After spending a considerable amount of time at home due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, you may have noticed that your lounge is looking a bit out of date. As a result, the thought of purchasing new and costly couches may feel too much to bear. Do not fret, however, as you can score some brilliant cheap couches for sale to update your lounge without doing too much damage to your wallet in the process. Look no further than 5Star Furniture for the best cheap couches for sale, and in just a few minutes of reading, find out about some of our favourite cheap couches for sale deals.


Why buy cheap couches for sale from 5 Star Furniture?


It is no secret that furniture, and couches in particular, can be incredibly expensive. Costs are seemingly multiplied when well-known brand names are brought into the mix. However, when you make the decision to purchase cheap couches for sale from online furniture stores such as 5 Star Furniture, you are forfeiting unnecessary charges and instead opting for affordable, sturdy and stylish couches that will serve you for years to come. We have a fabulous offering of cheap couches for sale, some of our favourites including:


The Rex corner lounge suite


With its gorgeous curved arms and timeless style, the Rex corner lounge suite, valued at only R5, 499, is the perfect choice for your lounge should you wish to make a significant change. This piece impresses with its decorative studs that have come back into fashion over recent years, as well as its soft scatter cushions that are, unbelievably, included in the deal. The Rex suite, which comprises 2 separate couches with fixed seats that interlink at the corner, is easy to move and position within your home.




Corner couches have, over the last few years, become fantastic pieces with which to change the design of your home – especially if your home follows an open-plan design. Corner suites are often used to section off different areas of the home in a classy manner. Each couch is strongly supported by 4 brown legs, and the set is perfectly suitable for up to 6 people.


This means that it is highly unlikely that you will ever battle to accommodate your guests in your lounge again! We at 5 Star Furniture stock the most popular colours, but upon request, can order other colours upon request if you are willing to wait a few weeks for your gorgeous Rex suite to arrive. The set pictured above is dark grey, and upholstered in durable and soft linen.


We use only the best quality material, and the linen used for this wonderful piece is not only flexible but also incredibly easy to clean. If your home is bustling with children and pets, you may be especially thankful for the latter. Ensure that you measure your lounge space to see if you can accommodate this rather large piece, which has a:


  • Length of 2.3 metres and width of 0.8 metres on the long piece
  • Length of 1.5 metres and width of 0.8 metres on the shorter piece


Properly measuring your space before purchasing any cheap couches for sale can prevent both frustration and dissatisfaction in the event of a problem.


The trusty and stylish sleeper couch


If you are looking for an extremely worthwhile deal while shopping for cheap couches for sale, consider the sleeper couch – which is a 2 seater couch during most days, and a double bed by night (or whenever you decide that you need a lazy day in front of the TV). This stylish sleeper couch comes in both brown and grey, and features modern, wooden legs. There are various advantages to owning a sleeper couch.


Sleeper couches are one of the best examples of multi-purpose furniture, which not only saves space but also makes life at home much easier. The ingenious combination of a couch and a bed, the sleeper couch can unfurl at any moment to reveal an inviting sleeping spot for guests and family alike. Sleeper couches, or sofas, are also widely intriguing due to their clever, space-saving features. Purchasing a sleeper sofa instead of an entire guest bed and base can save a lot of money for homeowners at the same time.




If you are currently residing in a smaller flat or apartment, a sleeper couch is the perfect way to accommodate visiting family and sleepy guests without having to share your own bedroom space. Sofa beds are also famously comfortable, meaning that in scoring an extra sleeping spot, you are also gaining an extremely comfortable seat. There is no need to fuss over your sleeper couch either, as they are designed with the specific intention of opening up and closing with the greatest of ease.


Now that you know a bit more about sleeper couches, you may be ecstatic to find out that you can gain this fantastic piece included in our cheap couches for sale for only R3,399.


The spectacular studio 2.5 seater sofa


With a modern, square design, the studio 2.5 seater sofa is one of our favourite cheap couches for sale. As suggested by its name, the couch provides comfortable room for 2 adults to sit, with a bit of space left over. Included with this great piece are 2 scatter cushions. At only R2, 699, this locally made and durable couch can become yours and work to give your lounge the breath of fresh air needs.




At the same time, this stylish piece is the perfect size so as not to dominate a space. Should you reside in a smaller apartment or flat, the studio 2.5 seater is the perfect option for your home, especially if it follows an open plan structure.


The classy Napoleon corner couch


Featuring click-clack headrests and metallic feet, this L-shape couch gives the word “modern” new meaning. Should you be wishing to introduce an astounding elegance and modernity to your living space, the Napoleon corner couch is the perfect piece for you, and one of our most gorgeous cheap couches for sale. It is made even more innovative by the fact that all the headrests can be adjusted to your own preferences for maximum comfort.


The piece will enhance any space with its low-level and sleek design, featuring expert craftmanship and conceptual brilliance. Anyone walking into your home is bound to set their eyes upon this conversation-starter of a couch. It is upholstered in high-quality Napolite leather, which is a kind of leather-based fabric that is similar to leather in appearance and texture. Unlike true leather, however, it will not crack or peel with time.




The piece can comfortably sit 5 adults, and the extended armrest is ideal prevention for losing remotes in the many nooks and crannies of this piece. The Napoleon corner couch comprises 2 separate couches that can interlink at the corner. This eases the struggles of the moving process and ensures that you can fit the piece through your front door in the first place. The shorter couch measures around 2.2 metres in length and the longer is 3 metres in length.


For only R10,499, you can provide an entire lounge of seating, and do so in an innovative and stylish manner. Say goodbye to your old, stained couches and give your space that new life it needs when you buy this wonderful piece included in our assortment of cheap couches for sale.


Bring timeless elegance into your home with the chaise sofa


You have seen them in film, and read about them in books. Perhaps you have even sat on one during a stay at a fancy hotel or friend’s. But now, for only R5,800, you can bring your very own, beautiful chaise sofa into your home. Our chaise sofa has a modern design and offers a most comfortable sitting experience. Suitable for 2 adults to sit on with the utmost comfort.




This elegant piece is locally manufactured and comes in a variety of colours for your choosing. The example pictured above is beige with velvet as its fabric. We advise adding a scatter pillow on the piece in a contrasting or similar colour to enhance the look, once you bring this gorgeous couch into your home.


Be aware that this couch measures 1.8 metres in length, 0.8 metres in width and 0.85 metres in height. Even if you feel sure that it will fit beautifully in your space, make sure to measure the spot you envision this lovely piece before you make the purchase to avoid any disappointment.


The studio corner lounge in yellow




Why not add a beautiful splash of colour to your lounge? This is certainly one way to invigorate the space and give it a sense of “newness”. The studio corner lounge is square and L-shaped in design, and its sleek legs give it an air of modernity. The couch also features extra details on the armrest which adds nicely to its aesthetic.


Included in this great deal, valued at the low price of R5,499, are 5 scatter cushions as pictured above. The studio corner lounge comes in a variety of colours, but why not consider purchasing it in sunny yellow? Yellow brings forth the feeling of optimism and cheerfulness in the viewer. It is commonly used in the world of design to give a space a much-needed splash of colour.


This locally made piece comes with a guarantee of 3 years on the frame of the set, meaning that should any relevant problems arise within the time-span you will be covered accordingly.


The ABCs of choosing cushions


No lounge filled with couches would be complete without the perfect set of pillows. Choosing the best pillows may seem like a daunting task, especially if you are not the most design-oriented or feel as if you lack creative vision. Do not fret, however, as we have compiled a few tips that will have you choosing cushions for your new couches like a pro:


Co-ordinate cushions with your existing décor


Should you opt for couches that are neutral in colour and design, you have the liberty to choose interesting pillows that correspond with your overall decoration in your lounge space. For example, if your lounge features walls painted with gorgeous blues, pick out some lovely blue scatter pillows to match.


Do not be afraid to go bold


In the same sense, should your couches not have patterns, do not be afraid to choose pillows with bright colours and patterns. Floral is always a popular choice and never fails to add a wonderful aesthetic to a space.


Use all sorts of shapes and sizes


There is absolutely no need to use pillows that are all uniform in size. In fact, many designers argue that doing so can be a grave mistake. Varying cushion sizes is one way to ensure that your space is not only interesting, but also homey.



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