders to ward off pesky mosquitoes.


Getting nautical


While some may find this trend outdated, nothing quite says ‘beach house’ like nautical accessories and decorations. When you buy furniture online, make sure to take a look for ocean or nautical styled décor. Whether it be a throw with the classical red, white and blue colouring, or a themed towel hook, don’t be shy to add these elements to your holiday beach home.




Making room for guests


If the size of your beach holiday home allows it, ensure to put together a guest room for any visiting friends or extended family. This is a great way to avoid having to move a grumpy family-member to the couch for the night to create some space for a visitor. To save costs in the creation of your guest room, one can buy furniture online.


Mattresses, bed bases and headboards are frequently included in sales and specials, meaning that you are already set up with the basics of your guest room. Side tables and a chest of drawers for clothing come next, that is of course if there is no wardrobe or cupboard already built into a room.


Guest rooms are a great way to play with decoration, as the room need not be styled to any one person’s individual preferences. However, keep in mind that there is such a thing as “too much,” especially when it comes to patterns on linen and wallpaper that clash and do not do wonders to compliment the other.


Of utmost importance is a fan, or an air conditioning unit if you can afford it. Spending the night tossing and turning, and sweating, is no fun way to experience a beach holiday. If you are worried about sticking to a budget, simple fans can be bought for very affordable rates. They will serve to circulate the air and keep bugs off your guest.


Buy furniture online for your “log cabin”


Whether it be a cottage nestled in the mountainside, an earthy log cabin amidst the leafy forest, or a home next to a lake, this type of holiday home is popular for those who prefer cooler and calmer quality time with their loved ones. Being surrounded by nature is scientifically proven to spell out positive effects on both the mind and the body, meaning that time spent in this holiday home will have you emerging back into society in a better state than before.




Keeping warm


If your cottage or cabin is situated in a cold region, which most of these types of holiday homes are, ensure that you have the facilities to keep your family and pets warm. Mountainous and forest regions are known to drop to very cool temperatures in the evenings, meaning that sometimes a warm blanket simply won’t do. While installing a fire pit is no easy feat, it may be the best solution in the long run.


Surprisingly, it is also a low-cost heating alternative when compared to running electric heathers all day and night. Ensure however, that you have enough wood to keep it going, and do not place any furniture or flammable items near the fireplace or pit.




Keeping it natural


While some prefer the modern and minimalist look for their remote holiday homes, one cannot go wrong with rustic, natural materials and decorations. When amongst nature, it is often more immersive to bring that trend indoors.


Materials such as wood, stone, wool and cotton used as primary themes throughout the house can give it the rustic look that you desire. Think soft, bulky couches and uneven wooden surfaces, decked with vintage lamps and decorations. Make a special effort to come by a rocking chair or two, to complete the look.




Cabins and cottages thrive off of soft lighting. During the day, windows should be uncovered to allow natural light to flood the interior. During the evening, try to steer clear of extremely bright light fixtures that could topple the natural balance of your holiday home.


Many consider yellow lighting as a great way to softly brighten the home during the dark hours, as well as enrich the space with a comforting aura. Consider having one or two accent or statement lighting fixtures in your cabin or cottage. Whether it be an interesting chandelier, or large floor lamp, there are various ways to achieve this feat.


All natural


When surrounded by nature, it makes no sense to seal it off with four walls when you go inside. Bring the outdoors in, whether it be by bringing plants into your holiday home, driftwood, branches or simply fallen leaves. Caring for indoor plants is a scientifically proven form of therapy and meditation, and something that can be enjoyed by the family.


In doing so, you are decorating your home with an aesthetic that cannot be replaced by fancy paintings and ornaments. If you are hesitant to care for potentially temperamental plants, placing small branches on the surfaces of your homes such as windowsills or tables is another great way to introduce genuinely natural elements to your holiday home.


Buy furniture online for your game lodge


South Africa in particular has made it popular to purchase or build holiday homes within ‘protected’ wildlife regions and game parks. While hunting animals is surely becoming a sport of the past, nature lovers and avid birders flock to wildlife zones to spend their holiday with their friends and family. And what could be better than looking out your window to see a herd of peaceful beasts walking by early in the morning, or hear the call of baboons as the sun goes down.




Keep the theme


While surrounded by animals, bring their beauty within. Do this with decorating your home with local artworks of the wildlife and landscapes that surround you. If this is not enough, consider finding a faux animal skin rug to set the ‘game lodge’ scene you may be after.


Wooden seating, fixtures and counters are great ways to maintain the natural environment in which your home is situated. Many make the case that for game lodges, the outside landscape should inspire the environment within. If this appeals to you, consider utilising plain and natural coloured linen in the bedrooms and lounge areas that mimic the colours of the grassy plains outdoors. Beneficially, plain duvet covers and sheets go for extremely affordable rates when you buy furniture online, meaning that this design decision can save money where it matters.




Before you flock to the store or traverse the online world of furniture and décor on the hunt for decorations for your game lodge, take the time to venture into your storage room or boxes to search for treasures that come without a cost. Sometimes outdated ornaments or crockery you inherited from your great-grand-someone can serve as beautiful, vintage style decoration in your holiday home. Utilising open shelving and display cabinets to showcase these items is a great way to spice up the ‘natural’ vibe of the house.




Outdoor braai area


Some would be weary of roasting meat out in the animal-crawling wilderness. However, rest easy knowing that the majority of game farms or wilderness zones that can be inhabited by the public do not have any threats in the form of lions and cheetah that will follow the smells of your cooking. Consider creating a sort of ‘fire pit’ set up, with ample seating for the family. Here, you will have the opportunity to roast marshmallows, tell stories, and make irreplaceable memories.


Got games?


No holiday home is complete without game night supplies. Perhaps one of the most anticipated elements of going on holiday is spending time with one’s family, and what better way to test out the tensions than a night of competitive gaming?


Some affordable gaming options include card games such as UNO, a regular set of cards to play Crazy Eight or Snap or even a basic chess board. If you are willing to invest some cash, board games like Monopoly are a great and lengthy source of fun, if no one loses their cool and turns the board upside down in anger.





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