If you haven’t before taken the exciting leap to buy furniture online, the whole notion can seem quite daunting. Don’t despair, however. In just a few minutes, read this guide about some tips to keep in mind when you buy furniture online.



Fantastic deals when you buy furniture online



Perhaps some of the best online deals can be found when you buy furniture online. Online stores are renowned for their extensive sales opportunities and providing customers with easy ways to stick within their budgets.



As a beginner, you may not be aware of the ways in which to score yourself an amazing deal and save a considerable amount of money in the process.


1. Look out for seasonal deals – When you buy furniture online, keep in mind that online furniture stores are more likely to offer sales during specific times of the year. For example, as the winter months approach, stores may have specials on heaters, bed spreads and comforters.



In the summer months, fans and light sheets may sell at a reduced rate for your convenience, providing you with an affordable way to keep cool during those boiling hot days and humid nights.



The festive season is another period that you should consider as a good time to buy furniture online. In preparation for families coming together for Christmas and new year, stores are likely to offer end of year sales on lounge sets, dining room set ups as well as bedroom specials.



This is a great way to make some budget savvy purchases and perhaps impress that not so easily impressed mother-in-law with a comfortable new lounge set.



Look out for similar deals before special days like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day – allowing you to buy furniture online with that special someone in mind.



Last but certainly not least, Black Friday is arguably one of the most opportune times to buy furniture online at great rates. Shopping online means that you won’t have to put up with half-crazed shoppers fighting over the same piece of furniture as well as insanely long queues.



Buy furniture online using a trustworthy site



The web is full of great and trustworthy online furniture stores, with dedicated personnel ready to assist you with the simplest of queries and concerns when you buy furniture online. However, not all sites can be trusted to provide you will trustworthy service when you buy furniture online.



Luckily, there are a few ways to ensure that you are purchasing furniture from a reliable online store.


1. Take a look at the URL: making sure a site is secure is as easy as looking for the ‘S’ in the https:// (the S stands for secure – meaning that the site is legitimate and most likely not a scam.

2. Sometimes a small lock icon will feature in the URL, which indicates that the site

3. Make use of the customer care portal: a reliable site should have a dedicated team/ staff member who



Check the Return Policy



Buy Furniture online - Return Policy


Online furniture stores that are reliable should have transparent and fair return policies. For example, stores should grant customers ample time to return products that they are not satisfied with.


Most stores give between 30-45 days for customers to send items back to them, but it is always advisable to check and make sure before you buy furniture online. And as always, if you are unsure, make use of whatever customer service facilities the website provides.


Triple check


A surefire way to avoid disappointment is to make certain that you take the time to carefully analyse the product pictures and descriptions of any pieces of furniture you are interested. To buy furniture online means that you cannot touch and therefore feel the furniture you choose, meaning that you should seek assurance for quality elsewhere.
This can be done in a few ways, such as making use of the review and comment sections on products and pages. Here you may find the testimonies of other customers and the way in which they experienced the product.


Searching for similar items on a google search will also allow you to compare prices for a more informed decision.



Why shop online for furniture



Whether you’re a rookie furniture hunter or an experienced veteran, everyone knows that traipsing around a furniture store amidst crowds of other frustrated shoppers is no fun. Especially when it comes to waiting in that long, long queue at the end of it all.



When you buy furniture online, you can say farewell to those stressful in-store visits, and enjoy an altogether different, more relaxing experience. Trying to make sense of the fast-talking and very persuasive salesperson can be a thing of the past, when you have all the information you need at your fingertips on the device in front of you.



Allowing yourself some personal time for reflection and consideration means that you are less likely to fall victim to impulse buying.



Advantages of buying furniture online


Buy Furniture online - Advantages and Disadvantages



As mentioned above, it is clear to see how letting go of the stress factor of shopping in-store in favour of a more peaceful online shopping experience.
However, there are many more advantages you will enjoy when you decide to buy furniture online.


Information at your fingertips

Throwing an endless stream of questions at the store employee can be an awkward yet necessary experience to ensure that you make a wise purchase. You can leave this embarrassing part of furniture shopping when you decide to buy furniture online, however.
When shopping online, you are free to view all the important information alongside the product in which you are interested at your fingertips. Information on measurements, colours and materials are provided for your convenience, and if you are unsure of any furniture related lingo, all it takes is a quick google search to fill you in.



Measurements on hand when you shop for furniture online


Imagine walking the aisles of a furniture for hours on end, only to bring home a piece of furniture that doesn’t fit in that special place you had in mind. Shopping online for furniture means that you have the luxury of leaving your device and taking out a tape measure to work out the specific measurements of the space you have in mind.
Once you have done so and chalked up the results, you can sketch a rough design of how you want the room to look when you’ve received your new piece, and check the measurements on the site to make sure it will work.


Without any mishaps, you can create the room of your dreams.



Never ending choice


The online furniture world is rich in unique pieces with interesting designs and vibrant colours. Unlike a physical store which usually stocks a limited amount of options, you will be confronted with numerous collections and catalogues to choose from.

If you are a creative soul, you are most likely set on a specific way you want your room to look. When you buy furniture online, you will not have to compromise due to a lack in stock or pieces.

In this case, looking for a specific type of piece with a vibrant hue will be easier, and you will save yourself a trip to several furniture stores in your search at the same time.



Delivery to your doorstep when buying furniture online



Buy Furniture online - Delivery



Because there is such a large amount of excitement and anticipation when one buys a new piece of furniture, it is understandable that many customers want a same day delivery or result. One of the best parts of shopping in-store is being able to take your new piece home and rearrange your space on the day.



However, when you buy furniture online, the result is truly worth the wait. Not only will you save on petrol costs and a lot of time, but you will save the boot of your car/ bakkie that you borrow from a friend a few scratches and dings resulting from the load up process.



In that light, couriers that transport furniture on behalf of online stores are professionals in what they do, meaning that your pieces will arrive scratch and damage free at your doorstep. Delivery can take around 2-5 days, depending on where you live. If you stay in a more remote area, delivery could take a while longer.



Payment plans from online furniture stores


Online furniture stores are for the most part generous when it comes to providing customers with payment plans to aid them in maintaining your budget. Plans come in the form of payback methods that range from 3 month plans to 12 month plans, and many online furniture stores are happy to negotiate under special circumstances.
Oftentimes negotiating a payment plan in person or at the front of the queue can be an awkward and intimidating process that is of a personal nature. For this reason, taking your own time to read through the different options allows you to make a considered and well informed decision that is best suited to your budget.



Style guide and quick tips



The internet is packed full with great and informative style guides to assist you in the planning of upgrading your home, or simply updating that special room you have in mind. With a cup of tea in hand, searching the web for great design tips can be a truly enjoyable experience.



For the purpose of this beginner’s guide, here are some quick style tips that could go a long way in helping you make the most informed decisions and fulfil your furniture wishes and dreams.



When it comes to colours



Furniture online - Colour samples



Neutral colours are always the best bet, and the safest if you aren’t too sure about completely changing up the general vibe of your room or your home. Neutral colours like creams, beiges and sometimes pastels work well in any space, especially in a room with bright walls, decorations and curtains.



Using a neutral coloured piece can nicely anchor the space, as well as avoid clashes of colour or design in a brightly coloured room. You can always make use of some vibrant accent pillows or a throw to spice up the look without going overboard.



If you have a neutral coloured space, consider a vibrant or patterned material for an interesting accent piece to bring some life into the room.



Go green



Buy Furniture Online - Go Green



You can’t go wrong bringing some green into your home, whatever the plant may be. This is a sure way to bring life into any room. Some plants can be finicky, however, so make sure you do your research. Some plants require more sun and water than others, and vice versa.



You do not necessarily need to go to your nearest nursery and buy said plants. Often times, if you have a garden, all it takes is re-potting an aesthetic plant and bringing it indoors.


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