Buy furniture online: 5-Star Furniture’s Spring Sale


This time of the year everyone wants to remodel their homes to start the new year off on a fresh note, but we don’t have money to buy furniture. 5-Star Furniture is having its annual spring sale and you shouldn’t miss out on the great deals for all your home transformation needs. 5-Star Furniture sells furniture at affordable prices, and you have the option to buy furniture online or in-store as part of the experience. Buy furniture online at the convenience of your reclining in your own home where a minimal budget is needed for luxurious furniture.


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5 Star Furniture is a small business with a huge impact. The store has been selling quality furniture for the last 16 years and customers can’t stay away from the spring sales. The furniture that is sold by 5-Star Furniture is affordable and mostly produced by local manufacturers. 5 Star furniture makes it our job to supply you with furniture that is affordable and unique.


Please note that 5 Star Furniture’s Spring sale is valid until the sixth of November and will be back annually. This means you have a month to make the best purchases to improve your house and make it a home. If you want to visit a physical store, you can find us in Midrand, Gauteng, and Pretoria, but online is also an option to make furniture purchases. Read this short guide about the pros and cons of in-store and online shopping as well as the excellent deal 5 Star Furniture provides during its spring sale.


Some pros and cons when you buy furniture online or in-store


These days anything can be purchased online including furniture due incredible advancements in technology. When you buy furniture online, you would typically, according to traditions, use the in-store method of shopping. But people that regularly shop online have no problem buying their furniture online for convenience thereof. When you buy furniture online or in-store you should weigh the pros and cons.


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Pros of buying furniture from a furniture store:


1. The ability to check the quality of the furniture


When you go to a store and evaluate the product you can be sure of what you are purchasing. Occasionally it happens online that the products over emphasise measurements that may be inaccurate. On the other hand, shopping in-store allows you to easily check the size and quality of the product. Quality furniture like the products you buy from 5 Star Furniture is something that can be handed down from generation to generation.


2. The shipping of furniture is reasonable


Shopping online is often associated with very high shipping costs which also hurts the environment. When you buy furniture locally you can minimise the environmental implications and shipping costs. In addition, if you are buying from a local store, they can meet all you need when shipping the new furniture. An example of this would be white-glove delivery.


3. In-store purchase will save you time and money


One of the main benefits of shopping in-store is that it saves you a lot of time. This could be true as in store you arrange a time when the furniture can be delivered and the store sticks to this timeframe. Online deliverers often change the times and delivery can take a long time depending on the company and the location of the client.


4. The furniture can be customised


When you are shopping in a store you can customise the furniture to your liking. You will often realise that furniture stores have more pieces on display than on their online store. With access to a wider range of velvet fabric and a selection of leather, you can easily make some customizations to your furniture.


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Cons when you buy furniture in a store:


1. Furniture stores are often only open during the day


Furniture stores aren’t open for 24-hour assistance like online stores. Furniture stores are only available during the daytime for a certain timeframe. This would mean that you would have to physically visit the store between these opening hours. It can be problematic as people are busy for example at work.


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Pros: When you buy furniture online:


1. Convivence when you don’t have time to visit the store


Online shopping methods allow people to find the products they want at their convenience. When shopping online you have the availability of the store 24/7 and 365 days of the year. Online stores have the best deals and prices and unlike in-store shopping, it’s just a click away.


2. You can save money by doing online shopping


You wouldn’t be spending money on incidental expenses such as travelling from one store to another when shopping online. This only continues to reduce the convenience of this option. When shopping online you get better prices, and you are not persuaded by the salesperson to buy the most expensive items.


3. The comparison of prices


When shopping online you can compare prices from one online store to the next by just scrolling around. By doing this you can also find the best deals and stores online that offer these deals.


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Cons: When you buy furniture online:


1. The images online may be misleading


People often complain that the product they received doesn’t look like the picture they saw online. Sometimes online stores only copy and paste furniture they have seen on Google and aren’t their products. When you buy furniture online, the pictures you see and the furniture you get can be very different.


2. You can’t always be sure of the quality


It’s important when you buy furniture to know the quality as these often are expensive purchases. When you are shopping online you cannot feel, try or touch the furniture you are buying to determine the comfort, but only see the product once delivered. Therefore, this type of purchasing has the potential to be risky for the buyer. In cases such as furniture, you should buy it from a reliable store like 5 Star Furniture.


3. You can’t always return furniture


Unfortunately, you cannot return a couch like you would a T-shirt or USB drive. Furniture is a big object that needs to be returned and, in some cases, companies refuse to accept the furniture item that they have sold on the internet. You will have to keep the unwanted purchase and you will have to look at it every day because a couch cannot be kept in your drawers or closets.


After reading the above pros and cons you can make the decision yourself about which one would be more beneficial for you as a customer. Both methods have their pros and cons. It depends on you and the amount of time, money, and patients you have. It’s beneficial to be aware of the above-mentioned facts regarding online and in-store purchases as you know now to make the right decisions before purchasing. Visit 5 Star furniture online or offline as they are reliable either way.


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What Furniture Specials Are on Offer This Spring Season at 5Star Furniture?


With 5 Star Furniture store, you can get up to 32% discount on selected items during their spring sale. In South Africa, the summer is crawling up on us and therefore it would be beneficial for all your summer activities and braais to invest in a new patio couch. The patio couch comes with a table and lovely pillows for comfortable seating for family and friends. The patio couch can handle all the weather changes Cape Town is known for and therefore it wouldn’t be needed for you to move it indoors and outdoors as the seasons change.


The bedroom is the place we spend a lot of time in. You should make your bedroom as comfortable as possible by redecorating it for a peaceful sleep. 5 Star Furniture has many beds, mattresses, headboards, and cupboards available on sale to change your room into your Pinterest board room. Pay next to nothing for 5 Star Furniture’s locally designed furniture to put away all the unnecessary things in your room and get the best sleep of your life.


The kitchen is the one place in the home that especially moms or private chefs spend a lot of time in, and cluttering can often become an issue. Between the children’s lunch boxes and the lockdown canned fruits and vegetables, it could become overwhelming to find space for everything. With the spring sale, 5 Star Furniture is offering beautiful kitchen cupboard sets on sale. The cupboards come with enough space to display or hide away all the things that are taking over the countertop in the kitchen.


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Furthermore, the living room is also an important place for family activities to occur, but more important than the living room would be the tv in the living room. Are you a first-time homeowner and still balancing the tv and the box it came in? Well, if this is the case make an in-store or online evaluation of the tv stands available at 5 Star Furniture. The stands are not only pleasing to the eyes but also have extra room to pack away some essentials and are strong.


Another addition to the living room and your new tv stand would be to buy some new couches for the family to sit on when watching movies. 5 Star Furniture offers different colored couches that range from one seater to one couch with four seats for the whole family and all your friends to enjoy. The corner couch also comes with an ottoman big enough for four different feet. No home is trendy without a random single chair or couch that no one sits on but is aesthetically pleasing.


Now that you have redesigned half of your home and invested in a patio couch for the summer activities you must think of all the friends and family members that will be incapable of leaving your new home. Therefore, you will need to make one last purchase and invest in a sleeper couch for your guests. This would be especially beneficial as the holiday seasons are around the corner. The sleeper couches are double beds and now you can invite even more family members to join the summer fun.


5 Star Furniture has so much to offer and once again this is done at an affordable price. There are many more things that you can purchase during their spring sales such as bunk beds, coffee tables, and much more. Go to 5 Star Furniture’s online store and evaluate the things you need or find them in-store and have them delivered to your home. Remember to address the pros and cons when making your online or in-store furniture purchase.


We hope this article has inspired you to buy new furniture at 5 Star Furniture, but also to consider the pros and cons when you buy furniture online or instore.



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